B is for Botox

B is for Botox

I thought long and hard before having my first  ever Botox treatment.

It was December 2012. Our second Christmas in Australia. I was 49. It was my Christmas present from Mr.IM …I can remember the jubilation when he realised he didn’t have to tackle the Christmas Shopping scene to buy me a pressie 😉

To be honest, because I am fanatical about my appearance I always knew I would buckle under my own pressure at some point.

Yes, it was my own pressure that made me want to give it a try.

I care about how I look, I invest in the best skincare products I can afford for my ‘dry-as-a-dogs-bone’ skin. My hair appointments are frequent to ensure my mane stays in the best condition possible and I buy clothes that fit and flatter my figure.

Why do all this?

Because it makes me happy!

Don’t get me wrong, I have no desire to look like a 30 year old BUT I do want to feel good about myself when I look in the mirror every morning.

Some may call it over the top – I call it maintenance.

My skin is changing and I’m reacting to that change.

Let’s face it, I’m not adverse to trying any new product that hits the beauty market and promises to turn back the ticking clock of time, so why not Botox?

Like most beauty product addicts – I’m not ashamed to admit I spend a small fortune on lotions and potions that promise me that ‘youthful glow’.

I just did a quick calculation of what I spend over the year on products…**Ahem**Oh.Dear.

When I buy a very expensive cream that promises to erase fine lines and wrinkles I already know; before I break the seal, that it’s not possible with a topical product.

I’m now at the stage though where only the ‘big guns’ will work.

So I have justified the cost of this treatment  by promising myself to only buy skincare products for dry dehydrated skin.

Forget the wrinkles – B for Botox has it covered.

When Botox first hit the beauty market I, like most people, was pretty sceptical.

I was concerned at what people were injecting into their skin, all in the name of beauty.

But it’s been around a while, I no longer have the same concerns.

Yes, you can always find a horror story because unfortunately there will always be people exploiting the market, promising top quality product at ‘knock-down’ prices.

But  when administered correctly by a fully trained professional, the results from Botox can be incredible.

Before my first Botox treatment I did my research. It was important for me to go to someone who would be sympathetic in their approach to the end result.

As a natural outcome was exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t want to look frozen, just enhanced. For my wrinkles to not look as deep as they are.

I had the ‘angry’ lines between my eyebrows and my crows feet done.

The cost was around the $400 mark and that was with a hefty ‘mates rate’ discount.

The ‘angry’ line between my brows didn’t play ball on the first attempt, so I went back after 7 days for a top-up.

This did the trick – and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t raise a frown for the next 3 months. It was amazing!

For some reason though, I didn’t bother getting it topped-up. I’m not even sure why now. I just didn’t feel the need to go back.

I also felt it lasted longer than the promised 3 months, so I just let it leave my system slowly.

But now I’m ready to give it another go.

My appointment is booked for the 26th June (a week tomorrow).

And I can’t wait!

This time I will only have my crow’s feet done with Botox. My fringe really does come in handy and erases the need for any needles to touch my forehead.

I’m also considering have filler in the deep lines from my nose to the side of my mouth…These lines have a fancy name, which I can’t for the life of me remember.

The filler is all dependent on the cost  – fingers crossed it won’t break the bank!

B is for Botox


Psssst….Just so you all know lovelies, I have thought long and hard about writing this blog post.

I know lots of gorgeous peeps that have Botox but would prefer to stay low-key with it. I respect that totally.

People that look amazing for their age with not a fine line in sight.

But this little online space of mine is where I feel at home enough to be honest and open with you.

You all know I’m 50.

You all know I also try my best to look as good as I can, while remaining age appropriate of course!

So why not tell you this, after-all I’m super excited – so I’m sharing it with you.

It’s not a secret 😉

I’ll blog again next week when I’ve had it done and provided before and after pic’s of course!

What are your feelings on Botox? Have you ever had it? If not, is it something you would consider when the time is right?


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