The return of linen

The linen trousers in my wardrobe have not seen the light of day for a while.

Not sure what it is, but every single time I think about getting rid, a little voice in my head say’s ‘don’t do it – you can’t possibly part with them, what if they come back into fashion?’

It’s not as if I don’t know the style and cut are now dated, because I do.

But I just love linen trousers – crazy eh?

Looking back, I can remember the exact moment when my flirtation with linen started.

At a guess. I’d say it was around 14 years ago when I brought my first pair of linen trousers. A gorgeous pair of cream linen trousers at River Island (UK). They were divine.

I can still picture the sleeveless baby blue cotton knit tank I used to wear with them.

Every single time I wore that outfit, I felt fabulous.

After that, I literally became obsessed. I just had too many pairs to count.

Before long, my linen fetish advanced to other items. A couple of  linen tunics here, a few linen shirts there.

Jackets to wear with jeans that added depth, without felling too casual.

The lived in look  really started to appeal to me.

Not in the floaty, hippy chic kind of way but in the sophisticated/timeless kind of way.

Classic and tailored at the same time, as relaxed.

Some of my favourite linen pieces at the time though were often shift dresses.

Dresses with more than a touch of linen to the mix became my go-to.

If they label read linen (or a linen mix) I had to buy it.

House of Frazer in the UK had their own label called Linea. When the label was first launched I loved almost every single item they had on the rails.

Nearly every piece was edgy, yet timeless. At launch this label was at the top of its game.

Gorgeous linen dresses that had structure, but were still relaxed.

Fast forward to October 2011 the year we emigrated to this beautiful country. Walking around the shops at Mooloolaba I remember feeling shocked to see so much linen. It was everywhere.

Of course beautiful cool linen totally compliments the climate here in SE Qld but for some reason, I never found myself buying any.

Until now.

So lovelies, if linen is not your thing or if you are not a lover of the creased look you may have to look away.

For these new Country Road trousers are 55% linen and 45% Rayon – Grabbed my heart the minute they arrived they did –  I’m back in love.

The Return of Linen

Linen Drape Pant $129.00  |  Stripe Tee Shirt $59.95  |  Antonia Mule Heel $179.00

I’m wearing a 12 in the trousers and a medium in the top.

The trousers have a small turn-up at the ankle. I have rolled the hem an extra couple of times to get the right length for me.

But seriously…How long is the D ring Belt? Far too long, that’s what!

Now if I was a svelte gorgeous model type like this beauty above, I might just consider wearing a flat shoe.

For me though, I have to add at least a touch of height to pull them off – the dumpy look is not a look I covet!

The pleated waist though does need some careful handling…

There are a couple of ways to wear these gorgeous pants depending on your figure.

As a classic pear I know that, just by adding  a heel I gain extra slimming through the thigh and bottom area.

The heel doesn’t need to be high or overly dressy – just enough to take the edge off the looseness of the fabric.

Anything too voluminous on the fabric stakes, generally gives the appearance of being heavier than you truly are. So just a touch of heel height, balances this effect out to perfection.

This same principle also applies to all of you gorgeous Hour-Glass babes. Everything revolves around your tiny waist. It’s a must that you show if off at all times.

After-all, looking shapely is your thing!

If you are tiny framed (smaller bust, slim through the hip and thighs) you can easily pull these pants off with a flat shoe. You lucky ducks!

Apple shaped girls may need to try these pants on to see if they work. As with any new style, it can be a touch trial and error until you find the exact cut that works for you.

Always remember though, you have pins to die for…jealous much 😉

I’ve played around with the same outfit…

Just by adding a scarf/accessories, changing your shoes or the addition of a jacket really does change the look.

Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the look that best suits you.

Now, before I go…did you notice the mules?

Yes, I know – Be Still My Beating Heart.

Mules I can prance around in all day at work. Low chunky heel and bang on trend.

Pretty spesh don’t you think?

Here’s a close up for you 😉

The Return of Linen

Would I find much linen in your wardrobe? Are you a fan? How about the pleated top pant – will you be jumping on the new trend?

You can also find me over at Kimbalikes place today for Wardrobe Wednesday.


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  • Oh I still haven’t got on top of the “crushed” look, meh must be the perfectionist in me? I love these on you. The beige pasmina and beige heels, love. I’d wear your outfit with a bright pair of canvas shoes and a denim jacket. Even though I’m a pear I find some jackets can help to level me out. Jo xx

    • Linen is definitely not for the perfectionist Jo…although I can just imagine you wearing bright pumps and a denim jacket – you would look divine! xxx

  • shannon @howcaniwearthat

    I am so excited about this, I love linen it is so forgiving and easy to wear. The whole look is perfect on you. Shannon x

    • How brilliant is linen Shannon? You’re so right its so forgiving – I love it! xx Thanks so much for stopping by xx

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    That’s music to my ears…linen!! I still have linen pants that I bought out from the UK and a A-line skirt that I love. Those mules are to die for…exactly what I need! x

    • I still have my UK linen pants too – they are the ones I’m struggling to part with…especially because wide leg pants are making a come-back!
      Get the mules – so comfy! xx

  • Your advice is spot on again Bev. Like you, I would need a heel to pull these babies off. You totally rock these pants! I’m glad to hear linen is back too – I have a couple of great linen shifts for summer which are work horses, year after year. x

    • Awww thanks lovely! I have my eyes firmly fixed on what’s coming through…you will adore the new stock. It’s right up your street – the soft subtle colour palette is continuing with wider leg pants making a huge comeback. I’m in fashion heaven! xx
      Ps. Already excited to see your summer linen shifts – in fact, I would be more than happy to just shop your wardrobe at any time of the year!

  • Kathryn

    You look fantastic in those pants Bev! I love linen, got some nice pants from Victoria’s Secret a few years ago. I don’t mind ironing, or the crumpled look of linen – it’s not the same as un-ironed! Kathryn x

    • Thanks so much Kathryn – as soon as I saw them I knew they would be mine!
      Linen for me is the perfect fabric, it turns a formal cut of pant/dress/shirt into a wearable everyday piece. I totally agree with you, as long as its been ironed to start with, I can live with the natural creasing! xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Love these pants on you Bev ,they look so chic,yes I remember the days when everything was linen but I detest ironing so don’t know if I can do a linen pant ,though I have a linen shirt ,but I will never say never Xx

    • Thanks gorgeous girl – I’m a sucker for any new style that hits the store.
      I think the ironing of linen is what puts everyone off to be honest. Fingers crossed most of the new lines will be a linen mix to help with the crease/care factor…but in the meantime, I’ll leave the job of ironing mine to Mr.IM – hee hee! So chuffed he does the ironing! xx

  • I love those pants on you, my love. Very cool and chic!

    • Thanks so much darling. I’m very excitable at the moment with the arrival of new stock on a daily basis…I’m finding it difficult to kerb my spending! xx

  • I’ve got a couple of linen blend jackets and blazers, but I don’t think I can go a linen pant. I’m just too scrunchy. I sit all curled up and I LOATHE ironing! x

    You, however, are adding some rock start chic to classic linen. Go you! Thanks for joining Wardrobe Wednesday xx

    • Thankfully I don’t come in to contact with the iron much…de-creasing is Mr.IM department at our place – so at least I won’t be ironing my new purchase!
      Thanks for being a great hostess xx

  • Love linen, but I have not had them in my closet for a while now. I love how you have styled them. V x

    • Thanks gorgeous girl…as soon as I laid eyes on them I just knew they would be mine xx

  • chile_chicken

    I am always scared of linen as it always ends up so creased and I look like I pulled it out of the bottom of my laundry pike, but a blend could be a good idea to try. Lauren from SAHM I am.

    • A blend is always the first place to start Lauren – the fabric will still crease but not in the same way as 100% linen would. Linen is on it’s way back for the guys too! xx

  • Cindy F

    Love the linen pants on you – but what about the linen boyfriend jacket that has just come on-line? That little baby will be coming home with me!
    Cindy F

    • Oh my goodness Cindy – how gorgeous is it? It’s a must-have for me too…just wait until you see all of the other new stock as well – so exciting! xx