Shopping drought

What is wrong with me? I am struggling to buy clothes.

Over the past couple of weeks I have looked and looked in all of my favourite stores and online – NOTHING is shouting BUY ME.


I am gobsmacked.

Seriously, this never happens…Let me tell you, Mr.IM is a very happy man at the moment!

Now it could be because I know that all stores are either in sale or about to go into sale.

Talking of sale, have I ever confessed that  I loathe sale shopping?

Don’t get me wrong I love a bargain but  just can’t be bothered to look through the rails that are not beautifully merchandised.

*Ahem* cough cough, brag brag – slight bit of smugness coming your way…

CR Maroochydore is looking sale gorgeous today thanks to Terry our Fabulous Visual Merchandiser and all the team. Sorry I just couldn’t resist!

Right back too it…Why oh why do sales clothes always end up all over the floor? Drives me crazy it does, drives me crazy! 

I know that is what puts me off when I walk in to a store. If it looks like a jumble sale I turn around and walk straight back out of the door.

To be honest, for me there is no point of buying Country Road clothes that are not the newest release because I can’t wear them for work.

But for you guys there are some fabulous bargains to be had both in store and online.

25% off everything in store for cardholders for today (Thursday 5th June) and tomorrow (Friday 6th June).

Instead I have shopped up a storm for Mr.IM.

Shopping Drought

Fur lined Hoodie reduced to $89.95 (plus extra 25% off today and tomorrow).

Blue Merino Wool Jumper reduced to $69.95 (plus extra 25% off as above).

Grey Cardigan reduced to $69.95 (plus extra 25% as above).

Black Shirt reduced to $69.95 (plus extra 25% as above).

Socks reduced to $7.95 (plus extra 25% as above).

He is very happy!

Working in the fashion industry means you always LUST after new stock.

Even though we have only just gone into winter, fashion is already to leap into spring.

So after sweating my way through Autumn in 28 degrees wearing thick opaque tights and boots I’m already over Winter clothes...just when everyone else is starting to wear them!

This dress was probably my last purchase from the winter range. It hasn’t gone on sale (thank-goodness, I still have at least one thing to wear to work!).

It was the dress I wore to my girl’s birthday when she turned Twenty Two.

Shopping Drought

Lace Trim Shift Dress $149.00 Country Road

I’m wearing a Medium. On the evening I added A black opaque with the same shooties as it was a cooler/rainy evening in Brisbane.

At 5ft 7″ – this is the shortest length I would wear.

It’s a lighter weight dress that could easily take you from day to-night with the addition of a touch of sparkle! A touch of sparkle makes everything better 🙂

Here’s a close-up of both the dress and the boots.

Shopping Drought

I can’t ever remember a time when I was on a fashion drought…lets just hope it doesn’t last much longer!

 What kind of shopper are you? Have you got the patience of a saint when a bargain is on your radar? 


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