Shopping drought

What is wrong with me? I am struggling to buy clothes.

Over the past couple of weeks I have looked and looked in all of my favourite stores and online – NOTHING is shouting BUY ME.


I am gobsmacked.

Seriously, this never happens…Let me tell you, Mr.IM is a very happy man at the moment!

Now it could be because I know that all stores are either in sale or about to go into sale.

Talking of sale, have I ever confessed that  I loathe sale shopping?

Don’t get me wrong I love a bargain but  just can’t be bothered to look through the rails that are not beautifully merchandised.

*Ahem* cough cough, brag brag – slight bit of smugness coming your way…

CR Maroochydore is looking sale gorgeous today thanks to Terry our Fabulous Visual Merchandiser and all the team. Sorry I just couldn’t resist!

Right back too it…Why oh why do sales clothes always end up all over the floor? Drives me crazy it does, drives me crazy! 

I know that is what puts me off when I walk in to a store. If it looks like a jumble sale I turn around and walk straight back out of the door.

To be honest, for me there is no point of buying Country Road clothes that are not the newest release because I can’t wear them for work.

But for you guys there are some fabulous bargains to be had both in store and online.

25% off everything in store for cardholders for today (Thursday 5th June) and tomorrow (Friday 6th June).

Instead I have shopped up a storm for Mr.IM.

Shopping Drought

Fur lined Hoodie reduced to $89.95 (plus extra 25% off today and tomorrow).

Blue Merino Wool Jumper reduced to $69.95 (plus extra 25% off as above).

Grey Cardigan reduced to $69.95 (plus extra 25% as above).

Black Shirt reduced to $69.95 (plus extra 25% as above).

Socks reduced to $7.95 (plus extra 25% as above).

He is very happy!

Working in the fashion industry means you always LUST after new stock.

Even though we have only just gone into winter, fashion is already to leap into spring.

So after sweating my way through Autumn in 28 degrees wearing thick opaque tights and boots I’m already over Winter clothes...just when everyone else is starting to wear them!

This dress was probably my last purchase from the winter range. It hasn’t gone on sale (thank-goodness, I still have at least one thing to wear to work!).

It was the dress I wore to my girl’s birthday when she turned Twenty Two.

Shopping Drought

Lace Trim Shift Dress $149.00 Country Road

I’m wearing a Medium. On the evening I added A black opaque with the same shooties as it was a cooler/rainy evening in Brisbane.

At 5ft 7″ – this is the shortest length I would wear.

It’s a lighter weight dress that could easily take you from day to-night with the addition of a touch of sparkle! A touch of sparkle makes everything better 🙂

Here’s a close-up of both the dress and the boots.

Shopping Drought

I can’t ever remember a time when I was on a fashion drought…lets just hope it doesn’t last much longer!

 What kind of shopper are you? Have you got the patience of a saint when a bargain is on your radar? 


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  • I love a good sale, but like you said Bev, hate the mess. As I often have the kids in tow I want to be in and out as quick as I can. A store with a neat appearance makes it much easier to find what you want, try it on and pay for it before the baby needs to feed again.

    I find I love online shopping because you get to see the product in it’s best possible state. But then when I’m buying online you miss the touch and feel of the garment.

    I wouldn’t be able to work in retail. I’d always be broke buying all the new goodies.

    Like Rachel said I have a drought whenever I’m cashed up. Then when I’m “popping” into the shops and having a quick look, I always find something.

    I’m sure your drought won’t last long. Jo xx

  • I hear ya. I think it’s because the weather is still so warm, and I’ve already bought so many nice things for Winter that I STILL can’t actually wear!

    • It was cold this morning Janet! Hopefully you are sitting in a nice snugly jumper right now!
      Beautiful at lunchtime though 😉 xx

      • Yes it was! I finally got to wear my new Sussan leggings that I bought back in February (post on instagram for #everydaystyle today!)

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    You look gorgeous in that dress Bev ,I don’t like the messy sale racks probably because I used to work in retail but I do enjoy a rummage I usually find something amazing on those messy racks.I do hope your shopping drought ends soon I have not been shopping for me for quiet a while but hopefully I rectify that soon Xx

    • Thanks lovely! I do love this dress, it’s so easy to wear.
      I think I need some tips off you on how to find a bargain…although I was just saying (below) that I managed to find Mr. IM yet another present…maybe I’m not as bad as I think I am!
      Let me know what you buy when you go shopping – there is nothing like the rush of endorphines you get with a purchase xxx

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    Well at least Mr I.M has done ok! It’s funny having all these winter sales and yet we haven’t had proper winter weather. I’m at a loss as to what I need or want right now, so like you, I’m on a drought. Ps love those shoe-boots xx

    • He is delighted I tell you! I might have just come home with another bagful for him last night too. A gorgeous leather bag reduced down from $250 to $99 with an extra 25% off – it was a no brainer!
      The shooties are the bomb! xx

  • I hate the appearance of sale racks too. I just commented to my sister yesterday about exactly the same thing. I love a bargain but sometimes there are too many prints and styles shoved into the same area. I have a shopping drought whenever I’m cashed up and ready to spend. Rachel x

    • Ha ha ha that’s so true Rach! I always lust over something that I can’t afford but when I’m in the market to buy it’s always a struggle.
      If only there was a way to merchandise sale to look good – we do ok really the store (most of the time) looks fabulous! xx

    • Oh Me too Rachel. When i have the money to buy, there is nothing there. Jo xx

  • chile_chicken

    Those boots are fabulous! I just purchased a winter coat and am awesome longline striped Merino cardigan, but they were both on sale. I haven’t been in a proper clothing store for a while!

    • I LOVE my boots – Would you believe I entered a competition and won them? I was soooo happy!
      Delighted ti hear you have nabbed some winter sale bargains – Did you get them online? xx

      • chile_chicken

        Yes- I found a great second hand clothes shop online so everything is usually under $10. Great when I am stuck at home with two sick kids and a limited budget but still want some retail therapy!

  • I think I need a forced shopping drought or an intervention. Have to agree with you about the jumbled sales section being a put off. It would need to be a seriously good bargain buy for me to want to get involved.

    • Forced intervention – this has just made me giggle! We are complete opposites at the moment – which is unheard of for me! xx

  • Kathryn

    Gah! Sales sections, and outlet shops drive me nuts, I can’t deal with the mess. A certain outlet with the initials TS, just drives me insane. My daughter on the other hand, trawls through it all. You look great, as always 🙂

    • Thanks so much Kathryn, little black dresses are my fashion saviour when I struggling with what to wear.
      I’m delighted to hear that everyone feels the same about the chaos/mess of sale shopping…Like you I just don’t do mess! Have a fab weekend xx

  • I totally agree with you about the mess that is the Sales Section – it takes the shine off the clothes that have been reduced and are still totally lovely and buyable.
    I’m loving what you’ve bought for Mr IM! Mr Styling’s birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I’m thinking perhaps a Country Road voucher is what I should be getting him?
    Meanwhile, YOUR PINS! I want your legs! Gorgeous lady. x

  • I wish I could say I was in a shopping drought … quite the opposite in fact! I found some great buys at CR today for both me and the kids. Love the extra 25% off – I scored a check shopper for a song and a couple of kids tee for under $15. Love your buys for Mr IM too – I bought Mr SnS a knit, belt and a couple of windcheaters for his birthday recently and he loved them. x

    • Vanessa I’m still in shock – it’s never really happened to me before!
      Glad you shopped up a storm in CR – the 25% off really does make a difference (especially off the red ticket price). Mr.IM has just arrived back from his morning dog walk wearing his Sherpa Hoodie – he was as snug as a bug…half the original price after discount. Winner! xx

  • Kelly

    Oh … what a terrible situation to be in! I don’t think I can remember a time when I was in a buying rut across the board but I am finding that now with tops – can’t find a single one (well except for one Cue one) that I like. I also enjoy shopping more when things are nicely ordered too! Though for the right discount (ie huge) and particular items, I will forage amongst sale racks.

    • I agree Kelly – there are lots of basics (tee, jumpers in every colour) around but not many ‘special’ tops. Bring on the new season, all beauifully merchandised for me, I’m ready for the change!
      Have a great weekend xx

  • I”m on a shopping ban so really wish I didn’t keep seeing things that I want. Lovely dress though!

    • I’m sure if I was on a shopping ban I would lust after everything too Vicki…how much longer have you got to go? xx

  • Angela

    I agree. I’m looking hard but nothing is standing out. I’m the same with sales, cluttered junk is a turn off. I occassionally get a bargain but on the whole my size has gone first, then colour . I will wait now for new season stuff. I also dont like outlet shops ( well a couple of exceptions) for the same reason. I have also learnt not to buy something just because it is on sale , or half price. I do buy at Country Road spend and saves from time to time.

    • It’s so strange that we are all feeling the same at the moment, with nothing exciting to lust after…maybe spring collections will offer us something new and exciting. I know there are lots of people that adore sale/outlet shopping but no matter hard I try I just don’t have the patience or the inclination to buy last season’s stock!
      Before I worked at CR I always shopped the Spend and Save’s too! xx

  • I here you. I go through stages and I was at my local westfields yesterday and could not find anything that appealed. I have also looked online and still nothing has the tag ‘Buy Me’. I tend to purchase a few new seasonal pieces and then wait for the next season to be introduced. V x

    • Sensible girl Vicki! Key seasonal pieces topped up with classics always work best for me too…Let’s hope the new spring collection’s get us more excited! xx