The Maxi and Me

My love affair with the Maxi-dress started when I worked for Monsoon in the UK.

I can remember the day maxi-dresses first arrived in store. I instantly fell in love with the length.

Heavy tee-shirt material that worked perfectly for the style without making you look and feel like you were going to either black-tie event or Β a wedding.

From that moment on, I was hooked.

Every colour imaginable found its way into my wardrobe.

The maxi-dress became my everyday go-to wardrobe staple.

What I loved most about the maxi-dresses I brought back in the UK though, was the length.

I am 172cm (5ft 8″) tall and I prefer my dresses to be floor-draggers rather than ankle-grazers.

The one thing that puts me off parting with my cash, is seeing my feet on full show at the bottom of the dress.

The Maxi and Me

Fast forward to October 2011 when we moved lock stock and barrel to this place we now call home.

My search for maxi-dresses continued – but every time I found one I liked, it failed in the length department. The dresses all sat at an awkward length that made me feel like my ankles have fallen out big time with my shoes.

I did have one success in a little boutique Β in Lennox Head. It passed the Bev test by just reaching the floor, if I had a flat shoe on.

But since then – every single one I have tried, has disappointingly been just another ankle grazer!

Until this baby arrived in store…

Deep V Neck Maxi Dress $229.00 Country RoadΒ I’m wearing a 12. AND it has pockets!

There is also a big hem on the bottom (thank-you CR) so mine has gone off to the seamstress so I can wear with a wedge.

Now bear with me you gorgeous lot, because I can hear your frustrations if you are shorter than me and have a life long direct debit to your local seamstresses bank account.

I feel your pain. Alterations can be extremely costly.

There is a solution…

Why oh why can we not have a choice of length here in Australia?

I want to walk in to a store and find a Petite section (thumbs up to Target for launching the Dannii Minogue range).

I also want to see Standard fittings with a choice of length on pants.

And a greater size range.

Sizing should cater for us all.

There are not many things I miss about living in the UK (of course I dearly miss my family and friends) but not being able to choose my length in pants /dresses really is the one thing I mourn.

High Street stores like Marks and Spencers, TopShop, Dorothy Perkins and Next have all offered this choice for years and years. It becomes the norm to expect it from everywhere you shop.

We are all individual.

I honestly believe that every chain-store should offer at the very least:

  • Petite
  • Standard
  • Tall
  • Plus size

Because I for one would become a very loyal customer…Yes, I still order online from my favourite stores in the UK!

On a lighter note…

Remember at the beginning of this post I mentioned falling in love with my first ever Maxi dress ? Mr.IM and Ms. May made me (yes, made me) throw it away earlier this year.

It broke my heart…tad dramatic? Yes, of course – but I did love it πŸ˜‰


So girls, tell me your thoughts.

Would you benefit from a petite range, longer leg/dress length choices? Do you know of any stores that offer this choice?


I’m heading over to Kimbalikes place as well today for my weekly hangout with the glam squad girls




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  • ADA

    Hello Bev, I am Ada. I found you via Kimba’s link-up. Glad I stopped by. This maxi dress is gorgeous, it can be dressed up or down. You styled it really well. I love your hair-cut, too. Frames your face nicely.

    Welcome by to check out my blog as well. Thanks and have a great rest of the week!

    Ada. =)

    • Thanks so much Ada lovely of you to say! I adore maxi dresses…I probably have a few too many in my wardrobe! xx

      Ps. just popped over to your place, gorgeous pics of you and your daughter πŸ™‚

  • Oh I love this. It reminds me of my Cue dress I’ve had forever. Mine has a mandrin collar and no belt but very similar. One day I’ll fit it again, maybe, it’s the only size 6 I’ve ever owned. It’s more like an 8. Oh one day, maybe?

    This dress is beautiful on you, love. xx

    • Oh thanks so much Jo. That Cue dress of yours sounds gorgeous.
      Like you, I have a few dresses in my wardrobe that I just can’t part with…if it’s any consolation, I think you look fabulous just as you are!

      I had forgotten that ASOS did the extra lengths – must go and have a sticky beak when I get a second! Mwah xx

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    Oh how I miss the choice in lengths too!! It was a great way to get the perfect length for the shoes you wanted to wear with the item without the seamstress worries. I love a maxi too and ordered two today actually as I have the leg phobia too lol! Yours looks stunning Bev, looks so chic with the sunnies too! x

    • Thanks darling girl, you’re very kind xx
      We were spoilt for choice in the UK when it came to fashion. I always knew I could get exactly what I wanted in any length so shopping was super easy. On the flip-side, I adore living here so I’ve had to compromise on a few things….while still trying to keep my legs covered!

  • I didn’t realise you were from the UK. I’m a little shorty (5ft 4in) according to Miss 17 (5ft 8in) but I’ve always felt about right – except when I’m next to my stepmother who is 5ft nothing, then I feel like a giantess! πŸ˜‰

    • Ha ha ha Janet – love ‘giantess’;)
      Most days I feel tall, I suppose it has a lot to do with the fact I hardly ever wear a flat shoe though…yes even working retail!
      P.S. we will have been here 3 years in October and love it xx

  • Target used to have a tall legged range. I remember cause I used to buy work pants there when I was a waitress through uni.
    I’m with you, I want my maxi dresses to be floor length and we are the same height (!!) so have struggled of late.

    • Maybe Target will bring back the Tall range now they have introduced the petite Dannii Minogue collection – we can live in hope Sarah! Have fun on the Gold Coast xx

  • shannon @howcaniwearthat

    I really love you in a maxi Bev, it’s beautiful. I agree with you, I think that store should definitely stock all sort of different sizes and lengths. No two people are the same and the fashion world needs to start catering for different body types. Shannon x

    • Awww thanks Shannon.
      Maybe the more we talk about it, the more mainstream fashion labels will listen and respond to what we really want when we go shopping! xxx

  • Petra

    You look good in a maxi dress Bev. My mum is English and in her younger years was 5’11” so remembers her London shopping trips being “unable” to find lengths in pants or skirts to suit her, so she made herself all her clothes. Obviously nowadays it’s different there. I am a tad shorter than her (5’5″) so don’t have trouble with lengths. I haven’t bought a maxi dress yet, as my best feature is my legs, so I’d rather cover up my upper body. I’d like a knee-length maxi dress please!!!!!!! xo

    • Thank you so much Petra!
      It would have been so hard for your Mum to find anything for her height years ago. A couple of specialist stores opened in the UK first (Long Tall Sally was one that I can remember) then after that it just became mainstream to expect choice!
      Maxi’s work best for me because my legs are not my finest asset…So promise me you’ll show off those fabulous pins of yours at ever opportunity! xxx let me know when you find that knee length maxi πŸ˜‰

  • You and I are seriously sisters from another mother! I have been eye-ing off this Maxi too and am interested to see it on you as I am 175cm (5’9″). I probably prefer mine a little shorter than yours but I do like the length when I’m wearing a heel or wedge. I am totes with you on the Maxi fan front too – they are uber flattering and forever chic. Love your work Bev. x

    • We so are…I would swap wardrobes with you in a heartbeat darling!
      Glad you love the frock, I know you will look amazing in it – go on treat yourself! Insider tip – the deep hem has about two inches extra available so you could easily get enough extra to wear with a wedge xxx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    You look stunning in that maxi dress Bev,I love it and the pockets are an added bonus(love pockets) I do love a maxi dress ,I have quite a few!i always feel floaty and feminine in a maxi dress and I don’t worry about lengths as I can sew enough to take up a hem ,as I’m only About 5ft4 Xx

    • Thanks so much Petal. I have a maxi dress obsession…but never had one with pockets before. I’m so happy! You’re so right about how that make you feel…floaty and feminine sums it up perfectly! Mwah xx

  • Kelly

    That dress is gorgeous and you look fabulous in it. So being short I have come to accept that everything needs to be taken up … I would love the option of not having to take something up. My biggest issue is not the cost – I know a great lady that does alterations at a reasonable price but it is the fact when I buy something I generally want to wear it that day/night. I have no patience. Luckily hemming is a simple bit of sewing and will do it myself in order to to be able to it straight away.

    • I hear you on the waiting game Kelly. The adrenalin rush I get from buying something new is crushed if I have to wait to wear it for a couple of days – I have the patience of a gnat!
      You would love shopping in the UK, its so easy. Everyone is catered for!
      Ps. thanks so much for the lovely compliment xx

  • Gabrielle

    Despite resembling a garden gnome re height, I love maxis too! And couldn’t agree more with you re sizing in .australia. In the US, even supermarket labels have petite, talls, etc and they don’t cost more…unlike here in Australia where anything non standard costs double. I have to automatically factor in alteration costs. Now, I love Sacha Drake with a passion and have several of her maxi dresses. She does tend to make for tall ladies being tall herself and also she feels that length can be taken up but not added. But even so – I recently had a whole 12 inches removed from a maxi I bought there. Given that I am 5’2″, this means the dress would be perfect for those women who are 6’2″! I accept I have Ducks’s Disease (ass too close to ground) but seriously, how many women are 6’2″?

    • Ha ha ha Gabrielle – I have just spat all my water all over my keyboard – Duck’s Disease – that is priceless!
      Like you, I adore anything Sacha Drake but even I would have to get one of her max’s taken up!
      Hells bells, you could make a top out of that spare fabric! That’s where have a petite, standard and tall option would work like a dream! xx

  • Love petites ranges for shorties like me and even though i’m a shortie (and the husband has a strong dislike for them) I LOVE maxi dresses. This one looks fab on you although I’m not a fan of a side slit but it makes up for it with pockets. Let’s talk about those fabulous shoes the model is wearing!

    • You always look fabulous in everything I see you in gorgeous girl…I hear you on the side splits though but my love of wearing a maxi to work won over the split!
      And the shoes are already in my wardrobe…but you knew that right? πŸ˜‰ xx

  • Cindy F

    Could not agree more about sizing Bev. What really irritates me is not being able to purchase any pants that are supposed to be ankle grazers with a zip. Being short really sucks sometimes, as alterations are expensive.
    Cindy F

    • I think fashion retailers would really benefit from introducing the extra ranges Cindy. As I said, in the UK, it was so easy to walk into your favourite store and know you could pick anything you loved, knowing you could wear it straight away and without the expense of having to pay for costly alterations! xx

  • I love a maxi dress. They are perfection for the warmer weather and look so great on everyone. You are looking amazing Bev. V x

    • Awwwww thanks so much gorgeous girl – you’re too kind xx
      So true, maxi’s do work for everyone – that’s why I love then so!

  • katypotaty

    A maxi with pockets…?1 Be still my beating heart!

    (You look stunning in this, darling. So glad we had a maxi-chat the other day.)

    • Pockets get me every single time gorgeous girl…I love them!

      And thank-you for the lovely ego booting compliments darling! Mwah xx