A Foodies Delight – Elliott’s Bistro Date Night

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Last week me and my man had a date night.

It was a much overdue date night.

We have been saving some cash (my teeth have cost a bloody fortune, I tell you) AND we want to go away for a little holiday in July.

So when the question was asked: “Where shall we go for dinner”  – I knew instantly!

A place I had been desperate to go back to since sampling a couple of stupendous breakfasts.

Just to titillate your taste-buds – this was my first breakfast as Elliott’s Bistro in Alexandra Headlands on The Sunshine Coast.

A Foodies Delight - Elliott

Oh my, it was delicious.

Crushed Avocado, Balsamic Roasted Noosa Tomatoes, Persian Feta, Poached Eggs (cooked to perfection) on Sourdough finished with a sprinkling of dukka. Yummy, yummy in my tummy.

So dinner seemed the obvious progression for us. A no-brainer, if you like.

Mr IM called and booked a table for 7pm – I was so excited.

I immediately started planning my wardrobe…not important to everyone, but super important to me.

Let me just put it out there: I never really enjoy myself if I’m not entirely happy with my outfit – some might call this shallow, I just call it plain old honest 😉

In my head I pictured smart/casual (for those of you that don’t know Alex Headlands, its has a cool relaxed with a beach/surf  kinda vibe) I also needed to be warm because after months of sweating profusely, we are having a cold snap – I’m still in shock that it has actually gone chilly here. My English friends would snort with laughter at how I could possible call  22° in the daytime cool – even our 9° evening temp is welcomed most days in the UK!

Here’s what I wore: I also added a camel coloured pashmina for extra neck warming abilities!

Elliotts Bistro

Elliott’s Bistro is owned and run by husband and wife team Pat and Rachel Elliott. Not only are they truly nice people – they can also cook pretty darn good too.

Good honest food, that is oh so fresh and oh so tasty…They can also knock out the fancy-schmancy stuff too if required too – such a talented couple!

You see, I’m not the type of person to want just to eat when I go out. If I make the effort to get myself dressed and ready, I expect to eat well. I want to be blown away.

When a plate of food arrives in front of me, I want to see the love.

I want to know that the chef cares if I’m happy or not.

Elliott’s satisfies my foodie cravings perfectly. It ticks all of the boxes.

Elliotts Bistro

Pork Belly with Candied Pear Puree, Peanuts & Hot & Sour Salad


Asparagus, Caramelised Onion & Goats Cheese Tart with Rocket & Aged Balsamic

Elliotts Bistro

Kilroy Beef Rib Fillet with Pommes Frites, Truffled Asparagus and Sauce Bernaise

photo (72)

Creme Brulee with Rhubarb

So the reason for my review is simple.

If you already live on the Sunshine Coast and you enjoy eating THE best food – Do yourself a favour and go.

Or if you are coming to the coast for a holiday or a short break (or you know someone who is, tell them about this place) – make the effort to stop by, I promise you won’t disappointed.

Elliott’s is right opposite the beach at Alexandra Headlands.

Everything on the menu is fresh, well priced and affordable. The Bistro is BYO at the moment but a licence has been applied for, so this will change in the next few weeks.


Breakfast: Tues – Sunday from 6.30am

Lunch: – Tues – Saturday

Dinner: Thursday Friday or Saturday (call to make a booking).

Also – This talented couple also cater for functions, anything from Weddings to Dinner Parties.

Need a special occasion cake – call  on them – they literally do EVERYTHING!

There is no end to their talents…

On Mother’s Day, the three of us went for breakfast – before I headed off to work.

Ms. May  the city girl was super-impressed with what arrived for her.
photo 1

She’s a coffee lover…with a passion for the odd table vignette too.

photo 2

Croque Madam, Smoked Ham, Parmesan Bechamel, Sourdough and Fried Egg – her taste-buds were in breakfast heaven.

photo 4

This was Mr. IM’s breakfast: Potato Corn & Gruyere Croquets with Balsamic Noosa Tomatoes, Fried Eggs and Bacon.

Don’t worry they didn’t leave me out, I had the same as last time – the smashed avocado is simply divine!

Guess what? I’ve already got my next visit booked –  I’m going with the girls from Country Road for my Hello (welcome to CR)  dinner!

Where is your go-to place?  Go on, give it a shout-out because word-of-mouth recommendations are always the BEST!

Tip: I always store excellent foodie recommendation numbers in my phone – for those ‘just in case’ moments!



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  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Yum that all looks amazing Bev ,what a lovely looking place and the menu looks great too.I like to look good when I go out too,I also enjoy a good coffee but I’m lactose intolerant.Great review babes I wish I lived closer so I could go.Lovely review Xx

    • Thanks lovely girl. The couple that own Elliott’s really do deserve to do well. They rely heavily on word of mouth advertising, so the review was just my small way of thanking them for such excellent food. xx
      Ps. I wish you lived closer Lisa then we could go together! I’m sure one day we will make it happen 😉

  • Petra

    Great looking food! I love my coffee too, and love the idea of a little “sweet” on the saucer – I always think of the things I’d do if I had a little coffee house! In NZ they more often or not put a chocolate (marshmallow) fish (hard to find in Australia) on the saucer which I miss. Seriously can’t think of any amazing places I’ve been to on the GC but one place worth mentioning is fairly new, in Southport, called The Great Greek – the chef/owner is very talented.

    • I wish I drank hot drinks Petra (no tea, coffee or hot chocolate for me) as the coffee looked and smelt divine. A sweet treat served on the saucer would also satisfy my very sweet tooth…yet another reason why I should be drinking coffee! Love the sound of The Great Greek too – thanks for the recommendation xx

  • Yum everything look super delicious. V x

    • It’s such a fabulous place Vicki – great food in the perfect location! xx