Spring has Sprung

I know. I just know.

It all feels too soon. Right?

Early morning’s are dark and cold.

Slow cookers all over Australia have been dusted off. The smell of a  bubbling casserole greets you when you arrive home in the evening.

Track pants, thick socks and a woolly jumpers are now your best fashion friends. Or a onesie. Yes, I am the PROUD owner.

Even the temperature is just at the right level here in balmy SE QLD  – enough to throw on a jumper without fear off looking like an overly ripe tomato – not a good look for anyone!

Everything is cosy…and then this happens

Spring has Sprung.

Fashion is already coaxing you out of your woollies.

Tempting you to think ahead. Making you dream of warmer days.

Spring has Sprung New Jumper Pink Jumper Pink Slipper Shoe

All available on the Country Road website

Jeez, my legs were quite happy being covered in opaque tights thank you very much.

Hot Tip Alert: If you are looking for the BEST opaque tights that last, and are as comfy as hell – give the Country Road ones a try. Yes, they are not the cheapest but they are  AH-MA-ZING. Trust me – I’ve struggled through the heat in mine. They offer fabulous coverage without being overly thick. Just perfect.

Me and my summer bestie Mr. Razor HAD happily agreed a new ‘meet and greet’ schedule…

Going Forward. Our liaisons from now on, will be daily.

I also called up my other lover Mr. Fake Tan last night too…for the record he is also happy to rekindle out weekly get-togethers!

Are you enjoying the Winter? Is it too early for you to be thinking about Spring fashion? Or a you a get-ahead kinda girl?

Can you guess what I’ve already brought from the above pics?


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