A Smile.

Do you believe you create your own destiny?

I do.

Anything is achievable in my book with hard work, determination and of course positivity.

Don’t get me wrong – we all have the occasional ‘off’ day where nothing seems to go our way.

Those day’s when our heads are filled with self-pity – it goes without saying that on these yukky days we attract even more of the rubbish stuff.

After-all, negativity breeds more negativity. Right?

Over the past  weekend, Mr.IM and I were very lazy…we even got back in bed on Sunday morning and fell back to sleep after breakfast.

Unheard of – but bloody fabulous, I highly recommend you try it one of the days!

While I was doing nothing, I found myself looking back on our journey so far here in Australia, and smiling a big cheesy grin at just how lucky we are.

Who would have thought I would have a blog? Hells Bells that wasn’t on the cards at all when we arrived.

Now I cannot imagine my life without blogging.

It feels so right.

Everyone I have connected with brings a smile to my face. I had made friends with people I’m yet to meet in the flesh. Gorgeous good supportive people.

When I first arrived here in Australia as well as being super-excited for our future, I also felt like a fish out of water.

Moving to another country is a huge step for anyone.

Even though we had visited numerous times before – nothing felt quite right to start with.

My tummy always had a case of the butterflies…even paying for food in Woolies felt like a big drama. Being asked ‘ Cheque Savings or Credit’ got me every single time. 😉

But slowly all of the pieces started to fit into place. The negatives started to be replaced by the positive.

Having the right frame of mind is as simple as starting the day with a smile.

Hello my name is Bev and yes as a rule, I’m always smiling.

A few years ago when Ms. May was at school, she had to learn and recite a poem for her Speech and Drama exam.

She chose A Smile written in 1990 by Matthew John Fraser.

I have loved the simplicity of this poem from the get-go, but more than anything I remember just how much it made me smile.


Smiling is infectious, you catch it like the ‘flu.

When someone smiled at me today I started smiling too.

I passed around the corner and someone saw my grin, when he smiled I realised I’d passed it on to him.

I thought about my smile and then realised its worth, a single smile like mine could travel right around the earth.

If you feel a smile begin, Don’t leave it undetected.

Let’s start an epidemic quick.

And get the world infected.

– Matthew John Fraser.

Last Saturday evening was a very smiley evening for me.

The lovely girls at CR had organised a ‘HELLO’ dinner to welcome me into the Maroochydore family…It was also the delightful Rozy’s GOODBYE dinner too.

Rozy is a gorgeous gentle soul that welcomed me to the CR family with open arms. I know she will be missed by everyone…as I type this she should will be well on her way to the Greek Islands for a well deserved break.

Here’s a couple of pics from the very smiley night:




photo 1


Outfit: I’m wearing this dress from Witchery and my Rockport Leopard Shooties

Being surrounded by such good people made me realise once again just how LUCKY I am.

I didn’t stop smiling the whole evening.

Never forget the power of a simply smile, a small comforting touch or a compliment – it goes along way 😉

Are you a smiler? What makes you smile?




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  • Lisa Mckenzie

    What a beautiful post Bev l ,you are like a ray of sunshine and you.do have a lovely smile and you’re such a gorgeous person and yes smiling is contagious .I’m sorry I haven’t been around much I will pm you on Fb and update you Xx

    • Awwwwww Lisa you are lovely, thank-you gorgeous girl. To be honest, I would struggle not to smile. Sometimes I can tell people think I’m a bit crazy – I smile at everyone in the supermarket and I know it shocks the life out of them! Ps. thanks for letting me know xx

  • Awwww, Bev. You made me smile reading this! Yep, I’m a smiler too – walking down the street, ordering my coffee, browsing in the shops…what you put out you attract, so I’d like to attract a lot of smiles back at me! x

    • What a gorgeous smile you have too! Can you tell I’m a big Sonia fan? Hee Hee!
      Sometimes I purposely smile at people who look sad – it’s wonderful when the smile is returned – I always hope that it makes their day just a little bit brighter xx
      I’m smiling a big cheesy grin right back at you now 😀

  • Such a lovely post Bev! You have such a gorgeous smile, your personality shines though! I am a chronic smiler. I smile and laugh all the time. I just can’t do serious. It shows in my son too, he is always smiling.It’s the best thing! Love that poem! xx

    • Awwww thanks Dee, you are so lovely! Smiling and laughing really are contagious.
      Like you, I find it hard to be serious – smiling is much more fun! Mwah xx

  • Oh Bev that poem is amazing and what a great smile you have. Jo xx

    • Jo its a very special poem to me, I love it… thanks for your lovely words gorgeous girl xx

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    I think a smile is so natural to you, you’re just one of life’s smilers I think! Looks like you’ve had a lovely evening and met some people who you gel with. Yes I believe in creating your own destiny. As you know, like you, I took the leap across to Australia (totally get the checkout confusion too!) and my life has changed 100%. It’s something I’m still adjusting to, it’s not been plain sailing by any means but you have to remain positive and I’m lucky to have an awesome man behind me. I do think people smile more over here than in the UK don’t you think? xx

    • My crows feet are testimant to my constant smiling lovely girl – Hee Hee! And yes, I honestly do believe that everyone smiles more when the sun shines! I love living in this glorious country but it does take time to settle in, before you really feel at home. This is home to us now. This year we will celebrate our 3 year anniversary – how long have you been here now? xx

  • Just lovely. You are a beautiful lady Bev and you shine from the inside out. Cannot wait to meet you. V x

    • Oh thank you darling girl…I can’t wait to meet you too – it will be a very happy meeting xx