B is for Botox

B is for Botox

I thought long and hard before having my first  ever Botox treatment.

It was December 2012. Our second Christmas in Australia. I was 49. It was my Christmas present from Mr.IM …I can remember the jubilation when he realised he didn’t have to tackle the Christmas Shopping scene to buy me a pressie 😉

To be honest, because I am fanatical about my appearance I always knew I would buckle under my own pressure at some point.

Yes, it was my own pressure that made me want to give it a try.

I care about how I look, I invest in the best skincare products I can afford for my ‘dry-as-a-dogs-bone’ skin. My hair appointments are frequent to ensure my mane stays in the best condition possible and I buy clothes that fit and flatter my figure.

Why do all this?

Because it makes me happy!

Don’t get me wrong, I have no desire to look like a 30 year old BUT I do want to feel good about myself when I look in the mirror every morning.

Some may call it over the top – I call it maintenance.

My skin is changing and I’m reacting to that change.

Let’s face it, I’m not adverse to trying any new product that hits the beauty market and promises to turn back the ticking clock of time, so why not Botox?

Like most beauty product addicts – I’m not ashamed to admit I spend a small fortune on lotions and potions that promise me that ‘youthful glow’.

I just did a quick calculation of what I spend over the year on products…**Ahem**Oh.Dear.

When I buy a very expensive cream that promises to erase fine lines and wrinkles I already know; before I break the seal, that it’s not possible with a topical product.

I’m now at the stage though where only the ‘big guns’ will work.

So I have justified the cost of this treatment  by promising myself to only buy skincare products for dry dehydrated skin.

Forget the wrinkles – B for Botox has it covered.

When Botox first hit the beauty market I, like most people, was pretty sceptical.

I was concerned at what people were injecting into their skin, all in the name of beauty.

But it’s been around a while, I no longer have the same concerns.

Yes, you can always find a horror story because unfortunately there will always be people exploiting the market, promising top quality product at ‘knock-down’ prices.

But  when administered correctly by a fully trained professional, the results from Botox can be incredible.

Before my first Botox treatment I did my research. It was important for me to go to someone who would be sympathetic in their approach to the end result.

As a natural outcome was exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t want to look frozen, just enhanced. For my wrinkles to not look as deep as they are.

I had the ‘angry’ lines between my eyebrows and my crows feet done.

The cost was around the $400 mark and that was with a hefty ‘mates rate’ discount.

The ‘angry’ line between my brows didn’t play ball on the first attempt, so I went back after 7 days for a top-up.

This did the trick – and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t raise a frown for the next 3 months. It was amazing!

For some reason though, I didn’t bother getting it topped-up. I’m not even sure why now. I just didn’t feel the need to go back.

I also felt it lasted longer than the promised 3 months, so I just let it leave my system slowly.

But now I’m ready to give it another go.

My appointment is booked for the 26th June (a week tomorrow).

And I can’t wait!

This time I will only have my crow’s feet done with Botox. My fringe really does come in handy and erases the need for any needles to touch my forehead.

I’m also considering have filler in the deep lines from my nose to the side of my mouth…These lines have a fancy name, which I can’t for the life of me remember.

The filler is all dependent on the cost  – fingers crossed it won’t break the bank!

B is for Botox


Psssst….Just so you all know lovelies, I have thought long and hard about writing this blog post.

I know lots of gorgeous peeps that have Botox but would prefer to stay low-key with it. I respect that totally.

People that look amazing for their age with not a fine line in sight.

But this little online space of mine is where I feel at home enough to be honest and open with you.

You all know I’m 50.

You all know I also try my best to look as good as I can, while remaining age appropriate of course!

So why not tell you this, after-all I’m super excited – so I’m sharing it with you.

It’s not a secret 😉

I’ll blog again next week when I’ve had it done and provided before and after pic’s of course!

What are your feelings on Botox? Have you ever had it? If not, is it something you would consider when the time is right?


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  • Barbe- Fashionista in Suburbia

    Hi Bev. I have tried to comment 3 times today on my phone but ‘t tell me with no luck. Fingers crossed this time when i hit that button, it will work! I am the same age as you and in a similar fashion, I have ALWAYS looked after my skin. I have a background of beauty therapy and it has just been second nature to me, since forever. So consequently, my skin is not in bad nick. I have sunspots and pigmentation stains from sun damage and due to hormonal changes from going into early menopause. On the up side, the wrinkles aren’t too bad, texture is not too bad either. BUT. Having certain facial expressions, like frowning (!) a lot, is starting to create a furrow between the eyebrows. The upper lids are sagging, from my Asian background and age, and those crowsfeet lines from smiling a lot aren’t looking that cute anymore. I have been having Botox for the last 1 1/2 year, topping up every 6 months or so. LOVE IT! Immobilising those muscles that have been worked out so hard for so long, has softened the lines. The ones I love the most are the ones that lift the brows a little, giving me a nice arch and lifting those heavy lids without a facelift!
    I say go for it! I do not keep it a secret (but don’t tell my husband!!), I don’t believe it is something I should be ashamed about (I just want to keep my husband in that: wow she looks so good for her age, how come she is looking younger and I am getting old – zone). I believe it is just another skin treatment. Isn’t it?
    And Yeah, I am thinking about those Marionette lines at the side of my mouths…
    You look absolutely fab, keep at it! xoxoxo
    Barbe xo

    • Thanks for letting me know about the iPhone issue Barbe. Mobile commenting has been playing up for a while – I need to get onto it toot sweet!

      You always look incredible, both facially and on the style front. You have fabulous taste.

      Like you, I also went into early menopause, the biggest chance since then for me has been even drier skin than what I already had. So my skincare has to be religious (especially over winter time). Even though the temps don’t drop that low here in SE QLD, my skin still reacts strongly to the change.

      The awful dryness also amplifies my wrinkles, so to say I’m excited about my appointment this week is probably an understatement – I can’t wait!
      You have actually made me laugh so much though on keeping the botox a secret from your hubby…he must wonder what the hell he is doing wrong! xx
      PS – I’m definitely having the fillers…Monday morning at 10:15 – Yippee! Pic’s to follow xx

  • I would be more than happy to try/use any product on my skin and body that helps give me confidence.

    • I totally agree with you Julie…AND I am more than happy to try anything! xx

      • I just need to find me a sponsor to pay for all of the things I would like to try!

  • I have Botox on my angry lines between my brows. I’ve never hidden it. I just don’t want to look angry – even if I am. Rachel xx

  • Yvonne Duke

    At 49, I have thought about it over the past few years, but never done it ! I fear I may end up with giant duck lips ! Will be looking forward to seeing how you get on x

    • Hee hee Yvonne, I know – that look is definitely not on my wish-list! Very excited to share the results with you all xx

  • I think that we should all do whatever makes us happy. Good on you Bev

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    You’re lovely as you are, however I completely understand that a touch of upkeep is important to a woman. If it makes you feel better and confident then that’s great! Those lines from the nose downwards are smile lines, the ones from the corners of the mouth downwards are marionette lines, that may be the fancy name you were thinking of? Best of luck Bev and look forward to reading your next posting on it! X

    • Awww thank-you gorgeous girl, a ‘touch of upkeep’ is exactly what I’m after…I’m bursting with excitement and would have struggled to keep it to myself anyway, so sharing my Botox experience felt like the natural thing to do.
      Ps. I also love that you are a font of beauty knowledge too xx

  • Good for you! I love that you shared this. If it makes you happy why not? x

    • Thanks Honey, I blame being so smiley for all of my laughter lines anyway Dee – so having Botox will give me the right of passage to carry on grinning like an idiot at every opportunity! xx

  • I am all for anything that makes you feel good about yourself. So you have my full and hearty “go girl!” support. Can’t wait to hear all about your next appointment.

    • Thanks lovely! I’ve never been so excited to be pricked with a needle before! xx

  • Petra

    I am excited for you and am looking forward to “before” and “after”. You are a brave woman! I have considered it, but funds won’t allow! Also, I wonder if I would be brave enough! And I believe that if a woman wants to do it, go ahead, and enjoy the results! It’s just another beauty avenue that women like to hear about and perhaps dabble in! 🙂

    • Thanks Petra I’m so excited – I’m counting down the days! I’ve had to wait about 4 weeks to get in…Firstly this gives me confidence that the Dr I’m seeing is in demand and secondly it confirms just how many people are having Botox on the coast 😉 Full and honest report to follow xx

  • Well done and thank you for sharing. I have those magnificent lines on my forehead and like you I have the fringe to hide them. I too have parched dry skin and I have used products since I was a young lass. My problem area for me at the moment is under my chin the saggy baggy skin. Go you and by the way you are just fabulous the way you are botox or no botox. V x

    • Fringes are wonderful things aren’t they, the perfect ‘wrinkle’ disguise!
      Vicki you’re such a gem, thank-you for the wonderful confidence boost xx

  • katypotaty

    Love that you feel confident enough in your lovely community of readers to share this here today! And can’t wait to see your before and after pics!

    (Although, you already know that I think your a totally rockin’ babe just how you are.)

    • Thanks gorgeous – you’re pretty darn cute yourself xx
      Ps. I might just be a touch over excited for my appointment though – just saying!

      • Joanne

        I am seriously thinking of fillers in the naso blastial lines (I think that is the correct term). So will be keen to see the results and find out about the cost. Can’t wait to see your report!!

        • Joanne – it’s all happening this week – eek! Before/after and a full honest blog post to follow! xx