Pattern Clashing to the Max

Pattern Clashing to the MaX

As you all probably know by now, I am more than a touch obsessed with Black and White.

It’s the mainstay of my wardrobe.

But every now and again though I do like to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone and add a splash of colour to my rail.

If colour comes my way it’s normally on the subtle side…think pastels of soft pink or blue. I feel confident that I can carry these sorbet colours off with little of no effort on my part.

They just work for me.

Whether we know it or not though, when we are shopping if something catches our attention lots of little thoughts run through our mind…

  • Colour – can I?
  • Pattern – do I like that?
  • Shape – can I pull that off?
  • Neckline – should I try this?
  • Sleeveless – maybe?
  • Trend – should I try this?

Before we know it these initial positive thoughts are being blocked by a second set of signals (signals that are engraved in our minds from years of self-doubt and personal body issues) that start to fight the first interest we had in the item we were originally drawn towards.

  • I don’t wear that colour.
  • That pattern is not for me.
  • Impossible for me to wear that shape.
  • It’s not my neckline.
  • I can’t do sleeveless with my arms.
  • It’s to trendy – I’m too old to carry it off.

One thing I can tell you all for sure – the older I get, the happier I am to step out of my fashion comfort zone.

This blog and the wonderful online community of like-minded woman has helped me to feel more comfortable in my skin, than I have in a long time.

I no longer discard anything before I’ve had time to digest whether I could pull an item off in my own individual way.

You see, I really don’t mind confessing that I’ve been caught out far too many times in the past saying “I’d NEVER wear that” – its only taken me 30+ years of dressing myself to realise never say NEVER again.

If you would have asked me 18 months ago whether I would fall in love with the soft pant again (yes, for those of you too young to remember, they were also around  in the eighties) I would have said “not on your Nelly”.

If you would have asked me even 6 months ago whether I would be comfortable clashing patterns – I would have replied “No thanks”

But here I am again proving myself wrong.

My new mantra for going forward “Throw caution to the wind”

Because look at me here:

Jazzy pants, pattern clashing and brighter colours are obviously now my thing 😉

Now who would have thought eh?


Pants: Sarong Pants $129.00 I’m wearing a size 10

Shirt: Brushstroke Shirt $149.00 I’m wearing a small

Mules: Antonia Mule Heel $129.00

What was the last thing your brought that pushed your fashion boundaries?


I’m hanging out with some gorgeous peeps at the lovely Kim-Marie from Kimba Likes place today, just saying 😉





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  • The midi skirt in my last #ootd post. I always considered it an unflattering length for me. And maybe it was, before I changed so much. That and others made me come to the conclusion that it is always worthwhile experimenting and re-evaluating in regards to fashion.

    Alex – Funky Jungle

    • You are so right Alex. The ‘never say never’ approach to fashion is always the way forward! It’s so easy to imagine that things won’t suit us, but how do we know unless we give them a try? Thanks so much for stopping by xx

  • I love you in pink! Love all these pieces too. Gorgeous!! x

    • Thanks V – I seem to be making purchases every single day at the moment…just can’t help myself! xx

  • You look amazing!! Love the colours! I hardly ever patten clash! I should be a bit more adventurous! You’ve inspired me! x

    • You my darling, look drop dead gorgeous not matter what you wear…I love your style xx

  • Love the clashing patterns – hmmm, you’ve given me the nod to give it a go too!

    • Go for it Johanna…I don’t even give it a second thought now – clash away! xx

  • shannon @howcaniwearthat

    Such a gorgeous look. You are always styled so perfectly. Love love love the mules! Thats the one shoe that I don’t have in my collection…. I may be changing that lol. Shannon x

    • Thanks so much Shannon xx
      I’m loving the new season Mules – comfy enough to wear all day as well! xx

  • Your pattern clashing looks awesome. I love both pieces of your outfit. I am pretty new to pattern clashing too. xx

    • Thanks Jo…pattern clashing, boxy boyfriends shirts/jackets and mules are so eighties – that’s probably why I’ve taken to them! xx

    • Oh thanks Jo. Both pieces are easy to wear…I think the top will work so well with jeans and black pants too! xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I love you in this outfit gorgeous girl ,that is one thing I’m not very good at pattern clashing I’m am too Anal I think ,I can do a scarf and a pant or a top and a jean and a scarf but that’s it ,I just can’t go out and wear it but that’s ok! I want a jumpsuit after seeing Nikki’s one and Sonia’s Xx

    • You always look gorgeous darling girl. Carry on with exactly what you’re doing because it works a treat!
      Yes, I love jumpsuits too. They are so flattering…and with your fabulous figure finding the perfect one should be a breeze – can’t wait to see you wearing one! Mwah xxx

      • Lisa Mckenzie

        Thanks sweetie,you’re too kind,when I get one I will show you Xx

    • I’m on the search for a jumpsuit too, Lisa. I think I’ll stick to black to start with. xx

      • Lisa Mckenzie

        Yes I’m going for black too,Katie’s and apparantly Big W have them xx

  • Kathryn

    I can’t do pattern clash – but as Nikki says ‘and that’s okay’ – call me an old nana (well I am a Grandma) but I feel uncomfortable. Love it on other people though, and you look lovely. I love black and white too, in fact my Mum said once that people must think I’m always in mourning because I wear so much black haha! It’s good to get out of our comfort zones though, but I’m just chicken cluck cluck cluck xx

    • Ha ha ha – nothing chicken about it Kathryn – if monochrome is your thing, rock it too the max I say!
      My wardrobe has always been predominately black – but I do like to push it every now and again by stepping out of my comfort zone with colours and patterns that challenge my classic style.
      To be honest, I think it just depends what mood I’m in when I go shopping!!!! xx

  • I freaking LOVE you in this outfit! The end.

    • Sometimes I bloody shock myself with the outfits I put together..The 20 year old me didn’t have this 50 year old’s confidence I can tell you gorgeous girl, just wish I had my 20 year old body back! Mwah xx

  • Petra

    You know, I am going through the same thing whereas years ago I would’ve said no to certain styles but now I am saying stuff it I like it!!!!! For example I know that I am best suited to a V neckline or deep round neckline (big bust problem!) but the other day found myself buying a reasonably high neck jumper – my only concession was that it was black which is slimming, and a slightly longer length, and this made it work for me. So yeah, I get you, and I’m doing it too! Is it our age maybe that gives us the confidence? Or is it that we’re now dressing for ourselves and not for others? Interesting topic!

    • Petra we are so singing from the same hymn sheet!
      I believe the older we get the more we learn to treasure what important in and around us. This relaxedness then causes us to put ourselves ‘out there’ by pushing a few boundaries but also understanding ourselves in a kinder way too xxx

  • StyledbyBec

    I love a good print clash. I need to do this more rather than preach it! I love that top!

  • Norlin Mustapha

    You look amazing – what else is new?? 😉 Yeah I wouldn’t have worn clashing patterns in my younger years either. Not that I do much of that now, but I do add a few clashing patterns to my styling once a while. It’s the age thing I say. The older we get the wiser.

    • Why thank you gorgeous xx
      Totally amazing how our confidence grow as we get older…I don’t think I would have ever pushed so many fashion boundaries like I do now! xx

  • How gorgeous! This is such a Kimba outfit (that’s a compliment by the way!). Thanks for joining Wardrobe Wednesday x

  • Haha, I thought I was the one with the biggest pattern clash today but you might have beaten me. Love it, you look amazing X

    • Thanks so much Ingrid! I think I’ve surprised myself xx
      Ps. Your trip pics have been amazing! xx

  • katypotaty

    Loving this entire outfit – pattern clash and all!

    (Also, am so raiding your out-of-season shoe cupboard soon xox)

    • Thanks Darl xx You can raid my shoe cupboard anytime…are we the same shoe size? Mwah