Hello Burberry Poncho

Don’t you just love the moment when you open up your clothes cupboard and find something magical that you had totally forgotten about?

Something that you had hidden away when the weather was so warm, you could not imagine it ever being cold again.

We all do it.

Then life takes over, the heat sets in and the last thing on your mind is the array of winter clothes you may just need in a cold snap! Cold and snap are not two words you normally associate with Tropical Queensland!

When you happen upon such treasures though – the feeling is better than chocolate.

Yes, girls it is...Well, it was on Saturday night after an afternoon drinking copious amounts of  a fabulous Pinot Grigio 😉

The best bit about this discovery – it was totally unexpected.

I may have just squealed with fashion pleasure. Oooooh, it brings a smile to my face and a shiver down my spine just thinking about it.

Let me set the scene…

Our best mates arrived at our place for lunch on Saturday. It was the weekend to celebrate my birth (it’s not until next week but this was our only free weekend).

I had decided to make lunch: Spaghetti Carbonara (Marco Pierre White recipe from a recent Masterchef Master Class)  D E L I C I O U S – Do. It.

Our plan was to relax all afternoon, then get changed and call a cab before heading into Mooloolaba for dinner and drinks.

But first we just sat around the table eating, laughing and generally catching up on life.

You know the friends that just get you?. The friends that just accept you for who you are, warts and all?

These are our mates. We love them dearly. We’ve known them forever – In fact for me, since we were kids. Yes, they are pommies too.

Anyway, during the delightful table session of food, wine and laughs, my mobile rang at about 5:30 to say a table had become available (at this point I had totally forgotten I had added us to the standby list) at a restaurant we had all been looking forward to trying for ages.

The phone call was a 50/50 moment – should we stay in or should we go out? On reflection had I used my crystal ball, it would have told me to save the money and stay where were (expensive and disappointing restaurants really suck).

But instead, the wine goggles won and within 30 minutes we were suited and booted and waiting for the taxi to arrive.

Suited and Booted might be a slight exaggeration…especially for us girls – we needed more coverage to avoid freezing to death.

Saturday night around these parts ( The Sunny Coast) saw a dip in temperature.

So in an attempt to avoid walking in to the hippest joint in town shivering like an Eskimo, I dashed to the cupboard in the spare room (the one that never sees the light of day) imagine a Tardis if you will to obtain suitable coverage.

And that was when the magic happened.

I found my Burberry Poncho.

Hello Burberry Poncho

This beauty has been in my life for the past 12 years. It was a Christmas present from a friend in the UK – I know, how lucky was I?

It was the perfect piece to finish off my outfit. Within seconds I was as warm as toast at the same time as feeling stylish.

But the most joyous element of finding this poncho for me was seeing the distinctive Burberry pattern –  because I realised that my 12-year-old poncho had now turned into a classic.

Which makes me even more delighted that I trusted my gut instinct and brought it with me to Australia. I was so close to getting rid of my winter coats.

So now we are reunited, expect to see this forgotten treasure A LOT in the next few weeks…that is until the humidity kicks back in and the Tardis opens its doors and snatches it back!

It’s amazing how fashion comes back around – don’t you think?

** Extra side-show pics** It looks like I’ve had my hair chopped into a bob don’t you think? I quite like it…what do you think?

When was the last time you found a treasure? Do you have any classic fashion pieces that you’ll never part with?


I’m hanging out at Kimbalikes place today for Wardrobe Wednesday – come over and say hi to the girls!


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