Witchery: Last minute spree

I’m on holiday this week, taking a break and getting myself all revved up for new beginnings at Country Road.

I HAD big plans.

Fun and exciting things planned with my man, things I don’t get to do very often.

One of things might even have included a trip to IKEA – What is it about IKEA that gets this grown woman so excited? It’s the market place – It gets me every single time I go. I  end up buying tonnes I things I never knew I needed in the first place! 

Right, back to telling you about our plans…

Mr IM and I were going to go away for a couple of days, as we never managed to spend any quality time together over Christmas – the hazards of retail.

This idea was promptly shelved  as soon as the very large bill came in from the specialist for my root canal. $2800.00 for one tooth…Why oh why didn’t I study dentistry?

We also planned gorgeous lunches out, a trip to the beach (2 mins by car but we hardly ever find the time to go).

A shopping trip for my new work wardrobe (this still needs to happen to avoid me turning up to work on Monday in my Birthday Suit). When we do go, I will use the tactic I talked about in this post here – it works EVERY-TIME.

Instead I’ve thrown a spanner in the works…

Root canals and flu don’t make for good companions.

Today is already day 4 of my 8 days of pre-new-job-holiday and I’m still lying in bed feeling yuk.

As I sit here, feeling totally sorry for myself (how dramatic do I sound?) knowing that my holidays are disappearing before my eyes, I’ve also realised that I also won’t have time to fit in my last shopping spree to Witchery. Hells bells and condemnation!

So for the very last time, fashion lovers, here is my final Witchery wish list:


Witchery last minute spree

1. Block Metal Ring $29.95                   This is already in my possession – it was my root canal bravery treat!

2. Angelica Wayfarer $69.95               A go with ever outfit look.

3. Washed Midnight Jean $99.95        Brought the lighter wash of these already – fab jeans.

4. Silk Underlay Knit $99.95               A run don’t walk kinda purchase – they are already low in stock.

5. Chain Details Blouse $129.95          A blouse complete with accessory? Yes please!

6. Indy High Heel $169.95                    Super elegant. A stay forever in your shoe arsenal, type of purchase.

7. Chain Trim Shirt Dress $129.95      I picture opaque tights and ankle boots.

8. Grey Coated Jean $129.95                Grey is a must winter colour – these babies tick lots of boxes.

9. Knit Trumpet Skirt $129.95              Pure elegance Mad Men Style.

10. Stepped Hem Tunic Top $129.95  Either colour for me works.

11. Quilted Biker Puffer $189.95           Looks equally as good as a leather bike jacket.

12. Zipper Cardigan $229.95                 The perfect winter cardigan.

Can you please can you send me lots of  ‘wellness vibes’ so this flu does one in time for me to at least go to the beach, go shopping and down a few very large glasses of wine (once I’ve finished these horrid antibiotics that is)?  Because at the moment it feels like the lurgy is  here to stay!

This week I’ve definitely taken my finger off the fashion-pulse, have I missed anything? Have you brought any gorgeousness I should know about?


**Thanks so much for all the lovely get well messages you gorgeous lot have already sent through to me via the blog, IG and FB – You have all cheered me up no end Mwah xxxx **

I’m linking up with Kimbalikes for Wardrobe Wednesday Glam Squad – Love to see you over at her place!




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