My Style Challenge: Katies Haul

A couple of weeks ago I set this stuck in a Country Road rut girl (a.k.a moi) a personal style challenge.

You can read about it here

It was time to look a wee bit further than the end of my CR fashion buying nose.

My task was to stop the lazy girl shopper in me, get out there and pay full price find me some new labels to wear – other than Country Road/Witchery/Trenery and Mimco.

Do you feel my pain? Nah? That’s ok I understand…stay with me though 😉

Writing my intentions down, was somehow cathartic though. It made me realise that I probably have been a tad lazy of late.

Although in my defence, winter clothes have had a lot to do with my lack of interest in looking around the shops. When the temperature drops, all I want to do in snuggle down at home, in my onesie (yes here’s the proof) on the sofa eating until I end up in a food coma.

If only winter hibernation was an option!

Yes, it gets cold on The Sunny Coast (this year has seen the temperature drop into single digits at night – with no heating at our place – brrrrrr its felt positively freezing) but the daytime temps are not cold enough to spend money on a full-on winter wardrobe.  By lunchtime when the mercury rises; those beautiful heavy knits that are perfect for cooler climates, make you  want to pass out with suffocation!

When any shop (even CR) is filled with wool  – the last thing I feel like doing is going shopping.

This changes drastically when a hint of spring is on the horizon though. I immediately feel ready to sit up and take notice and of course GO SHOPPING!

So Ms Spring, you’ve happened to arrive at the perfect time *Ahem*  because I believe I may have my mojo back.

Now, I’m nothing if not a rule breaker…

What a silly idea of mine to think I could wait another month before I strayed over the CR threshold.

Once I started with Sussans, there was no stopping me, I was on a roll…

Next, I found myself trotting off to Katies  – thanks for the suggestion, gorgeous Lisa – Queen of Thrift  (that’s Lisa IG) I totally surprised myself with what I walked out with.

My Style challenge Katies

Now girls these jeans hopped onto my radar because of one of my girl crushes Sonia from Sonia Styling – isn’t she just the cutest?

Sonia has been rocking these jeans to perfection, so I thought I’d investigate and take a closer look.

They are the Blue Denim Ripped Jean code 00087203 I paid $59.95 but I’ve just noticed they have gone into sale $19.95 you lucky ducks.

No longer showing as available online – so be quick and check out your local store.

I’m loving the versatility of the kimono and its only $39.95 – it’s doesn’t fit into my normal classic style personality but in for a penny, in for a pound –  as they say (well they do in the UK)

I brought the two together with a 30% off deal.

The tee is Shirt Tail Tee  $49.95 Country Road

Finished off with my Antonia Mule $179.00 for CR too!

Even if i do say so myself, I think I nailed my brief:

  • Must be current season
  • No mark-downs (I paid full price but was given 30% promotion at the till – the jeans were not marked down)
  • Can be Shoes or Accessories

Seriously, I had the biggest grin on my face when I walked out of the door at Katies – Happy doesn’t even come close.

And guess what? It didn’t even end there…I’ve also had a $10 voucher emailed to me.

Both Sussans and Katies have offered me choices that I didn’t expect to find…

I wonder who’s next on my radar?

Portmans maybe? as suggested by lovely Vanessa at Style and Shenanigans!

You’ll have to wait and see 😉

Are you a Katies girl? Or have you ever been pleasantly surprised to find treasures where you least expect them?

As its Wednesday – you already know the drill…Kimbalikes is the hostess with the mostest so I’m hanging out there





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