My top pick winter boots

The past few days have seen me in my ‘Mummy Element’.

At the weekend, our girl came home from the city to study for her Law exams which start this coming Saturday.

I adore having her home. The minute she walks through the door Mr. IM and I feel instantly complete.

It’s the little things that I love the most, but sitting around the dining table sharing a glass of wine and laughing has to be the best… AND talking about clothes of course 😉

Unlike me though, let’s just say the words ‘shopping and drought’ are not used in the same sentence at the moment for Ms.May!

You see, as I mentioned in this post I have felt a little uninspired when it came to clothes shopping recently…I.Know. I’m still totally at a loss as to why.

This state of affairs cannot continue. Just between you, me and the gatepost I’m over buying Mr. IM presents to satisfy my obsession love of shopping.

I’ve even started buying Christmas presents – Now that proves I’ve got it bad. I don’t think I have ever brought a Christmas present in June before!

So in order to ensure my shopping karma resumes as soon as possible and normal life as we know it returns. I have set myself the challenge of a touch of online shopping in the hope that my fingers will hit the ‘add to shopping basket’ button and break this spell I seem to be under.

Thus far, no luck  in the purchasing  department but I just have to share with you some of the most incredible winter boots I have found along the way.

Had I not already purchased three new pairs of boots this winter (pre-shopping drought of course) my fingers would be merrily dancing with joy over the ‘Buy Me Now’ button. 

Now lovelies before I share my favourite picks with you, I’ll just outline why boots in my humble opinion are the winter bomb.

  • Firstly,  they add so much character to an outfit. Both in texture and style.
  • Worn correctly they have brilliant leg slimming abilities.
  • Opaque tights and boots are a match made in fashion heaven. They opaque family make skirts and dresses look fabulously classy in winter time. Pasty white legs be gone!

*Fashion Faux Pas Alert* The opaque tight and a ballet flat are never to be seen together. Never. Not in a million years. NO. JUST NO.

  • A shootie (half shoe / half-boot) is the glamorous cousin in the boot family and perfect for day to evening.
  • There is always room for a knee-length boot in your shoe closet. Invest in the best you can afford and they will last you forever.
  • The humble Hunter Wellington Boot deserves to sit next to your favourite leather. They look stylish and offer a ‘oh so country chic’ element to your boot arsenal.
  • As far as colour goes, stick to black or brown for knee-high boots – this will ensure longevity (also avoid the latest fashion trim – go for traditional).
  • Be more playful with colours when it comes to ankle boots and shooties though. this is where you sense of style can really show through.

One of my favourite shooties is this leopard print pair from last year that I love to pieces. They go with almost everything  in my wardrobe and add a touch of effortless style to jeans and a tee.

My Top Pick Winter Boots

1. Dubai by Tony Biance$279.95

2. Haleylee by Nine West $179.95

3.Fontana by Tony Bianco $219.95

4. Fairlee by Tony Bianco $219.95

5. Bianca Point Bootie by country Road $229.00

6. Tayla Suede Ankle Boot by Country Road $199.00

7. Hunter Wellington Boot from the Iconic $169.00

If you struggle to get boots to fit your calf, take a look at Duo Boots.  I have brought from Duo before, the quality of the leather is divine.

You measure you calf width and order the style you love knowing that it will  fit you perfectly. There is also free shipping to Australia and New Zealand. Winner winner chicken dinner!

So it’s confession time…How many pairs of boots do you own? Do you prefer knee-length to ankle? Or are you a Winter Ugg kinda girl?

I’m linking with the 30+ Style & Beauty Link Up Party, hosted by the lovely Rachel from Redcliffe Style.



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  • Shannon from howcaniwearthat

    I love all of these boots, especially the Fairlee by Tony Bianco xo

  • I own way too many pairs of boots but I also keep them for years and years. I have my eye on a new pair for this Winter and these are all so great. Loving the Tan knee high. Rachel x

    • The tan knee high is on my wish-list…just waiting for a bargain moment to snap them up! xx

  • katypotaty

    Hear hear, darling Bev! There are fashion rules I’ll never break, and the opaques + ballet flats are one of them!

    Shall be on the lookout for new work-appropriate shooties this Winter too, I might need some in whatever I do next!

    • My legs do not need another excuse to look short and dumpy…opaques and ballets be gone!
      I am super excited for the future darling girl…shooties are a must! Mwah xx

  • I used to adore knee length boots but I think I wore them only a few times last winter – plus my Christmas in July trip to the Blue Mountains. I’m definitely an ankle boot girl.

    I also have to disagree with you. I adore coloured tights and ballet flats together. I think it is a very cute look. I even wear them with striped socks and jeans.

    Thanks for joining Wardrobe Wednesday!

    • Like you, I love my ankle boots this season. My flat knee length boots have hardly seen the light of day – there is still time though as its positively freezing here in the mornings at the moment!
      Ballet flats and black opaque tights are not my favourite look at all, I much prefer to see opaques with a ankle boot or a heel any day.
      You on the other hand do cute to perfection…your sense of style is incredible! xx

  • I love those flat tan ones, just delish. You can’t get past a great pair of Hunters – so wish I hadn’t left mine behind in the UK!

  • Great pick of boots there honey. Glad I don’t work in Country Road. I would do serious damage! I love the Bianca and Tayla boots. Can you believe I don’t own a pair of Hunters? I need to get onto that stat! x

    • Thanks gorgeous girl, the boots choices at CR this season have been incredible – I had to stop at three though otherwise divorce may have been on the cards! xx I can’t believe you don’t own a pair of Hunters either…Now you will be spoilt for choice – the ‘Regent Black’ are divine! xx

  • Massive boot fan here Bev and I am loving all your picks. I can definitely give a positive testimonial to the CR Taylah boot. I wear them all the time and they are super comfortable. I own far more boots that I can own up to but am currently getting the most mileage from my black flat ankle boots, knee high brown Sambag flats and when heading out at night, I’m wearing my Seed black heeled ankle boots. I would really, really love a pair of Hunters though … x

    • Vanessa you would rock the Hunter. I’m such a fan – always have been…Even though I adore the traditional green, I’m also lusting after the ‘Regent Black’ and the ‘Regent Savoy Black’ – check them out gorgeous girl. Ms.May has just treated herself to a pair of Seed ankle boots that I love – such a pity we take different sizes! I’ve worm my CR Adelita shooties (on sale, I highly recommend these) and my Tayla’s to death over the past eight weeks – they just go with everything! xx

  • Yvonne Duke

    I love boots ! They keep your feet cosy even though it doesn’t get too cold in Queensland ! But, oh dear I’ve just counted 16 pairs in my wardrobe……

    • Gosh Yvonne you must have smashed the record with 16 pairs…I think I need to go shopping for more! xx

  • angie

    An added bonus it that boots keep my feets so very warm! It may not get that cold in Qld, though I do feel the cold, so love to have my feet snug in boots. I have a mid calf black pair of boots, longer brown boots and love wearing them with opaque tights or over skinny jeans. I have two pairs of ankle boots, though still finding my groove with them- I bought the CR Tayla black ankle boots, though still working out how to wear them. I’d love some more ideas on how to wear ankle boots. And I must confess, I do ballet flat with opaques, though only at work…

    • Long boots over skinnies is one of my favourite looks Angie – so versatile with a big jumper or even worn with a shirt/jacket for classic ‘Polo’ chic.
      I’ll do a post this week on how to wear ankle boots – I live in my Tayla boots, they are my favourite purchase of the season so far.
      I totally understand that wearing heels all day with opaques is not always possible/appropriate depending on where you work – it’s just not my favourite look! xx

  • I’m such a boot girl.I currrently have four pairs. Two are investment pieces, my long boots, one black pair and one tan pair. They each cost me well over $200.00 but they have lastest me a number of seasons.

    Each winter I then buy a couple of “on trend” cheapies. I wear them to death. They may only last one season, but I know I’ve had a good wear out of them and not spent too much. My cheapies this season are two pairs of ankle boots. One pair is black with a buckle, looking very biker chick and the other is a tan pair similar to number 2 (minus the buckle).

    Head over to The Horse. I’m currently lusting over their boots. I’msure you’ll find a pair you like there. Jo xx

    • Your boot collection sounds spot-on to me Jo.
      Like you I have two pairs of knee-length boots, one black flat and one tan heeled. Love them both and never tire of pulling them out. Ankle boots are incredible this year, so many choices and price points ‘spoilt for choice’ comes to mind!
      Righto, I’m off to check out The Horse…this might just be the site that breaks my shopping drought!

  • I’ve gotten into ankle boots in a big way this season! I’ve also just discovered the lace up bootie, which I’m also loving. Hooray for boot weather (here in Adelaide at least)!

    • Hee hee – it’s just cold enough now to put boots on without looking like a complete idiot (which I have been doing for the past 2 months). Ankle boots are my favourite this year too…might need to add a lace-up bootie to my collection though 😉 xx

  • I understand the feeling of completeness when you have your family together. I am like that everyday until both my girls are home. I have 3 pairs of boots all long. I need a pair of shooties I think buy not too high. I love my flats. V x

    • There is nothing like the feeling Vicki – completeness sums it up perfectly xx
      Shooties would be the perfect addition to your boot collection Vicki – they cover all bases from dresses to jeans. Happy shopping my lovely xx

  • katypotaty

    Love your leopard shooties, darling; so very fab!

    I’ve onlt got a few pairs of boots, but am desperate to find a black flat leather pair, ideally mid-calf or knee-high… please keep your eyes out for me! xox

    • Thanks darling! x CR have a fabulous knee length pair that would be perfect for you – they are super-delicious xx