The Denim Pencil Dress Edit

My CR work wardrobe (before I made amends and re-pledged my allegiance to the cause) did not consist of any knee length dresses…

I can hear all you pretties out there reading this and gasping in frustration “Bev, are you serious?”

You’re right of course, I do have tonnes of frocks screaming to be worn on a daily basis – but none that are from the current CR season.

Reaching for the same old pants and shirts every morning (*cue violins* woe is me) has made me crave a new frock to wear for work.

One that makes me feel feminine but at the same time, still has a casual feel to it.

Drum roll please……

Say Hello to my new love.

The Denim Pencil Dress Edit

Indigo Denim Pencil Dress $149.00 (I’m wearing a size 12) Sussan Scarf mentioned in this post and the Juliette Heel $179.00

I’ve added the scarf to disguise how thoroughly pale I am.

Now I know, I fall in love every few days… just humour me or call me fickle or both – I can take it 😉

But the combination was far to tempting to pass by:

  • Dark Denim – tick.
  • Stretch – tick.
  • Below the knee – tick.

I’ll embrace any item of clothing that ticks all the boxes and is devoted to making me look and feel my best.

The Denim Pencil Dress Edit

Secretly, this dress is a nod to my corporate past-life with an injection of coastal casualness thrown in for good measure.

Now, before I go any further with why this dress is so god damn glorious, I need to address the nitty-gritty stuff…

The figure-hugging bit.

Ideally, as with any dress that ‘fits where it touches’  my first thought is always to wear a Spanx.

In the UK, I was a loyal supporter of the Spanx Slim Cognito range (seamless and perfect under figure-hugging frocks). I swear by control underwear, especially for an injection of self-confidence BUT they can be pretty restrictive and a tad on the warm side – which is not ideal when the humidity around these parts kicks in!

To fix this dilemma, I dashed off to Myer to add to my existing ‘nanny pant’ collection by purchasing the new lightweight range recently launched by Spanx.

Frustratingly the whole range hadn’t arrived in store and being the impatient devil that I am, desperation kicked in within 3 seconds – before I knew it, I was handing over $135 of my hard-earned cash on another well-known brand.

Let’s just say it went back yesterday for a full refund!

Goodness me, I felt like a contortionist just trying to get it on – so I quickly worked out the $135 would be better spent on something that gives me pleasure  – like another  a new pair of shoes!

Therefore my darlings, apologies for the lumps and bumps – but they are me…

I’ve heard curves are the new black anyway 😉

So instead of feeling trussed up like a turkey, I will rely on my trusted heels to give me the confidence I need to enjoy this new frock.

The Denim Pencil Dress Edit

Because no matter how figure hugging it is – I just love this dress.

It reminds me of something the gorgeous Donna might wear on Suits.

Please tell me you watch Suits? If not, why not?

It’s about a bunch of snazzy dressing, kick-ass lawyers based in New York.

Harvey Spector (the main man) is a honey. Louis Litt is well, he’s just Louis Litt – and Donna (Harvey’s right arm and PA) – well how drop dead gorgeous is she?

Donna has the sass and brains to make everyone (male or female) drool in her wake. She wears a figure hugging frock like no other.

So until someone invents a time-machine that will allow me to re-train as a very successful actress and afford me the body of a goddess, I intend to live vicariously through my girl Ms. May –  the lawyer in the making because she is the closest I’m ever gonna get to working in a New York law firm 😉


Are you a frock girl? Would I find ‘Nanna Pants’ if I mooched through your knicker drawer?


It’s Wardrobe Wednesday time again, so you know the drill. Pop over to Kimba Likes place and spread some blog reading love and comments.











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