My Girl Turns Twenty Two

Every single day I pinch myself at just how lucky I am to be blessed with such a gorgeous daughter.

I’m not talking about her looks when I say this, it’s Beckie’s inner beauty that I love so much.

She is the kind of person that lights up a room simply by being there. Everyone loves her.

My girl is funny, kind and super-smart…with a side-order of sarcasm – the combination is truly infectious.

I wrote this post a few weeks back, it puts into perspective just why she is the light of my life and my sunshine.

Twenty Two

To celebrate the first twenty one years of her life, we had a party at home – it was a fabulous night. A night where everyone came to show her their love – it was also a night that would be hard to beat, a night when lasting memories were made…Unfortunately the first thought that comes into my mind is how horrendously drunk as a skunk I was – for the record, champagne and shots do not mix!

So when I asked her how she would like to celebrate being twenty two, she had to think long and hard.

Eventually (Taureans are known for procrastinating) she decided on staying in Brisbane to celebrate.

The outfit preparations started weeks ago…

Beckie has been on a roller-coaster of a ride the past few weeks, attending interviews in the city for clerkship positions with prospective Law Firms.

In order for her to turn up looking corporate appropriate, we starting looking for the perfect outfits for her to attend the many drinks receptions she had received invitations for. She also need a sharp suit for the interviews.

Some serious shopping needed to take place.

Luckily Cue came up trumps.

We found her suit and a couple of drop dead gorgeous (but extremely appropriate) dresses from there too. Easy peasy.

On one of our shopping trips, I happened to notice a stunning jumpsuit as we made our way to the fitting room. I insisted she try it on, yes insisted I can be an extremely forceful mother!

It was a wow moment. When I saw her in the jumpsuit I knew she had to have it for her birthday celebrations – she looked incredible.


Beckie started the day having breakfast with her besties.

She had brought herself  ( a present from Beckie to Beckie) this new outfit (below) from French Connection…

Well, first she fell in love with the Seed booties  – which meant she needed something to go with them 😉 she is her Mother’s Daughter after-all – We are so alike in our justification.

Plaid, zips and those boots – I approve!

Twenty Two

Beckie Wore: French Connection Check Skirt $99.95 and Batwing Jumper $99.95  and Seed Lola Point Ankle Boots $199.95 (yes, another present from Beckie to Beckie)

Me: I’m wearing these Levi Demi Curve Jeans $139.95 from Just Jeans and this blouse from Witchery

We had arranged to have a family lunch at Beccofino on Vernon Terrace, Teneriffe close to where Beckie lives.

There was seven of us – our little ‘Aussie’ family.

Us 3, our best buddies Ange and Mike, their handsome boy Aaron who brought along his girlfriend Louise.

Pasta seemed like the perfect ‘tummy settler’ for a the BIG night of alcohol that was to come.

A delicious lunch and a  few glasses of Prosecco later and it was time to dash to the hotel for a quick outfit change before catching a cab to Blackbird at Eagle Street Pier- Beckie’s choice for the night.

Blackbird is the newest  uber-trendy place to be seen in Brisbane. It’s in a fabulous position on the river with views of the Story Bridge – which really does make for an amazing backdrop.

Here is what Beckie and I wore:

Twenty Two

Me Left Image: Lace Trim Shift Dress $149.00 Country Road – I’m wearing the medium, which sits just above my knee – the model is very tall!

Beckie Right Image: Strapless Peplum Jumpsuit $345.00 from Cue

I would love to show you a picture of us both standing in all finery – but unfortunately we were too busy enjoying ourselves to even think of snapping the perfect shot!

Beckie looked sensational though. This jumpsuit will stay in her wardrobe for ever. It’s an investment piece that will be perfect for cocktails and other Law things that come her way.

The cute waterfall peplum emphasised her tiny waist to perfection.

Made in Australia out of Japanese Triple Crepe. Classic and timeless.

All evening I was bursting with pride at just how much she is loved. She has a smashing bunch of friends that really think the world of her. Totally gorgeous humans that came to celebrate her turning twenty two. Precious memories.

Twenty Two

Half way through the evening the fireworks started…

Twenty Two

I’m sure Beckie thought I had planned them…

Listen, I wasn’t about to burst her bubble 😉

Do you need an excuse to celebrate?  Do you start your outfit planning early or are you a last minute type of gal?




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  • Happy birthday Beckie! What a fab day of celebrations for you all. I love both your outfits too – that jumpsuit was a great find too!! I am an outfit planner well in advance. Most of the time this is good, occasionally though I am “over” my outfit before I wear it and do a last minute panic! x

    • A big ‘thank-you’ from Beckie! Such a great night, Beckie loved every single second..I on the other hand spent the whole evening trying to understand where the last twenty two years have gone!
      I totally understand what you mean being ‘over’ your outfit – I often build the excitement of wearing something so high in my head that I feel like I have already worn it before the event – What are we like? xx

  • Petra

    I loved reading this Bev – you guys really do birthdays well – how wonderful! I do like to plan ahead for pretty much everything – I even have clothes out hanging in the bathroom for the following morning. Just makes me stress less and feel more settled and organised! My old Brownie motto was “Be Prepared”!

    • Petra I love your style! Like you, I always know what I’m wearing otherwise I end up looking like I’ve been dressed by a five year old…!
      Saturday was so much fun. All night though I kept thinking to myself that nothing had really changed since I was Beckie’s age – I guess its just ‘the circle of life’ xx

  • Gorgeous – she definitely takes after her mum. I had a similar black jumpsuit in my wardrobe about 15 years ago, sorry I got rid of it now!

  • I’m so glad Bec had a wonderful birthday weekend! The two of you looked absolutely stunning in every outfit. x

    • Thanks so much gorgeous, we really did have a ball. I’m so blessed that she thinks we are cool enough to be seen out with – it works wonders for my confidence! xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    What a beautiful daughter you have Bev ,but I would not think that any child of yours to be anything but lovely.You both look amazing,I really like Beckie’s style, I love both her outfits and your dress too.What a beautiful stylish pair you make.I lived the pics you have shown us from your baby girls birthday,what a lovely evening ,very special!
    I am an outfit planner,I like to know ahead of time what I might like to wear,thank you for sharing gorgeous girl Xx

    • Oh Lisa thank-you so much lovely, Beckie really is adorable. So kind, caring and extremely family orientated which means the world to me. She is really developing her own sense of style now too – always stylish and on trend but with a classic twist. I would love you to meet her one day.
      I guessed you would be an outfit planner too Lisa…I can’t make a decision at the last minute, and if my outfit ‘s not right I never relax and enjoy myself. xxx

  • You both look stunning and super stylish. What a mother/daughter combo! Love that french connection skirt!

    • Awww thanks gorgeous girl. I feel extremely blessed to have such an amazing daughter. Yes, that French Connection skirt is pretty special – I’m also in love with her new Seed Boots – pity my feet are too big! xxx

  • Oh happy BIRTHday to you Bev … what a special way to celebrate! x

    • Thanks gorgeous! We had the best time…Being a city-girl now, I bet you have already sampled the delights of Blackbird? xx

  • Louise

    you’re a very beautiful Mum Bev, congratulations on your gorgeous daughter. I love that jumpsuit, she looks amazing! Personally I am not a good planner. I go to the wardrobe a few seconds before I get dressed. Occasionally for a special night i might think about it a bit. xx

    • Oh Louise you are lovely! I am so so lucky to be her Mumma. I sometimes wish I wasn’t such a planner where my outfits are concerned though, a touch a spontaneity would do me the world of good.xx

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    What a gorgeous pair you are! Sounds like you had a fantastic evening and it’s so lovely to see such a young lady with a classy taste in clothes too. Love her pencil skirt with the ankle boots and wow…that jumpsuit! xx

    • Awwww thank you sweetness. She is our world. We had the best evening, I feel so blessed that she wants us there celebrating with her. I also adore that she has super-stylish taste and appreciates the importance of investing in key pieces for her wardrobe xx Ps. Yes, that jumpsuit – totally divine!