My M&S Knicker Haul

Have you ever heard of, or shopped at good old M&S  (Marks & Spencers for the uninitiated) in the UK?

Now all of my English friends will probably switch off at this point. When you know something is at your finger tips you tend to take its fabulousness for granted.

I however, do not. M & S is one of the only stores I truly miss from good old Blighty.

Where else can you go and buy a pair of knickers, your evening meal and a pair of bang on trend shoes all under one roof?

M & S – that’s where.

There is something  so comforting about knowing where to get your knickers and bras from don’t you agree? – Its one of the few things I have struggled with since moving to this beautiful country two and a half years ago.

Yes there are plenty of places to buy undies, but for some reason I can’t seem to find exactly what I’m looking for. Call me picky if you like, but where is the choice and full size range?

Also, I love nice underwear but I don’t want to have to pay top dollar for the privilege.

Buying a matching bra and knickers set can set you back a small fortune here and I just don’t get why something so small, has to be so darn expensive.

That’s where M&S (in my humble opinion) have it completely covered.

Not long ago they launched their new website which makes navigating the site lots easier too.

The choice is also pretty amazing:


  • Minimiser
  • Multi-way
  • Push-up
  • T-shirt
  • Non-wired
  • Post-surgery
  • DD+ Bras
  • Sports
  • Bridal
  • Silk & Lace Collection
  • Angel first lingerie for teenagers


  • Bikini brief
  • Brazilian
  • French Knickers
  • High-waisted
  • Midi
  • Full
  • Shapewear
  • Thongs (not for your feet)
  • Short

Basically every style and shape you can possibly need.

Quality? Fan-bloody-tastic.

Need help or nervous about buying  online without trying? – No need, M & S offers a comprehensive Fit and Style Guide

Here a small selection of what my M & S haul included:

My M & S Knicker Haul

I was in desperate need of my basic everyday undies. Lace-free T-shirt bras to wear for work along with knickers that stayed put instead of riding the hell up!

I know so many people who are dismissive about buying the correct undies – they have the anything will do approach.

But in my books undies are the foundation to looking and feeling good in any outfit.

I also can not stand VPL (visible panty line). Or underwear that is too tight, too itchy and won’t stay where it’s intended to be.

So to stop tormenting myself by continually trying to find the perfect undies here in Australia from now on I will continue to virtually hot-tail myself back to M&S via the  interwebs to get my knicker and bra fix.

But the very best bit? FREE DELIVERY TO AUSTRALIA

I placed my order on the Saturday it was delivered on the Thursday. Yes. Thursday.

What is there not to love about that kind of service?

So if you , like me are struggling with your undies give M & S a try – you won’t look back.

Not only did I get exactly what I wanted, I also saved quite a bit of cash in the process.

On a slightly different note and to bring a smile to your face:

I don’t think I have ever mentioned that I’ve hankerd after a onesie since last winter…

Lets just say Mr IM is not overly excited at the thought of me sitting on the sofa in a giant baby-gro.

But while I was ordering my knickers I noticed the clickable link to the onesie’s. Within a second and before I had time to chicken out, it was in my basket.

Before I knew it, bang I did it again, but this time  I had also ordered one for Mr IM 😉

I couldn’t stop smiling.

When my happy knicker parcel arrived, the box was huge. I had forgotten about the surprises.

Not sure Mr IM is as excited as me about our giant baby-gro’s yet, but I think he will enthusiastically embrace the concept once he starts to shiver!

My M & S Knicker Haul

Apologies for the poor image quality – I could not control my giggles!

Happy Friday you gorgeous lot. Have a wonderful weekend.

How do you get on trying to find the perfect undies? Have you ever brought from M & S?

Also, come on spill the beans, do you have a onesie?




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