Work wardrobe: Just call me dress obsessed

Firstly let me tell you that a little compliment goes a long long way.

The lovely Sonia of Sonia Styling fame wrote a fabulous post called compliment me – Sonia is the loveliest.  Not only is she visually drop dread gorgeous, she also oozes happiness which I think is totally infectious.

A couple of days ago I received one of those totally out of the blue compliments, the type you were not expecting that give you an instant no medication high!

You see, I was feeling a little tired – I’m still having problems with my bloody teeth, my temporary crown keeps falling off and its driving me crazy, both in the pain and frustration stakes.

So I wasn’t firing on all of my normal cylinders. I was a tad ‘foggy’.

Do you ever have a day when you are quite literally watching yourself go through the motions?

If so, this was me on Tuesday.

Also, if I’m honest I do think it had something to do with writing about my girl and her early struggles, in this post . Because I’m quite a private person, I was nervous about telling my story at the same time as feeling an overwhelming need to share. The support I have received has been nothing short of wonderful.

So I guess its ok to feel drained when you have opened your heart?

Anyway on Tuesday, I was helping a lovely Mum find the right boots for her daughter (who must have been about 8-ish) – I can’t even remember why but I mentioned my girl.

The lovely Mum asked how old my daughter was, I said 21 – her reply: ‘No way you can’t be old enough to have a 21-year-old daughter’ made my day!

BAM – I instantly smiled and felt a million dollars.

My shoulders relaxed, I straightened my back and floated around the shop with a big smile on my face for the rest of the day

To say I was delighted was an understatement. Her one kind comment changed my whole day and gave the a burst of unexpected energy I needed.

Giving compliments comes super-easy to me. It gives me pleasure.

Set yourself the challenge to make someone’s day, it doesn’t matter who it is whether you know them or not. If you think their shoes are amazing, tell them. If you love their hair say it. Because just a few kind words can move mountains for both the giver and the receiver.

Enough of the digressing…

Let me fill you in on this cute little dress, it’s one of my latest purchases that is as comfy as it is forgiving.

Mr dress obsession

Print Dress $149.00  (I’m wearing a size 12)  Adelita Shootie $229.00 both Country Road

I must apologise for the pic’s, they were taken when I arrived homes from work. Don’t look too close – my make-up was applied 12 hours before at 7am! 

The magical powers of this frock most definitely lie  in the ruching, which in turn is complimented by the pattern. Together this combination hides a multitude of sins!

Because there is no denying I have a bottom, a tummy, big thighs and a bust.

So finding a dress that compliments all of those areas is not easy.

I wouldn’t normally go for a dress so ‘figure hugging’.

Without the clever fabric placement and pattern I would not have even tried it on.

Here’s why this dress will stay in my vast  ever growing collection for the foreseeable future:

  • Posh event: Wedding/Races add tanned legs or flesh coloured tights with a heel  for total elegance.
  • Corporate function or meeting. Think vivacious Donna from Suits (I have a serious girl crush) – if you are late to the Suits party you NEED to watch.
  • Sleeves offer total flexibility. They make the dress appropriate for business and cover up the dreaded upper arm.
  • Shift dresses don’t date – that’s why I love them so!
  • Requires minimal accessories: Add earrings plus some arm candy for maximum effect.

Mr dress obsession

I adore dresses. It’s the  instant outfit that gets me every single time…

Do you embrace the dress? Are you good at giving and receiving compliments?

My blog posting schedule is all over the place at the moment, I should have been over at Kimbalikes Place yesterday and its Redcliffe Style link up today, so to keep my stress levels at a minimum I’m kill two birds with one stone!




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  • Love you more than words can express, Bev. You are a gem of a person and I’m so glad we’ve connected. PS: you look absolutely smokin’ hot in that dress. Bow-chicka-wow-wow! xx

    • Awwww, thank you so much beautiful. I can assure you the feeling is mutual xx
      You my darling girl, are such a special person. Your inner beauty radiates from you. I was gushing about you yesterday to my girl…in fact I think our whole family have a crush on you actually xxxx

  • This summer I have become dress obsessed. Living in Queensland means all those summer frocks I have purchased can still be worn with just changing type of shoes, adding tights, and a cardi, or jacket. Love this dress on you. Looks gorgeous.
    I’m always giving random compliments to people. If I see someone with something on, or a piece of jewellery, or even their hairstyle I will tell them if I think it looks good. Its the easiest random act of kindness you can give.

    • I totally agree Vicky, I love telling someone they look fabulous – the reward is seeing their reaction, which is often priceless!
      Frocks are the perfect item to dress up or down, tanned legs or opaque tights and boots – they get my vote every time! Have a fabulous Easter xx

  • chile_chicken

    That dress clings in all the right places and created such a flattering shape on you. You look gorgeous!

    • Why thank you! Compliments like yours make my day 😉 xx Happy Easter to you and yours!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    You look amazing gorgeous girl,I love that dress on you and yes I do like to give a compliment and receive one ,as long as it’s not a fake one!Bev I am truly sorry that you are still having a problem with your tooth it is not fair it should be a lot better by now you must be over it…I hope you have a wonderful Easter with your family and you can eat some chocolate and you do look younger than your age petal you have the most stunning hair And lovely figure Xx

    • Lisa you are so lovely, thank-you so much Mwah xx I know I’m lucky to have such a good head of hair (I have my Dad’s hair – still got a full head at 83yrs old). Maria at Suite Three Hair is amazing. My hair has never been as good as it is now, it’s so easy to manage too. I intend to kick back and relax for the next four days with my lovely little family. I will eat, drink and possibly get merry…I may just have to pop a couple of Panadol first though for my toothache! 😉
      Have a wonderful Easter and a very Happy Anniversary for Sunday to you and your man xxx

  • You look fab – no wonder that lady didn’t believe you had a 21 year old daughter. Love your hair!

    • Oh Janet thank-you. My hair is testament to my fabulous hair dresser…I’ll let you into a secret, I only wash it every fourth day! Have a wonderful Easter xx

  • Oh. My. Goodness. I love this! I saw this dress in store but dismissed it because of the shorter length and I have a similar perspective on my bottom half but I think you are right – the pattern, ruching and that fabulously complimentary arm length means it requires revisiting. ASAP! You look elegant and beautiful as always. xx

    • Vanessa you are so lovely thank-you. Like you I was a touch apprehensive at first, but once I had it on I loved it. It’s amazing what a bit of clever tailoring and a sleeve can do! Happy Easter gorgeous girl xx

      • You are right – its that sleeve that is working for us! Love it. Thanks for linking up to #snsprint day: SPOTS too! x

  • You look gorgeous in this outfit – and in all of the ones you post on your site 🙂 I have only recently discovered your blog but love it. It is great to find other women who are in a similar age group to me and who want to be as stylish as younger women (if not more stylish!!). I love offering people compliments and seeing the happiness that it gives them. I am getting better at receiving them myself now and I think that it has come with being more confident in my own skin as I have gotten older. x

    • Welcome Kate! So delighted you love the blog. I totally agree with you, most of us do get more confident and comfortable as we get older. I’m passionate about style and don’t believe we have to give up looking and feeling great just because of our age. Compliments to me are an extension of a beaming smile – they also give me the warm and fuzzies to see an unexpected reaction. xx Have a fabulously stylish Easter Kate xx

  • You need to give yourself more credit lovely lady. You are beautiful inside and out. This dress looks absolutely amazing on you. You are gorgeous. Love your style. Hold your head high gorgeous lady. x

    • Vicki you are adorable, thank you so much gorgeous girl for your continued support and kind words. I have awarded myself the title of Dress Ambassador for our Maroochydore store. I want to challenge myself to wear as many different styles as possible, whilst remaining age appropriate! Have a wonderful Easter with your family xxx