Beauty News: Arbonne RE9 Trial

I mentioned before in this post that I wasn’t blessed with the best of skin.

So it takes lots of effort on my part for my skin to look and feel good.

I have psoriasis which happily comes out to play in times of stress – which is when I least want it!

Add to that balance, the ticking-clock-of time…why oh why do we have to get old?

So as I’m no longer a spring chicken it’s imperative I use the best products that offer my skin the extra help that it needs, both on the moisture and anti-ageing front.

Arbonne have been on my beauty radar for a while. Lots of  high-profile make-up artists have said nice things – which of course spikes the interest of this beauty junkie.

I also remember reading a fabulous review on how good the Arbonne primer (this was ages and ages ago)  I must confess, until that point, I had never even  heard of the brand.

But then, even with reading the good press chitter-chatter, I struggled to find anywhere to buy the product. In the end it all  felt too much of an effort so I gave up.

I’m also a ‘try before you buy kinda girl’. So I wasn’t prepared to offer my cash without testing the product first.

I believe the finest endorsement a brand can give their product is to offer free samples.

To me it shows confidence and belief in themselves.

So I stored Arbonne in the ‘one-day’ section of my brain and proceeded to purchase a different primer.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago.

I managed to get my hands on some free samples of the RE9 range from a local Arbonne representative.

The products I trialled were:

  • Soothing Facial Cleanser.
  • Regenerating Toner.
  • Intensive Renewal Serum.
  • Corrective Eye Cream.
  • Extra Moisture Restorative Day Creme.
  • Night Repair Creme.

I also managed to get a sample of that primer too – the one that brought Arbonne to my attention!

Beauty News: Arbonne RE9

Arbonne Anti-Ageing RE9 Advanced

They say:

A synergy of 9 major age-defying elements and botanicals creates a powerful system of products clinically shown to start working with 24 hours.

It’s ALWAYS the 24hr promise that drags this sucker in…

What I thought:


Delightful – on my very dry as a bone skin.

You really feel that its taking off the day as you cleanse. I used it in place of my everyday cleanser, but didn’t use it with my Clarisonic. I wanted to see how well it removed my make-up without any extra help.

I love a good cleanser and this one felt soft and nurturing on my very sensitive skin. My make-up come off too!

Regenerating Toner:

Now, I have a little confession…I can’t remember the last time I used a toner. Am I on the only one?

But as it was there, I thought I would give it a go.

What I really liked was the sensation on your skin. Its pH-balanced and filled with algae extract and sea buckthorn – which my skin took to straight away.

It didn’t strip my skin or make it hyper-sensitive – which has happened to me several times over the years with other toners and the main reason I stopped using them.

Intensive Renewal Serum:

Serums have been part of my beauty arsenal for a long time. I believe they are especially crucial the older you get.

Ms.May at 21 already uses Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair serum twice a day. Her skin has improved dramatically!

This one feels like it is doing its job the minute it touches your skin. Again no reaction from my sensitive skin. It also soaks in well, in preparation for the next layer.

A big thumbs up from this serum lover!

Corrective Eye Cream:

We all know that the skin around the eye is ten times thinner than the skin on your face. Right?

Even knowing this: Do I always get my eye cream out? No – Sometimes I just forget and slap on my normal moisturiser or night cream all over my face.

This is a lovely eye crème but I feel my crow’s-feet are a little to deep for me to see any significant difference. That said if you buy this as part of the set – give it a go!

Extra Moisture Restorative Day Creme SPF15

Arbonne offers two levels of moisture cream in the RE9 range. I need the Extra.

Moisturisers  are the one area that always lets down a product range in my opinion. Because let’s face it, no two skins are the same. You can have all the anti-ageing benefits in the world added to a product but if the skin is not moisturised correctly, the anti-ageing benefits don’t work in harmony, which in turn changes  the overall visual appearance of the skin. It’s a fine balance.

This day cream used in conjunction with the serum kept my moisture levels high, even in a air-conditioned environment.

My make-up also glided on and felt good.

Night Repair Creme

My skin improves noticeably when I’m using a night cream. What I love the most is the heaviness of this product.

Yes, it still has to sink in to your skin, but it also needs to be thick enough to work throughout the night and not dissolve on impact. The most important thing I noticed with using this product was just how supple my skin felt first thing in the morning. Which for me is where a good Night Cream shines through.

Another big thumbs up from me.

So here is what I’m going to do

Because I’m such a sucker for new products, I’m going to be your guinea pig.

I have brought the products myself. They have not been gifted to me. So you can be assured my review will be honest and impartial.

I will start using all the above on Sunday 6th April (pics will be taken with and without my make-up) for one month.  After 4 weeks of continued use I will take the more pics and compare the difference.

Whatever the results, good or bad I promise you my full and honest review.

So tell me lovelies, Are any of you using/or have you tried anything from the Arbonne range?

Or, tell me what’s the one skin-care product you just can live without?









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  • I have used Arbonne. I love their primer, it makes your skin feel like velvet. I was using the foundation for a little while too, but have slipped back into my favourite Chanel one. Most of all I love the Cellular Renewal Masque. You know it’s working! I look forward to keep updated with your results. Thanks for linking up! Rachel xx

    • Snap – I’m a Chanel foundation user too, it will take something pretty special to knock it off the No.1 spot for me too Rachel. Ms. May is trialling the primer, foundation, mineral powder and a blusher. So between the two of us we should be able to give some pretty good feedback. I’ll keep you posted! xx

  • Kelly

    Hi Bev, I have been reading your blog for a while now and have really enjoyed it. Until now, I have never really had anything that interesting to say so just haven’t said it. But I do want to let you know my experience with Arbonne. I have found those products you are testing the absolute hands down best beauty products I have ever used (and I have used plenty!). Interestingly I don’t love love the primer but it is still pretty good. My only issue (and perhaps your issue too) is getting them, that is not the easiest thing. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

    • Victoria Gooch

      Hi Kelly
      Let me introduce myself! My name is Victoria. I am the consultant who gave Bev the Arbonne products! I have had a break from a successful career in corporate business and I have now chosen to represent the Arbonne Brand. I am extremely professional and knowledgeable. I would be delighted to help you with any questions or products from Arbonne. My comment below may also interest you as to why the Arbonne products are so good. I am interested to know about your thoughts on the primer?

      • Kelly

        Hi Victoria. I agree they really are amazing and clearly there is lots of clever people doing clever things in formulating them and then offering them at a great price. With the primer – sometimes I found my skin felt quite oily later on in the day. I have dryish skin so this was unusual and I found it more when I used another foundation – other than the Arbonne one. On that note, the Arbonne foundation is awesome too.

        • Victoria Gooch

          Ahhh, interesting you should mention that re the primer. I find my skin does the same thing. I absolutely LOVE the Arbonne foundation. I might try giving the Primer a miss to see what happens.

          • Kelly

            If it helps, I have been using Australis Matte Out primer – brilliant especially for the price.

          • Victoria Gooch

            Thanks for the heads up Kelly. Ive notice that my skin is happiest when I wear no make up at all. But in the name of vanity I slap it on any way and from time to time it does cause a break out here and there. No matter which makeup I use. 🙁 🙁

    • Thanks for stopping by Kelly – chuffed you are loving the blog!
      Also, delighted to hear you love the Arbonne products. I tried some free samples (which Victoria gave me) I then decided to BUY the products (they were not gifted) from one of my friends who is also an Arbonne representative – I will give you all of her details when I post the review.
      Ms. May is trying the primer, foundation and mineral powder, so I will give you her feedback at the same time xx

  • I am alway interested in beauty products especially for dry skin, as like you mine is intensely dry. At the moment my favourite products are from Clinique. I look forward to your review. x

    • Victoria Gooch

      Hi Vicki, I am Victoria. We follow each other on instagram! I am the consultant who gave the products to Bev. So please let me know if I can help you with any queeries. My comment below may be an interesting read for you too, as I was a Clinique skin care girl!

      • Victoria, I have very dry skin and I ma looking for products to help minimise the dryness on my face and especially my neck. Please email me

        • Victoria Gooch

          Hi Vicki! I have done!

    • Thanks lovely for stopping by, I can’t wait to fill you in on my 30 day review I’m hoping for BIG changes!
      Just to clarify. Victoria gave me the trial samples but I have brought the whole range I intend to review myself. Just so you know, my review will be impartial.

  • Victoria Gooch

    Glad you were happy with the samples and decided to buy Bev. People often say to me “but you have to love the products because you sell them” (Oh and by the way, I don’t just share the amazing products, I show people how to create a $4k-$5k a month income using them and a simple business model- my back ground is business and marketing) What I say is that the results speak for themselves. Prior to using Arbonne I was not prepared to spend $$$$ to get the results that brands such as La Praire offer. At $450 for a 30-50ml bottle of product, that was way out of my thought process. Arbonne are Swiss Formulated as is La Praire and are in the same Ultra Premium Category!!!! But our Serum is $81!! Of course I can recommend these products because I use them and they work! It makes it difficult because most people think its they’re too good to be true. Until they try them for themselves. But I never say “I told you so” 😉

    • At the end of the day most of us are looking for great skincare without the premium price tag.
      The Arbonne range is not cheap (when you add together everything you need) for the complete regime. It’s an investment so that’s why I’m excited to start my independent trial Victoria. Watch this space!

      • Victoria Gooch

        I cant wait to see how you feel about the products. I have had one client tell me that the moisturizer was too hydrating and caused a few break outs. All in all it’s great to get feed back.

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I will be looking forward to your review on this product,I also agree about free samples if a sample is NOT available I will not purchase it I have been burnt too many time and literally as well,like you lovely I have very sensitive dry skin and react to a lot of products ,and since my knee replacement it has gotten worse I’m not sure if that is because I have a metal allergy now but no matter.
    I also haven’t used a toner for years and years I love Dermalogica barrier repair,ultra calming cleanser and masque and their micro exfoliant it will be hard to change my mind from these products as they work for me.I use an eye cream daily as well I don’t really think it makes you look younger,just smooths out the skin.
    I really hope these products work for you lovely girl,and they make your dry skin glow Xx

    • Free samples are a must Lisa, especially for our dry and sensitive skin. Poor you though with your metal allergy! It’s hard enough finding the right skin care without an extra element to worry about. It sounds like Dermalogica is perfect for you lovely girl. When you have found products that you love, like you say its hard to change. I’ll keep you posted though gorgeous…I’m looking forward to the glow 😉 xxx

    • Victoria Gooch

      If your happy with what you use then why change it right? I agree. It just so happened though that I was using Clinique and a friend of mine gave me some Arbonne products to try. She explained to me that they were in the same category as many Prestige Swiss brands that cost around $450 a bottle. So I said what the heck, I then snatched the box out of her hands and said I’m off. I’ll tell you how they go. I then swiftly turned around and jumped in my car and headed home straight for the bathroom! Lol. Any way, now I represent the Arbonne brand on the Sunshone Coast and in all 4 countries that Arbonne is available in!

    • Apologies lovely girl for the post hi-jack – I think Victoria has taken over my blog! xx

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    I’m so excited that you’re reviewing this brand. I will be interested see how you fare after a month too. It’s always best to trial a new product over a short period of time to see if it really works for you. I prefer to read honest reviews too and it’s good to know that the items are purchased so you won’t be biased in anyway. It will be good to hear what you decide to repurchase. You might even sway me to find that purse again! X

    • Initially I’m always sceptical of any product that offers to make me look younger and turn back time BUT in reality I know what I’m really looking for is soft and supple skin that feels good to touch and provides a good base for my make-up. My wrinkles are here to stay (unfortunately) but with some TLC I truly believe they can look better.
      Can’t wait to let you know how the trial goes – it’s so exciting to be reviewing a brand that not many people know about! Watch this space lovely girl xx

  • Gabrielle

    I am impressed Bev that you are doing this trial impartially. While I love reading some of the other blogs, the reviews of products are becoming more of an infomercial rather than a true review, because the products have been “gifted.” Look forward to hearing more about Arbonne…having just turned 50, I probably should make a bit more effort re skincare! And BTW, having empathised with your root canal saga last week and telling you not to worry too much about it, had my own dental drama yesterday! Still undecided whether the needles or the bill were more painful. Seriously not much to recommend re this ageing business!

    • Oh thank you so much Gabrielle. As a consumer I can be coerced into believing I NEED to spend my cash on a new product that promises to turn back time. In reality, I may have a reaction that stops me using the product within 24 short hours. My first step is always to get a sample. If I’m still impressed enough to want to buy the product then that’s a big step in the right direction.
      My aim with IMS is to give all my lovely readers a honest opinion of what I think of the brand/product and if you feel it could work for you. My 50 year old skin is so dry and sensitive, which means that as a rule, if I can tolerate a product on my skin, then most people can too.
      On a lighter note (or maybe not so light) how expensive is dentistry? I am such a chicken where dental pain is concerned so I hope you are not suffering too much from the pain or the expense of your recent visit!!! xxx