Navy Love

Is it just me, or is there a navy fashion explosion on the streets at the moment?

There is literally navy gorgeousness catching my attention, everywhere I look.

I’m seriously happy. Because I for one, ADORE Navy.

Dear old navy can sometimes be overlooked though – Getting passed by, because it’s a touch on the Nanna side.

Not in my wardrobe. I’ve noticed big changes on the Navy front. BIG changes.

It might be time to move over Ms. Monochrome (which is the current obsession) it appears you may have yourself some hefty competition on Bev’s rail space – Ms. Navy seems to be moving in on your turf and pushing you out BIG TIME.

Navy is the new colour kid on Bev’s block.

Now let’s relinquish in this gorgeous hue for a moment or two and list a couple of reasons why I love you so…

  • Softer and gentler alternative to black on most skin types.
  • Navy is friends with so many fabric types.
  • Think colour / Hot pink  /  Orange  / Yellow  / Red  /  Green – it  just works… & that’s without even mentioning pastels!
  • Or plain old white or cream – match made in heaven – yes?
  • How about Gold or Silver?

Navy Love

Stripe Block Ponte Skirt $79.95  |  Cap Sleeve Pocket Tee Shirt $39.95  |  Stripe Linen Scarf $79.95  |  Shoes  Witchery last year.

Now I sometimes prefer to keep my style classic, with a touch of individuality served up on the side for good measure.

The good measure on this occasion is my stripe linen scarf.

*Confession time* no style know how with this addition, I just threw it round my shoulders just because… I added a sprinkle of fashion fairy-dust and the magic happened 😉

You can never have too many stripes, Right?

Make that stripe navy and you have me… give that a bit of sucker-in figure hugging ponte and *Bham*  –  Boy my heart just skips a beat!

Navy for me, oozes classic sophistication and there is no way it should it be overlooked.

Just picture white jeans, stripped tee and a navy jacket for a touch of Nautical/Hello Sailor.

Or imagine your favourite black cocktail dress or jumpsuit in dark navy for a touch of Ooo-la-la French chic – Ah-mazing I tell you!

Now before I go, can we just talk about the wide stripe on my large ass and thighs?

It can be done.

So many gals shy away from a tube skirt, especially if they are striped.

No need my lovelies.

As with everything – DON’T GIVE UP AT THE FIRST HURDLE.

Stripes can work for you, as well as against you.

Firstly, make sure you are wearing the right size – too tight and all sorts of distortion starts to happen – which in turn emphasises your lumps and bumps!

Wavy stripes are not good on anyone.

Balance the stripe off with something plain.

If you are not in love with your tummy – wear a top long enough to cover it – it’s that simple.

Just make sure the top is not too long- think dumpy short legs…

I combat this by adding a heel or a wedge – ALWAYS the icing on the cake for this pear-shaped girl.

One last thing…don’t forget your Bridget Jones knickers 😉

Remember Navy can be all types of awesome…you just have to give it a chance.

Is Navy your Black or do you avoid it at all costs? Would I find a tube skirt in your closet?


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  • I love this post as I am a huge fan of navy! It is my main colour this upcoming Spring Racing Carnival (well, country racing at the Geelong Cup!). I am on the hunt for COMFORTABLE navy shoes!

    • Aww thanks so much Anna – I’m lusting after Navy – can’t get enough! So classic and stylish and totally perfect for the racing season! Can’t wait to see your outfits on IG xx

  • Love this post Bev – navy is fantastic and you look gorgeous in it. Classic sophistication personified. I recently bought a navy and white striped tube skirt from Mix Apparel for $9 and I am rather delighted with it and given my pastel addiction, navy is definitely one of my best friends this spring. Love Wendy xo

    • Thanks so much Wendy – you’re very kind xx
      I adore finding treasures when I’m doing my weekly shop a Coles – the prices are incredible! I’m sure with your fabulous figure you will rock you pastel/stripe/navy collection like a dream! Mwah

  • Yes, navy everywhere! I fell in love with a navy dress at Crossroads this week, still thinking about going back and getting it 😉

    • If you can’t stop thinking about it Janet – go for it…it’s the universe ensuring you don’t pass it by! xx Happy Shopping

  • Navy, navy all over the place. It looks superb next to your gorgeous face! x

  • Navy and stripes are like my middle name! You look fabulous and that skirt is perfect on you.x

    • Oh thanks so much Vicki, my curves can be challenging sometimes – but I can’t give up navy or stripes, so I just have to make them work! xx

  • Ingrid @ Fabulous and Fun Life

    I’m loving navy at the moment too. I have the same Country Road skirt.

    • Great minds think alike Ingrid! I’m sure you look utterly gorgeous in yours xx

  • You’ve convinced me to shop more navy! I love that skirt on you! x

  • I love navy and especially in summer worked back with hot pink, orange, yellow and of course white. This skirt looks absolutely fab on you gorgeous. Thanks for the inspo as this pear shaped girl also shies away from a tube skirt! x

    • You would rock this skirt darling! I just adore how versatile it is too…it’s the perfect choice for most occasions, either worn casually with flats or with a jacket & heel for a touch of extra punch! xx
      I’ve also got my eye firmly on the new tropical print that’s due to hit the stores this week – thought of you today when I saw the short sleeved shift dress that arrived – delightful it is! xx

  • StyledbyBec

    I love navy too despite wearing it everyday as a plumber. 😉 I love your outfit and you can never have too many stripes or spots in my opinion. Great outfit. You look great as always. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Bec!
      I’m hoping the arrival of October stock in store might break my navy spell…for a couple of weeks at least! xxx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I love navy Bev ,it is softer on a *ahem more mature skin tone and it looks amazing with lots of colours like you said !it is very chic in my opinion,love your striped skirt and your scarf is gorgeous and there is nothing nana like about you petal Xx

    • Awwww you are lovely to me Lisa – thank-you xx
      Thought you might like the scarf…to be honest I can’t stop myself from buying every scarf that comes in to store at the moment – even though I’ll never be able to wear them when the humidity kicks in. I mean who can refuse a scarf that is made of linen eh? Mwah xx

  • shannon @howcaniwearthat

    I love anything navy. I think people are sometimes put off by the colour as it makes them feel like they are back at school lol. You look gorgeous Bev and you are rocking the tube skirt. Shannon x

    • Thanks so much gorgeous girl. Navy is so sophisticated, but I do understand why people do fall in and out of love with it – especially if it reminds everyone of being at school! xx

  • Petra

    I’ve always loved and worn navy, even when it wasn’t “fashionable”! Now (yay!) it’s everywhere! Today I am wearing a bright blue skirt similar to yours, and a silky, tummy-hiding navy top! I want/need silver sandals! We’ve got a warm week in Melbourne this week so the summer clothes are out! Have a great day Bev – that outfit is one of the best I’ve seen on you xo

    • Oh Petra – you’re so lovely xx
      How exciting it is to see so much navy everywhere? I’m in heaven!
      Yay to the weather being warmer in your neck of the woods – go buy the silver sandals and rock the navy in Melbs darling! xx

  • chile_chicken

    I love love love Navy! I have so many navy striped items, I feel it is a bit more interesting than black. I may have just bought three navy dresses as well…. Lauren from SAHM I am.

    • Navy just works for most people, you’re so right it is interesting!
      3 dresses – Wow…you do love navy! xx

  • Kathryn

    I love navy too, just bought the Bohemien Traders ‘Ahoy’ dress. I think navy is classy, whereas sometimes black is boring even though I wear it so much that my Mum said that everyone must think I’m always in mourning. Yep thanks Mum haha! You always look beautiful Bev x

    • Kathryn thank you so much for the lovely comments.
      Our wardrobes sound so similar – so much black. Your Mum sounds hilarious!
      Navy is a such a great alternative to black though, LOVE the Ahoy dress…it should also make your Mum happy too! xx

  • katypotaty

    Wel, you know I love navy – it’s so easy to wear with coral! 😉 See you soon in matching navy stripes for a catch-up, ok?

    • You do love Navy and boy you look super-cute in it too! Can’t wait to see you soon wearing our ‘match-matchy’ stripey gear! Mwah xx

  • Barbe Dolan

    Lovely colour on you Bev! Clean and fresh with white x