Spring has Sprung

I know. I just know.

It all feels too soon. Right?

Early morning’s are dark and cold.

Slow cookers all over Australia have been dusted off. The smell of a  bubbling casserole greets you when you arrive home in the evening.

Track pants, thick socks and a woolly jumpers are now your best fashion friends. Or a onesie. Yes, I am the PROUD owner.

Even the temperature is just at the right level here in balmy SE QLD  – enough to throw on a jumper without fear off looking like an overly ripe tomato – not a good look for anyone!

Everything is cosy…and then this happens

Spring has Sprung.

Fashion is already coaxing you out of your woollies.

Tempting you to think ahead. Making you dream of warmer days.

Spring has Sprung New Jumper Pink Jumper Pink Slipper Shoe

All available on the Country Road website

Jeez, my legs were quite happy being covered in opaque tights thank you very much.

Hot Tip Alert: If you are looking for the BEST opaque tights that last, and are as comfy as hell – give the Country Road ones a try. Yes, they are not the cheapest but they are  AH-MA-ZING. Trust me – I’ve struggled through the heat in mine. They offer fabulous coverage without being overly thick. Just perfect.

Me and my summer bestie Mr. Razor HAD happily agreed a new ‘meet and greet’ schedule…

Going Forward. Our liaisons from now on, will be daily.

I also called up my other lover Mr. Fake Tan last night too…for the record he is also happy to rekindle out weekly get-togethers!

Are you enjoying the Winter? Is it too early for you to be thinking about Spring fashion? Or a you a get-ahead kinda girl?

Can you guess what I’ve already brought from the above pics?


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  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I am not ready for Spring yet beautiful ,still enjoying my winter woollies and it has been freezing here!I really like your choices though Bev Xx

  • I’ll take one of everything please!

  • OMG I love everything especially the monochrome outfits!! Is it Spring already?? xx

    • Such great pieces arriving in store Dee – I’m truly spoilt for choice! I may have to freeze in the name of fashion though…beautiful blue winter sky today accompanied by a chilly wind! xx

  • I’m guessing you bought the black and the white sheer top. Am I on the money?

    Too early for spring fashion. I didn’t realise how organised you have to be with little ones clothes before they change to the next season.

    I’m usually a daily Mr Razor liaisor. But lately I’ve let it slide……. Jo xx

    • Yay Jo you guessed right – matching scarf is also divine!

      I’m ready, purely because I’m over looking at and wearing winter clothes – Hopefully my choices will be transitional pieces that will fit seamlessly into my CR wardrobe and I won’t freeze to death in the process!

      I’m also a daily Mr Razor lover…until winter arrives and then I try to avoid it like the plague! xx

      • Yay I guessed it.

        Yes you’d be well over winter clothing having to wear it in the summer heat. xx

        • only problem I have now Jo…I’m scared to wear what I’ve brought in case I freeze! xx

  • YES! Too soon – it only just got cold!!!!

    • Remember me wearing my jeans when it was boiling? I’m now about to start freezing…Gotta love the fashion industry! xx

  • Oh no, not Mr Razor time already! Just can’t face that yet

    • Hee hee Lisa…I have avoided Mr.Razor for a while with the help of the Opaque! My jump into spring will start with pants and jeans – Mr.Razor is not welcome just yet!xx

  • It’s been 1 and 2 degrees here at 8 in the morning when I’m attempting my outfit of the day photos. It’s just way too cold to even think about spring and my winter wardrobe needs some serious help before then 🙂

    • I hear you lovely! For me, because I have sweated through a SE QLD Autumn wearing winter clothes I’m now so ready for the change – Even though I know I will shiver my way through the next few weeks – all in the name of fashion!
      PS. Loving seeing you everydaystyle pics! xx

  • Oh no! I am not in the Spring mood as yet. II have just pulled out my winter woolies and I would like to enjoy them a little longer. I know it is cold but we need to have a winter before we can enjoy the warm I would say. I love spring it is my favourite time of year. V x

    • It’s still so cold here Vicki too. I must confess though that wearing the winter stock for the past three months means I’m ready for a change. The Spring colours are amazing too..delicate soft pinks, blue’s and green’s and of course my beloved monochrome! xx

  • Pagan

    OMG it is WAAAY too cold here in Melbourne to even think about spring clothing yet! Love the sheer black blouse x

    • You are really suffering with a cold snap in Melbourne! So I’m sure the thought of shedding the layers is the last thing on your mind!
      PS Bingo – you guessed right on the sheer black – well done…there is a matching scarf too 😉

  • Bec

    This is just what I needed to read today on a cold wintery morning in Sydney!

    • Ha ha – I know Bec! The store is looking very spring like…although I must say the colours really do brighten up a chilly winters morning xx

  • Gabrielle

    I refuse to play! Lover of all things fashion that I am, it drives me crazy that we are asked to consider Spring fashion when merely finding the courage to remove one’s onesie and allow one’s buttocks to touch the icy toilet seat each morning requires all my concentration! As to guessing your purchases, I shall be gutted if you haven’t purchased those divine nude flats. Double bonus that they wouldn’t require a date with one’s pedi people and the celebrated winter laziness could continue.

    • Oh yes, the onsie and the icy toilet, not fun! Jo xx

      • How funny was Gabrielle’s comment Jo? – She gave me a fit of the giggles! xx

    • Gabrielle – You had me at the buttocks on the icy toilet seat…I may have just choked on my OJ! I’m all for minimal effort and major winter laziness in the maintenance dept too. I also hear you loud and clear when it comes to the launch of a new season, I have just literally sweated my way through autumn in tights, boots and jumpers – all in the name of fashion xx
      PS. I’m also waiting very patiently for those nude flats to arrive – today could be the day!