How I control my frizzy dry hair!

After lots of requests about how I tame my mane, I thought I’d dedicate a post to keeping your locks soft and smooth with minimal effort!

I don’t believe anyone is ever satisfied with their own hair.

Why oh why do we always want what we haven’t got eh?

Me, I long to have hair that looks fabulous when you wash it and leave it…instead of looking like Worzel Gummidge.

Just in case you have no idea who I’m talking about this is Worzel with Aunt Sally played by English actors John Pertwee and Una Stubbs.

How I control my frizzy wiry hair

First aired in the UK 1979 then in Australia 1987.

I’d like my hair to be thick enough not to need washing every day AND long enough to wear in lots of different styles…I don’t want much do I?

Oh and while I’m airing my wishlist –   one  no two more things – GREY HAIRS be gone and super-glossy-luciousness move in. Please and thank-you!

I can remember quite vividly as a kid, looking longingly at all of my friends hair and wishing we could swap, when in reality I should have just been learning to cope with what I had been born with.

Gosh I’ve had some hair disasters over the years though. I have tried every style imaginable.

When a new trend came out I dashed straight to the hairdressers.

When my sensible friends held back with caution – I threw that caution to the wind…Yes, it almost always ended in tears!

I’ve had perms on top of perms on top of colour – Thank the lord my hair is a tough as old boots!

I’ve left colour on my hair far too long and ended up with green hair…Only to run to the chemist and put another colour straight over the top. Geez I would collapse in tears if that happened today!

I’ve had my hair short one side and long the other – When of course I already knew that short hair didn’t suit me!

So let’s just say age has taught me a few lessons.

I now realise this hair of mine isn’t that bad really – You could say I’ve grown to like it more and more.

Here’s my two cents worth on looking after your locks:

  • Find a good hairdresser.
  • Book regular appointments.
  • Use a heat protector.
  • Buy the best products for the job.
  • The right hairdryer makes all the difference.
  • GHD are the best straighteners in my opinion!


It’s only in the last twelve months that I have started to booked regular salon appointments. Up until then I really didn’t think I needed to go that often. I made (yes made, I can be very persuasive) Mr IM cut my fringe for years between salon visits – let’s just say he is chuffed the lovely Maria (see below) has taken over the reigns 😉

I’ve now realised that my hair is part of my outfit. I put lots of effort in to how I look in regards to my clothes, skin and make-up. My hair is equally important.

Nikki from Styling You is friends with Maria from Suite Three Hair in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast. I decided to book in to see Maria purely by reading Nikki’s blog posts – because her hair ALWAYS looks incredible.

Maria has helped me to fall back in love with my hair. She has taught me how to cope with the weight of my hair, given me tips on drying and styling my hair so it fits into my lifestyle.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to change your hairdresser if you’re not happy, because salon visits are not cheap.

If you see someone with gorgeous hair, tell them and make sure you ask where they go!

Happy recommendations are always the best way.

Book Regular Appointments

Everyone’s hair grows at a different speed. Even if you are growing your hair you still need to have the ends trimmed to achieve good healthy growth. Otherwise when you do eventually get round to going you end up losing two inches of split-ends and nastiness, which counteracts all the effort you had put in to the growing!

Heat Protector

I have used a thermal protector for a while now. There are lots of products on the market that are equally as good. My favourite however is Kerastase Nectar Thermique this works like a dream on my dry hair.

After towel drying I add a small amount making sure all of my hair is coated and protected – it also smells divine too, which gets my vote!

Buy the best products for the job

You hair is no different to your skin. If you have a dry scalp, buy a shampoo and conditioner that will soothe and protect both your hair and your scalp – don’t just use a shampoo for greasy hair.

If you want your curls to stay in your hair buy a mousse or product that will enhance your curls and give said curls staying power.

Treat your hair to a mask every week…or you could try massaging some lovely coconut oil in to your hair – it soothes my Psoriasis scalp so well.

Pssssstttt. I have received lots of questions about how I get my frizzy curly hair so smooth – I swear by this product Mark Hill Smooth Shine Serum It is the only product that never makes your hair feel coated and yukky. Both Ms. May and I swear by this.

Hair Dryer

Over the years I have brought so many hairdryers…they are all now in hairdryer heaven.

Last year for Mother’s Day Ms. May made me so happy by buying me a GHD Air Dryer. Why oh why had I waited so long?

My beautiful GHD Air dries my thick and heavy hair in a fraction of the time when compared to other dryers. The best part though is just by finger drying, my hair is instantly smoother and silkier…I don’t have time to spend blowdrying my hair – this is why I love this dryer so much.

Put this one on your Christmas list my lovelies – you won’t look back!

Tip: Make sure your hair is dry. I know this sounds silly but if your hair isn’t completely dry it won’t behave itself. Hair has memory.

An example would be, my hair has a curly section at the back. If this section is not properly dry then not matter how hard I try to straighten it, it never lies flat and smooth.

GHD Straighteners

I have used a variety of hair straighteners for years and years (a must to make sure I don’t resemble the delightful Worzal above) GHD for the last 9 years (they were released 10 years ago).

Wide plate and narrow plate both cope with my hair.

Would you believe my original wide plates are still going strong!

Over the past 6 months or so though I have had my eye on the GHD Eclipse. Maria uses these babies on my hair. One swipe and my hair is straight. The Eclipse heat to a constant 185°C with 3 sensors on the plate to ensure constant temperature is maintained. They are not cheap but for my thick strong hair they will be perfect.

How I control my frizzy hair

GHD – Eclipse

Here’s what I use to tame my mane:

How I tame my mane

1. Kerastase Elixir Ultime for colour treated hair. Expensive but lasts for ever as you only need a teeny tiny pump.

2. Mark Hill Glam Goddess Frizz Serum – one of my all time favourite products. Available from Boots in the UK – I buy in bulk.

3. L’oreal Constructor – extra heat protection and a touch of staying power all in one…it also smells divine.

4. Batiste Dry Shampoo – a must for everyone…for those days when you need a little extra time in the morning.

5. Kerastase – Nectar Thermique –  I have used this for years. It’s my favourite heat protector.

So tell me lovelies, do you book regular salon appointments? What are you must have hair products?




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