Beauty News: My 30 Day Arbonne Trial Feedback

Where the hell has the last 30 days gone?

Let me to tell you its surely been a whirlwind around these parts.

I feel like I’ve bobbed along in the ocean without a life jacket, fighting to keep my (very) full head above the water line. Starting a new job really does take it out of you!

But through this whirlwind I have remained totally focused on my Arbonne trial.

Because You my lovely readers deserve to receive accurate feedback from moi 😉

After-all, when considering parting with your cash, you must be armed with the impartial facts! Yes?

Here is why I’ve decided to do this 30 independent trial

Arbonne RE9 Results

Like a good girl I have stayed true to the cause.

I have religiously applied my cleanser and toner exactly as directed (even after a few too many wines some nights!) to make sure my skin was squeaky clean.

The only negative about following such a strict regime is the time it takes to apply when you are totally knackered and long to bypass said beauty regime and jump straight into bed…but I have persevered all in the name of dry skin and wrinkles!

Since arriving in Australia, I have really upped the anti when it came to my skincare. I have religiously applied a SPF daily. My face is always kept in the shade or under a hat if relaxing in the sun.

I know I can’t stop the ageing process, but I stand firmly in the pro-active camp when it comes to slowing it down – there is no second chance!

So to get you up to speed, even before this trial I had used Alpha H Liquid Gold products which are packed to the brim with ant-ageing goodness. You can read about these products here.

These products are a little power house of goodness for peri and post menopausal women in particular. Hyaluronic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin B3 and the latest Collagen boosting peptide (Plamitoyl Tripeptide-5)Apply: Used under your normal night cream on alternate nights to the Liquid Gold.

I brought these from Adore Beauty as part of a set. The formulations need to be introduced sequentially:

  • First: Liquid Gold Prep and Prime.
  • Second: Liquid Gold Original.
  • Third: Liquid Gold Radiance

I truly believe these products prepared my very sensitive skin for the RE9 range from Arbonne. Because I have not had any of the tingling that’s often associated with RE9.

Do consider obtaining samples first, especially if you have very sensitive skin.

Soothing Facial Cleanser

Positives: This is a very creamy product perfect for dry skin. It goes on beautifully and feels lovely and moisturising.

Negatives: I’m a very lazy-girl especially at night. I felt this cleanser needed a thorough rinse, in order for my skin to feel squeaky clean – when I’m tired I prefer to use a damp cotton pad or wipe for quickness. For that reason alone, I would make this a ‘in-shower’ treatment to save on the fuss.

Also, as I’m a contact lens wearer I find I’m often hyper-sensitive to some products around my eyes. On a few occasions my eyes have felt slightly irritated after using the cleaner (which I guess is the extra anti-ageing ingredients in the product).

Regenerating Toner

Now I confessed at the start of this trial that I haven’t used a toner for a while. I find them a bit pointless if I’m honest, but this one was part of the set so I have used it religiously.

Positives: No reaction or sensitivity.

Negatives: Not sure what it is doing other than removing the left over cleanser residue.

Intensive Renewel Serum

I LOVE serums – they have been an essential tool in my anti-ageing skincare box for a while. They are a must for older youthful skins in my opinion. This one is truly delightful!

Positives: Feels like velvet and dissolves into the face quickly with hardly any waiting time before applying the moisturiser.

Negatives: Size. The serum needs to be applied twice daily – its 30ml. The moisturiser is applied once daily and its 37ml ?

Someone please explain this to me – am I missing something?

Corrective Eye Creme

Because the skin around our eyes is 10 times thinner than on our face this calls for s delicate cream.

Positives: No reaction, lovely and cooling when first applied and sinks into the skin quickly.

Negatives: I needed more moisture than this one provided.

Extra Moisture Restorative Day Creme

Arbonne offer two levels of moisturiser in the RE9 range I went for the ‘Extra’.

Positives: Silky and velvety and the perfect base for make-up application.

Negatives: Not moisturising enough for my ‘dessert’ like skin though. By lunchtime my skin was crying out for a drink.

Night Repair Creme

Positives: This night cream is the bomb. I love it. It is thick enough to feel like its working without feeling at all greasy.

Negatives: Didly squat!

For me personally the intensive moisture this night cream offers is just perfect as a day cream – even under my make-up.

Right, don’t gasp or fall over but this is me ĂĄu-natural –  Day One (left) and Day 30 (right).

30 Day Arbonne RE9 Trial

Excuse the dodgy selfie but I’d forgotten to ask Mr IM to take the pick on the first morning of the trial – which meant in order show the closest comparison I had to take another very unflattering selfie on Day 30!

Thank the lord for make-up and hair is all I can say 😉

The silly grin is there to emphasise and highlight  exactly how much effort I have put into laughing at every opportunity over the last 50 years!

Do you think there has been an improvement?

Maybe a slight one. I found it hard to recreate the exact same image. Am I grinning more on the left one? I don’t know.

Image one was taken in the morning and image two on the evening, so the lighting was slightly different.

What I do know though is my skin feels great. I have had no reactions what so ever during the 30 days and for the most part I’m happy.

I have also been trying the Arbonne Foundation – LOVE this. It has brilliant coverage and lasts all day long.

Ms.May ordered the foundation, primer (which is divine) a blusher, make-up brushes and a mineral powder. Like me she is delighted with the foundation. The primer goes on like velvet which gives  super-duper staying power to the foundation. She’s also chuffed with the brushes.


I have loved doing this trial.

Yes, we all have very different skin, but if you are in the market for a new serum or night cream I would highly recommend both of these products from Arbonne. They are beautiful.

Of course, if your skin is only slightly dry then perhaps the moisturiser will work for you too. Always remember to try before you buy though!

In regards to the Arbonne cleanser, I don’t feel the need to purchase such an expensive product to get good results. This is my favourite. Just if you’re interested…it doesn’t need washing off either!

If I could put in a request to Arbonne it would be for them to add even more moisturising capabilities to their range for the odd balls like me whose skin is like sand-paper!

AND that they kept a better stock of the products – I hate waiting for things to arrive when I’m excited.

All of the Arbonne products used in my trial were purchased through Emma Straw ( this is a link to her facebook page). She is delightful, helpful and passionate about Arbonne. I feel sure she would be happy to answer any other questions you might have and supply you with some free samples, to try before you buy!

So now you have seen me and my 50-year-old skin in all its not so hot glory. Tell me your thoughts?

Have you already heard of Arbonne? What’s your biggest skincare concern? Anti-ageing, Dryness, Rosacea, Combination? Are you a try before you buy kinda gal? Or anything you would still like to know?



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  • Sophisticated Mumma

    Aren’t you good following through a month long trial when you have had so much other stuff going on? You look great without make up and you sure make the best of what you have. Crows feet are a sign of a happy face Bev, embrace them! You’re right with the hydration, I suffer dry skin too and the humidity plays havoc like crazy. I find, alternating moisturisers helps and a top up with Rosehip oil boosts the moisture levels greatly. Nice to know what Arbonne products you rate and as you say always try before you buy wherever possible xx

    • Ooooh – as we have similar skin issues, what do you recommend on the moisture front? I’m always open to suggestions – its the beauty whore in me!
      Thanks so much for the lovely compliment gorgeous girl, not sure they are deserved though as I do look hilarious on the close up selfies – butI really wanted my trial to be transparent and honest. For that i needed to let everyone see me ‘au-natural’ with my laughter lines front and centre 😉
      Rosehip Oil and Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair are also firm favourites of mine. xxx

      • Sophisticated Mumma

        I’ve been using a sample of L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream, which is luxuriously thick, has great reviews and I’m doing ok with that thus far. Dermalogica Power Rich Cream is another good one. Serums can really help with the moisture levels and plump the skin out a little but I’m not totally convinced they’re any better than Rosehip Oil. EstĂ©e Lauder is a favourite of mine too xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Hi sweets I think I can see a little bit of difference but I think overall your skin looks pretty good to me.I’m not sure I would buy this set as my skin is really sensitive and have only just got it back on track and behaving nicely,I use Dermalogica products but cleansers are not something I am going to replace in this range either as long as they are for sensitive skin they are fine ,I bought the new Garnier cleansing water and I really like that and prefer to use a makeup pad to wipe off cleanser instead of using water ,and I also like oil cleansers too,as they are kind to mature skin.I would say my biggest concern is sensitivity,dryness and ageing!Pity we can’t turn back the clock Xx

    • Thanks lovely! I do feel my crows feet are a little less defined. I know nothing is ever going to get rid of them (except Botox in the short term of course) but if they are hydrated well, they never seem to look as bad.
      To be honest, I don’t think RE9 would suit your sensitive skin at all, stick with what’s working I say – Dermalogica sounds just perfect for you!
      Next time you need to buy another cleanser try Bioderma Crealine H20 – it’s PH balanced and so easy on the skin…its also a bit of a cult product for make-up artists around the world.
      Dryness and the dreaded ageing are my biggest skin concerns too…if only we could turn back time eh? Big hugs gorgeous girl xxx