Work Wardrobe: Country Road First Day

Monday was my first day at Country Road.

I’m pleased to report, I already feel like part of the family – YAY!

From the minute I walked throughout the door at 8am, everyone was so lovely to me.

I genuinely felt like they were all excited to see me and were pleased I had joined the team!

Of course, I’ve still got lots to learn and absorb, but for now it feels good to be here. I’m happy.

The biggest part of settling in for me is always my appearance – yes, I am vain.

If I feel good though and I’m happy with how I look, then I somehow seem to cope better.

There was only one way to fix these vain insecurities of mine – and that was to go shopping to invest in a new wardrobe.

So last Friday Mr.IM and I shot down to Chermside to meet our girl Ms. May. She is about to start her interviews for clerkships this week and she needs to look super smart and professional.

We decided to kill two birds with one stone and go shopping for us both at the same time…I hear you, poor Mr IM.

By the end of the day I think Mr. IM thought we had just invited him along to carry the bags 😉

So let me tell you about how fabulous this dress is I brought:

Country Road First Day

Dress: Bell Sleeve Dress $149.00  |  Boot: Adelita Shootie $229.00

Firstly, Do you like?

Because I love!

The sleeve made me swoon. I adore a sleeve with character.

The fabric (its like a sweatshirt – yes, a fancy schmancy frock in sweatshirt material) was the icing on the cake.

Most dresses fall in to one of two categories:

  • Casual
  • Smart

This one is somewhere between, all thanks to the Country Road genius that changed the fabric.

Now as you know its still pretty warm around these parts but I had already fallen in love with these boots.

Heat or no heat – I draw the line at pasty white legs with short skirts and boots  (the only way my legs are being seen is either in a heel or boots and tights- its just not the look for me).

So instead I opted for the later, a black opaque tight to finish the look.

Country Road First Day

To complete my pre-new job confidence, I also booked myself in with the lovely Maria from Suite Three Hair last Friday – just to make sure my colour looked bright, my white grey hair was turned back to blonde and my split-ends looked less split!

I was then good to go!

Do clothes give you confidence too?  Or have you got a pair of lucky knickers or a ritual you go through to before you start a new job?

Today I’m over at Kimbalikes place as it time for the Glam Squad to get together for Wardrobe Wednesday!



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