Life: New friends that have stole my heart.

Anyone that knows me well, would say instantly I am quite a private person.

When you meet me though, you would never describe me as shy. But I am.

I’m not good in crowds. I prefer small groups of people any day.

Yes, I’m open and friendly and love a good natter, but it takes a special person to really find out anything about me (you know the stuff I mean, the deep personal stuff).

When I do meet someone new though, I know within seconds if I like them. I always trust my gut.

If someone has a lovely smile and a warm attitude to life this helps immensely. I’m also a fabulous judge of character (forgive the arrogance, but I am) – I very rarely get it wrong.

If they are special though my ‘walls’ come tumbling down within a heart beat and I’m more than happy to share my soul with them.

friends that have stole my heart

But what if you meet/make  friends through social media or blogging?

Can you connect in the same way you would if you had made that connection in ‘real-life’?

Until I came to Australia I had not read many blogs. I did have a blog attached to my bridal boutique website, but the only blog posts I did read were related to the wedding industry – that was my life folks – 24/7 Ivory!

But over the past 2 years I have embraced the blogging/social media world in a way I didn’t think was possible.

By finding and reading blogs that you love, you start to recognise names of the people commenting, people who you have something in common with – after all they are reading and commenting on the same things as you – it goes without saying, they like what you like.

One blog then leads you to another and the same names keep appearing before your eyes.

Before you know it you have found them on Facebook. Or you follow their life through the images they post on Instagram. But you very rarely meet them.

But what if you do? Will the bubble burst? Will your original impression be shattered or will it be like meeting a long-lost friend?

A few weeks ago I had the complete pleasure of meeting Katy Potaty.

I know lots of you will already know this gorgeous girl. Let me just tell you though if you haven’t met her yet, this girl is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out.

From the first moment I met her I just knew we would be friends.

You know the type of friend I mean, the ones you feel you have known forever. The ones that make you relax, laugh and choke with laughter instantly.

Now this meeting of our’s was fate. We both live on the Sunny Coast and we both work in Noosa…Our places of work are the bookends to the Sheraton Hotel on Hastings Street.

Before we had even arranged our first ‘lunch-date’ this friendship of our’s was sealed for me by Katy’s unexpected delivery of homemade sweet treats for me at Witchery (quickest route to my heart – anything homemade and sweet) – Oh My Goodness – they were delicious.

Yes, she is that kind of girl. Warm and generous.

On our first lunch together we did not come up for air. We talked, we shared and we laughed. It was delightful.

What I love most about this beautiful girl is her zest for life. She’s a compassionate, caring and intelligent woman.

The best bit? She leaves you feeling excited about the next meeting…and that is not something you find very often.

New friends that have stole my heart

** Katy  was taking a break from her blogging  – life sometimes just has the habit of getting in the way – but today she is back. I know she’d love you to pop over and say’ hello again’ !

During one of our natter sessions we were talking about people that we both loved from Social Media and blog commenting.

There is a HUGE  list of people and blogs that we both love, but here are just a few peeps that stand out because of their sheer loveliness…

Beautiful Sonia of Sonia Styling – god this girl makes me melt, her gorgeousness radiates itself straight to your heart. I would adopt this girl because I know for sure Ms.May would love her too!

The wonderful Sonia from Life Love and Hiccups – this girl writes from the heart – she lets you in and makes you feel like you are the only person reading her words. Not only is Sonia’s writing style completely honest it’s also bloody hilarious. One day Sonia we will share copious amounts of alcohol together – that’s a promise!

Kim-Marie of Kimbalikes – what a fabulous ray of colourfulness this girl is – everyday she always makes me smile. Her relationship with son ‘ Boyo’  is just the best.

Before long the gorgeous Lisa Queen of Thrift  (that’s her Instagram link) came up in our conversation.

Katy and I both said just how lovely Lisa is. She is a sweetheart.

Now Lisa doesn’t have a blog – well not that I know of? – (Lisa if you do, I need to know about it) but she is an amazingly dedicated, loyal and faithful blog reader and most importantly commenter.

I don’t know how she finds time in her busy day to share herself around so generously, but she does. And for this alone, I for one, am grateful.

Even before I was brave enough to comment on the blogs I was reading, I would always read Lisa’s comments. She impressed me and even though we had never talked, I knew I liked her.

New friends that have stole my heart

People can often walk into your life when you least expect them. Good people who make a difference to your day, by just for being ‘around’.

It doesn’t matter how you get to know them, or how the friendship was conceived. All that matters is if feels right, then enjoy every second and let the friendship blossom.

Katy: Just because I’m leaving Noosa doesn’t mean I’m disappearing…to pinch your words ‘We’ve only just begun’  Sweet Cheeks  xx

Lisa: Thank-you so much for your dedication and friendship – you have made this new kid on the block feel right at home xx

 Right its over to you folks, tell my your thoughts…made many/any online buddies?



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