My top pick winter boots

The past few days have seen me in my ‘Mummy Element’.

At the weekend, our girl came home from the city to study for her Law exams which start this coming Saturday.

I adore having her home. The minute she walks through the door Mr. IM and I feel instantly complete.

It’s the little things that I love the most, but sitting around the dining table sharing a glass of wine and laughing has to be the best… AND talking about clothes of course 😉

Unlike me though, let’s just say the words ‘shopping and drought’ are not used in the same sentence at the moment for Ms.May!

You see, as I mentioned in this post I have felt a little uninspired when it came to clothes shopping recently…I.Know. I’m still totally at a loss as to why.

This state of affairs cannot continue. Just between you, me and the gatepost I’m over buying Mr. IM presents to satisfy my obsession love of shopping.

I’ve even started buying Christmas presents – Now that proves I’ve got it bad. I don’t think I have ever brought a Christmas present in June before!

So in order to ensure my shopping karma resumes as soon as possible and normal life as we know it returns. I have set myself the challenge of a touch of online shopping in the hope that my fingers will hit the ‘add to shopping basket’ button and break this spell I seem to be under.

Thus far, no luck  in the purchasing  department but I just have to share with you some of the most incredible winter boots I have found along the way.

Had I not already purchased three new pairs of boots this winter (pre-shopping drought of course) my fingers would be merrily dancing with joy over the ‘Buy Me Now’ button. 

Now lovelies before I share my favourite picks with you, I’ll just outline why boots in my humble opinion are the winter bomb.

  • Firstly,  they add so much character to an outfit. Both in texture and style.
  • Worn correctly they have brilliant leg slimming abilities.
  • Opaque tights and boots are a match made in fashion heaven. They opaque family make skirts and dresses look fabulously classy in winter time. Pasty white legs be gone!

*Fashion Faux Pas Alert* The opaque tight and a ballet flat are never to be seen together. Never. Not in a million years. NO. JUST NO.

  • A shootie (half shoe / half-boot) is the glamorous cousin in the boot family and perfect for day to evening.
  • There is always room for a knee-length boot in your shoe closet. Invest in the best you can afford and they will last you forever.
  • The humble Hunter Wellington Boot deserves to sit next to your favourite leather. They look stylish and offer a ‘oh so country chic’ element to your boot arsenal.
  • As far as colour goes, stick to black or brown for knee-high boots – this will ensure longevity (also avoid the latest fashion trim – go for traditional).
  • Be more playful with colours when it comes to ankle boots and shooties though. this is where you sense of style can really show through.

One of my favourite shooties is this leopard print pair from last year that I love to pieces. They go with almost everything  in my wardrobe and add a touch of effortless style to jeans and a tee.

My Top Pick Winter Boots

1. Dubai by Tony Biance$279.95

2. Haleylee by Nine West $179.95

3.Fontana by Tony Bianco $219.95

4. Fairlee by Tony Bianco $219.95

5. Bianca Point Bootie by country Road $229.00

6. Tayla Suede Ankle Boot by Country Road $199.00

7. Hunter Wellington Boot from the Iconic $169.00

If you struggle to get boots to fit your calf, take a look at Duo Boots.  I have brought from Duo before, the quality of the leather is divine.

You measure you calf width and order the style you love knowing that it will  fit you perfectly. There is also free shipping to Australia and New Zealand. Winner winner chicken dinner!

So it’s confession time…How many pairs of boots do you own? Do you prefer knee-length to ankle? Or are you a Winter Ugg kinda girl?

I’m linking with the 30+ Style & Beauty Link Up Party, hosted by the lovely Rachel from Redcliffe Style.



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