My Week: CR Round-Up.

Before I get carried away with the excitement of telling you about my week. I just want to say a BIG thank-you to you all for the lovely get-well/good-luck messages I received over the last couple of weeks.

If you’re new to these parts: A triple root canal followed by flu and starting my new job at Country Road truly knocked me off my feet. 

Honestly, I can not imagine my life without Socialite Media (borrowed this from the vivacious Kimbalikes – she is such a cutie). Women supporting women in a positive inspirational way is nothing short of wonderful. 

The community spirit and kindness around here truly melts my heart, thanks so much for the love.

My Weekly Round-Up

Image via Sylvannest on Etsy.

Sometimes life gets so busy that you don’t know whether you are coming or going.

That has been me this week. Starting a new job really drains you (in a very positive way).

For starters, I knew I had to get my head back in to learning mode – I positively hate not knowing what I’m doing – thank goodness the CR girls are so delightful and understanding.

So for the next couple of  weeks the team will wait patiently while I turn everything Witchery into Country Roadbelieve me, I will be giddy with excitement when I actually stop trying to enter my Witchery number into the CR till!

Yes lovelies, my mind resembles the inside of a washing machine on a fast spin cycle!

I have a very bad case of information overload for which there is no quick fix.

Please tell me this happens to you all and it’s not just my fifty year old brain unable to cope with life?

So as I’m a ‘cup half full’ type of gal, I thought I’d fill you beautiful peeps in on what I’ve managed to achieve this week (even through the new job fog) and totally ignore the things I haven’t.

  • Managed to post my #everydaystyle pic’s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Get to work on time everyday!
  • Post 2 out of 3 blog posts.
  • Drink at least one glass of wine every-night – the no wine in the week ban doesn’t count when you start a new job 😉
  • Whilst reading and commenting on my favourite blogs and social media

Not bad eh?

Quite an achievement – even if I do say so myself!

One big thing I did realise this week though was that when I went shopping with my loves to Chermside last Friday I actually brought too much black! Gasp – I know!

Blame the flu – it obviously doesn’t mix well with my shopping addiction!

My First Week Round-Up

Left Column from top: Pleated Trim Blouse $129.oo (also available in cream)  |   Grey Coated Jeans $119.00 (not online).

Kimono Top $149.00 (silk linen mix)

Middle Column: Double Cloth Pant $129.00  |   Bell Sleeve Dress $149.00  |  Adelita Shootie $229.00

Size wise: I’m wearing a Medium in the pleated trim blouse, kimono top and bell sleeve dress. In the grey coated jeans a size 12 and the black double cloth pant a 10.

Yes, black will always be my first love, my comfort blanket and my winter mainstay BUT with temps still hitting the late twenties most day’s here (SE Queensland) I need to mix up my wardrobe a touch and add a ‘lighter’ feel.

So this week, as my confidence grows, I guess my wardrobe will happily oblige by following suit…

Expect some colour, not masses but enough to give the key pieces I have already brought a bit of a lift.

So how’s your week been? Anything exciting been happening while my head has been buried under a stone?



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