Witchery: Last minute spree

I’m on holiday this week, taking a break and getting myself all revved up for new beginnings at Country Road.

I HAD big plans.

Fun and exciting things planned with my man, things I don’t get to do very often.

One of things might even have included a trip to IKEA – What is it about IKEA that gets this grown woman so excited? It’s the market place – It gets me every single time I go. I  end up buying tonnes I things I never knew I needed in the first place! 

Right, back to telling you about our plans…

Mr IM and I were going to go away for a couple of days, as we never managed to spend any quality time together over Christmas – the hazards of retail.

This idea was promptly shelved  as soon as the very large bill came in from the specialist for my root canal. $2800.00 for one tooth…Why oh why didn’t I study dentistry?

We also planned gorgeous lunches out, a trip to the beach (2 mins by car but we hardly ever find the time to go).

A shopping trip for my new work wardrobe (this still needs to happen to avoid me turning up to work on Monday in my Birthday Suit). When we do go, I will use the tactic I talked about in this post here – it works EVERY-TIME.

Instead I’ve thrown a spanner in the works…

Root canals and flu don’t make for good companions.

Today is already day 4 of my 8 days of pre-new-job-holiday and I’m still lying in bed feeling yuk.

As I sit here, feeling totally sorry for myself (how dramatic do I sound?) knowing that my holidays are disappearing before my eyes, I’ve also realised that I also won’t have time to fit in my last shopping spree to Witchery. Hells bells and condemnation!

So for the very last time, fashion lovers, here is my final Witchery wish list:


Witchery last minute spree

1. Block Metal Ring $29.95                   This is already in my possession – it was my root canal bravery treat!

2. Angelica Wayfarer $69.95               A go with ever outfit look.

3. Washed Midnight Jean $99.95        Brought the lighter wash of these already – fab jeans.

4. Silk Underlay Knit $99.95               A run don’t walk kinda purchase – they are already low in stock.

5. Chain Details Blouse $129.95          A blouse complete with accessory? Yes please!

6. Indy High Heel $169.95                    Super elegant. A stay forever in your shoe arsenal, type of purchase.

7. Chain Trim Shirt Dress $129.95      I picture opaque tights and ankle boots.

8. Grey Coated Jean $129.95                Grey is a must winter colour – these babies tick lots of boxes.

9. Knit Trumpet Skirt $129.95              Pure elegance Mad Men Style.

10. Stepped Hem Tunic Top $129.95  Either colour for me works.

11. Quilted Biker Puffer $189.95           Looks equally as good as a leather bike jacket.

12. Zipper Cardigan $229.95                 The perfect winter cardigan.

Can you please can you send me lots of  ‘wellness vibes’ so this flu does one in time for me to at least go to the beach, go shopping and down a few very large glasses of wine (once I’ve finished these horrid antibiotics that is)?  Because at the moment it feels like the lurgy is  here to stay!

This week I’ve definitely taken my finger off the fashion-pulse, have I missed anything? Have you brought any gorgeousness I should know about?


**Thanks so much for all the lovely get well messages you gorgeous lot have already sent through to me via the blog, IG and FB – You have all cheered me up no end Mwah xxxx **

I’m linking up with Kimbalikes for Wardrobe Wednesday Glam Squad – Love to see you over at her place!




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  • Hope you are feeling better now Bev. Love all these picks. They reflect your modern, sophisticated style. Can’t wait to see your CR picks too! xx

  • You poor wee sausage! I couldn’t believe how much my recent root canal knocked me around. Luckily, mine prevented me from camping with the Blokefolk, not shopping!

    Luff the pretty pink silk layered knit. Just lovely x Thank you for dragging yourself out of the sick room to hang out with me at Wardrobe Wednesday xx

    • Gorgeous Girl I would happily hang out with you anywhere!

      Root canals are bad, painful and expensive! I’m just about back to my normal self (well as normal as I’m likely to get that is) although I still have to go back in 3 weeks for stage two – double yuk!
      You’ll be glad to hear shopping has commenced today though, so life is good. xx

  • I WANT EVERYTHING ON THIS LIST! Yes, I’m yelling. Excellent, perfect list. I hope you have a speedy recovery. Rachel xxx

    • Ha ha ha – you’ve made me giggle, so pleased you approve! So many good pieces in store at the moment, soft pinks and grey are a match made in heaven don’t you think?
      Thanks so much for the get-well love xxx

  • Love this wish list. I could see myself in most of them.

  • katypotaty

    SO bummed we missed out on the most important thing you had planned this week – cheek-pinching and gossip-catching!

    Looking forward to our next meet-up xox

    • I was gutted I tell you…The sweet videos and pics helped me no end though!
      See you real soon sweet cheeks – have missed your pretty face this week xx

  • Louise

    you poor thing! Wishing you good health and a decent holiday before starting the new job. I love your wish list and although I will miss the Witchery updates I’m sure the CR updates will be great too! As soon as you are up to it you should have an extra special treat day to make up for lost time. I agree with Kathryn re internet shopping. Get to it!

    • Hey Lovely! Thanks so much for the love…I’m feeling lots better today, so that leaves me with 3 days to have as much fun as possible!
      Pleased you like the last Witchery list – Whatch this space for my first CR purchases…I’m going shopping tomorrow 😉 xx

  • chile_chicken

    Sending you lots of wellness vibes! I think if I had to pick just one item, it would be the grey coated jeans, they look so comfortable yet elegant!

    • Brilliant choice and definitely my next purchase! Thanks so much for the wellness vibes, I’m feeling better already xx 😉

  • Kathryn

    Hope you are starting to feel better. Maybe find a spot in the sun to sit and soak up some rays! I haven’t been shopping this week – but last week while I was off work sick I did a little internet shopping 🙂 So exciting to hear the knock on the door, instantly feel better! Look after yourself! x

    • Good girl Kathryn – I love that you let your fingers do the walking last week – the tap on the door would have cheered you up no end! Today I feel like I have turned a corner, another trip to the dentist this morning though (yuk) but at least I don’t feel like I’m dying a slow death from the flu anymore xxx

  • mamastylista

    Loving your picks especially that gorgeous ring and chain detail blouse!! Hope you get better soon hon, sending you lots of wellness vibes and a virtual hug. xx

    • Awwww thanks gorgeous girl – vibes and hugs gratefully received! xx
      How cute is the chain detail blouse? I LOVE it xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Oh sweetie I am so sorry that you are still sick in bed with the horrible flu,I will send you healing vibes via the inter webs and hope they work for you.Love love all these wish list items gorgeous I do love a witchery purchase or 3.
    I have not bought anything this week but that could have something to do with my only going to tile shops and Masters I will have to keep the spending in check as we are redoing our ensuite but we have chosen a vanity a mirror ,taps and fittings ,a shower head ,lights tiles and a shower screen and because we are doing a new robe we need new carpet in our room as well so I figure I get to paint and buy all new things for the room as well!
    It is a messy job and quite slow but I am sure it will be well worth it in the end.
    I wish for you some beach time ,dinner out and shopping of course ,big big hugs darling girl feel better soon Xx

    • Oh thanks so much for the love Petal. I have not felt this poorly in forever. The healing vibes are working already though! xx
      How very exciting about your ensuite – I do love a DIY make-over! The finished result will be well worth the messiness while its all taking place. How fabulous for you Lisa!
      No wonder you haven’t been clothes shopping – I wouldn’t either if I was getting a swanky new ensuite – I’m so happy for you darling girl. Just think of your first shower and sinking your bare feet into the new carpet – utter bliss xx
      Ps. I will make sure that no matter what, I will get my new CR wardrobe shorted AND my feet on the warm sand…preferably with a large glass of something alcoholic in my hand!

  • Hello beautiful lady. I love everything on your list here and will definitely be purchasing a few. I really hope you are on the mend. Take care lovely lady. x

    • Hey Gorgeous! Thanks for the love. Glad you approve of my wish list…so many nice things tempting me at the moment – and that’s before I have even gone shopping at CR!
      This flu has totally flattened me Vicki. I woke up this morning feeling even more dreadful than yesterday but as the day has gone on I’ve started to feel a touch better – Fingers crossed I’m over the worst! xx

  • Oh dear, get better soon 🙂 I love your style board, and yes, those grey jeans look so flattering and a must for the winter wardrobe. Will check them out when I’m next in Perth 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the get well wishes xx
      Glad you like my last minute wish list Johanna, the grey jeans will be my next Witchery purchase for sure! xx

  • I feel a bit like I’m outta the loop at the moment too due to sickness – not mine, but Miss 17, who had her tonsils out on Thursday and has required some heavy duty nursing. Loving Number 4 – I’m dreaming of a soft pink sweater for the coming cooler months!

    Get well soon!

    • I hope your girl is feeling a little better Janet. There is never a good time to be sick but sometimes its better not to fight it and just let the body heal slowly (why oh why don’t I practice what I preach?). The pink sweater is the latest colour in this style to hit the shops, the colour is subtle and perfect for a bit of winter colour! Thanks for the get well wishes xx

  • Petra

    Oh I feel so sorry for you 🙁 And it’s lovely weather too! You’ll come right tho’ – try not to stress about it, and enjoy some time in bed – it’s a great opportunity to catch up on blogging and pinning! Sending “good vibes” to you! xo

    • I’m grabbing on to those good vibes Petra thanks so so much! I’ve got myself set up outside on the shady patio area at the moment, try to breath in as much fresh air as possible while I’m blogging, pinning and commenting to my hearts content! xxx