My Style Challenge

Working at Country Road really does make it difficult for me to shop for clothes elsewhere.

I was exactly the same when I worked at Witchery.

The clothes I buy are my work uniform, which I wear to death for 10 days in my 14 day work roster cycle.

On the four days I’m not at work, the clothes in my jam-packed robe are fighting like crazy to gain my attention “Pick Me”

Add to that mix, the other 3 fabulous fashion brands that I have at my disposal and I’m like a kid in a lolly shop…SPOILT FOR CHOICE.

Witchery  |  Trenery  |  Mimco – add on Country Road and I’m all set to go.

To be honest, these four brands alone have me covered for almost everything I could need, fashion and accessory wise that is!

So why look anywhere else?

I hate the feeling of being cocooned or blinkered. That’s why.

It’s all too easy to forget that other labels exist.

To be honest, most days (especially the days when I’m feeling tired) I just can’t be bothered to look anywhere else.

I feast my eyes on exactly what’s in front of my nose for my fashion-fix.

Can you imagine me being excited about looking for clothes in my lunch hour? I liken it to fancying a cup-cake if you worked in a bakery.

When I do manage to muster the enthusiasm to walk to walk to the shops, instead of browsing the rails I find myself checking out how the store is set-up. If the clothes could be merchandised differently to make more of an impact. Or how pleasant/knowledgeable the staff are.

Sad? Possibly. Honest? Oh yes.

I’m also a realist, I know for sure that more often than not, there will be something very similar at CR/Witchery/Trenery that I could buy with my staff discount.

So in order to break this rut, I have set myself a challenge.

Inspired by the lovely gals Kim-Marie Kimbalikes and Rachel Redcliffe Style and their joint monthly Style-it project. Every month they collectively choose a budget price item to buy and style. Here’s September’s Style-It project.

To push myself out of my CR comfortableness, I’ve decided to throw down the gauntlet to myself and choose a different store/label (within walking distance of CR at The Plaza) every month where I must buy at least one item to style.

Just so you know, when you work in the fashion industry, the mere thought of paying full-price for an item of clothing really does get under your skin – so this will be confronting my friends, extremely confronting!

My rules:

  • Must be current season.
  • No mark-downs.
  • Can be clothes, shoes or accessories.

Sussan was the first store on my hit-list.

My Spring Challenge

Why start with Sussan?

Of late, I’ve seen so many fashion bloggers rocking cute pieces from Sussan. But every time I’ve popped in, I’ve managed to come out empty-handed – until now  that is…

I spy with my little eye – something beginning with L.

LINEN in the shape of a blazer.

Lightweight jackets are my spring friend – by the time the humidity kicks in here in SE QLD, unlined linen is the only option (jacket wise).

This linen blazer is all kinds of awesome – which coming from me, is high praise indeed!

It retails at $99.95 – bloody bargain I say, considering how long it will stay in my wardrobe – the cost per wear will be a big fat zero within no time.

The style/shape sits somewhere between boyfriend and fitted. I’m wearing a size 12 (the 10 fitted, but at the moment I’m loving oversized and slouchy).

This jacket has slipped effortlessly into my existing wardrobe. I have teamed it with a pair of jazzy Witchery pants (last year) and singlet (also last year).

Can I just mentioned the shoes?

YES –  these babies are new season CR and the perfect leg lengthening heel for Spring/Summer.

Oh, before I go, I nearly forgot to mention the scarf – fabulous or what?

I also found this little piece of gorgeousness while I was shopping at Sussan.

Team with the jacket, my old favourite Levi Demi Curve jeans and a plain tee (new season CR) – it works perfectly for a different look that would easily work for day or night.

photo 1 650 2nd pic

So, to wrap this post up, with a cheery happy Bev smile I would just like to say…

Ahem, *insert drum roll*

 Gratitude Sussan, Gratitude – You have managed to convert me 😉

Do you have your favourite shops that are always you first port of call? Amy suggestions where I should shop next?


Fancy coming over to Kimbalikes place to show the Glam Squad girls some love? I’ll also be hanging out there today too 😉





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