I LOVE Mondays.

I Love Mondays

Depending which part of the two-week work roster cycle I’m on, Monday’s can be either my first day off after six days straight or day 3 of my long weekend.

Either way I LOVE MONDAYS.

Yes, you’ve already guessed it The Boom Town Rats are loudly singing I don’t like Monday’s in my head, trying very unsuccessfully I might add to burst my bubble!

They don’t stand a chance. It’s my day to myself.

Here’s what I get up to.

Most Mondays I’m up with the lark at 5:30 – The lark is Mr. IM – he is such a morning person.  I, on the other hand, am not.

He shoots out of bed, dresses quickly for the minus 10 degrees he believes it is outside (our 15 tog duck & goose filled quilt is toasty)  and hot tails our little Lulabelle on a twenty-minute doggie walk.

This walk can be floored with problems. Lula likes to take a tennis ball with her…

She is Black. It is also pitch-black at 5:30 – she has a tendency to put the ball down several times when she is sniffing/peeing and can’t remember where she has left it – Panic then sets in.

Mr IM  proceeds to search for the ball with the light from his phone – it often ends in disaster. A double disaster can occur when she watches the ball plop into a storm drain and tries to follow it. The poor bloke does have it hard in the winter mornings!

Yes. Tennis balls are a regular purchase in our house – unlike torches 😉

While he is out searching for tennis balls in the pitch black having fun with Lula, I knock up a *shameless brag alert* a delightful sandwich – even if I do say so myself  (this morning – smoked ham, avocado, rocket and onion relish). He makes my lunch for the rest of the week so this is the perfect trade-off.

I also throw in enough fruit and treats to feed a small army – unlike me Mr. IM has hollow legs and requires a constant supply of sustenance to avoid grittiness!

Still wearing my onesie, I then plop myself in front of my Mac with my bowl of fruit and yoghurt and head straight online.

First, I browse and comment on my favourite blogs. I also catch up on anything I might have missed during the week. I also quickly pop to all of my favourite online stores to check out the new arrivals.

Next its time to plan my blog posts for the week.

I type frantically for the next few hours, emptying my head of thoughts.

Thank the lord my shopping drought has finally come to an end. Although I know this Spring has Sprung post caused most of you to hide back under your duvets, the new spring collections were exactly the boost I needed to inspire me to part with my hard-earned cash.

Let’s just say fashion harmony has been restored.

I  then have to peel my bottom off the chair, jump in the shower and get ready to shoot my outfit posts.

If Mr.IM is not too traumatised from his morning walk with Lula, he will set up the tripod and remote control for me – Yes he is a total keeper!

I also take the odd selfie or two for #everydaystyle  (I like to mix it up a bit you know 😉 ) before I dash off to Coles to make sure we can eat for the week!

I Love Mondays

Text Logo Sweat Shirt from Country Road $79.95 new season  (I’m wearing a Medium) H & M Skinny Jeans (ages old) and my beloved Grey Tayla Boots $199.00 – BACK IN STOCK!

So even though my Mondays are busy they are structured –  I love them…AND  if I’m really lucky I get spare five minutes for a speed-natter session with the gorgeous Katy Potaty

What’s your catch-up day of the week? Do you suffer from Mondayitis? Or are Monday’s a day you embrace? 






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  • Lisa Mckenzie

    It sounds like you have a lovely Monday gorgeous girl ,my most hated day of the week is Thursday too many bad things have happened on that day of the week but I think my favourite day of the week is Friday Xx
    Ps I don’t think you have heard of my other bit of news last Thursday night we had to put our beautiful Ziggy dog to sleep as he had cancer in his leg,too much sadness ATM the moment Bev x

  • Petra

    Bev, your Mondays sound very pleasant! My Monday this week has started off a little unusually (for me!). My little family are on the way to Melbourne to live, leaving the GC behind! All VERY short notice! Looking forward to dressing up in nice winter clothes, and oh, the shopping!!! P.S. I am wondering if I can email you to ask your advice re going about getting work in a boutique? Many thanks, xo

  • What a lovely way to spend a Monday. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks Lisa. It’s not until you stop and think about your day that you realise just how good it is! xx

  • I love hump day. I have a great gym session in the morning and then usually catch up on some washing while Ned is asleep and then enjoy my afternoon – whether that means meeting someone for lunch, grabbing a coffee or doing some retail therapy : )

    • Love the sound of your Wednesday…although any day spent with Ned sounds like the perfect day to me xx

  • I wish my Mondays were like yours! I can see why you like them so much. Thanks for the little insight into your life. x

  • I loved hearing about your Monday Bev. Thank you for sharing. I so wish we were living close. I would love to catch up with you and Katy on a regular basis. V x

    • Oh me too Vicki, you would love our Monday non-stop talking sessions. It’s always the perfect end to my day. Katy is so adorable xx

  • katypotaty

    How darling of you, I adore our Monday catch-ups too!

    Hope you’ve loved your days off this weekend – lots of relaxing and resting, I hope!

    • Cough, Cough…I may have indulged a little to heavily in the celebrating of my birthday that is still a week and a half away. Loved every second though because I have truly relaxed! PS…only 6 more work day before my hols! xx