Iris May Style – My News!

You know the feeling when you have a BIG appointment and no idea of what to wear?

Well that was me last week.

To add to my angst,  was the fact that I was going straight from my appointment to work (that’s Witchery if you are new around these parts). That meant I needed to be dressed from head to toe in the brand.

Since Witchery came in to my life and in order to make my mornings run smooth, I have dedicated a section of my wardrobe to  my work clothes, (I’m constantly *ahem* occasionally running late, so this process helps me ‘grab and go’ – it also ensures I get out of the door looking half decent and in uniform).

Having a Witchery devoted section of my wardrobe also meant that I was able see in a heartbeat what my ‘appointment’ clothes choices were.

After staring at the rail for a couple of minutes, I may have slightly started to panic.

I quickly realised that my newest purchases were from Autumn/Winter collection.  There was also another factor that I had no control over that could potentially throw a huge spanner in my carefully planned outfit.

The weather.

Now I adore living on the Sunshine Coast. The weather is fan-bloody-tastic.

BUT, looking appropriate and conservative often means covering yourself up – which is pretty darn difficult in 30+ degrees

Getting dressed up for work is not a problem to me either. I choose over-dressed rather than under-dressed any day of the week. But I wanted to look smart, and not too showy.

Also the lazy-girl chic in me couldn’t be bothered with taking a change of Witchery clothes to work with me it’s all too much effort, especially when you are arriving late anyway!

So I was left with a dilemma…

Do I wear trendy smart casual?

Business like with a softer edge?

Or throw caution to the wind and wear my leopard print jazzy pants? I adore my jazzy pants so much, originally they were my first thought but somehow they just didn’t feel right.

You would think that considering I am surrounded by clothes all day and my wardrobe is bursting at the seams (excuse the pun) that my decision would be easy.

Nah – it wasn’t.

I ended up going for Black. Good old faithful Black. It never let’s me down.

Because I’m a positive thinker, I also manage to pull in a favour from the weather gods. The morning was grey, wet and slightly cooler. Perfect.

To see the full post on this frock go here otherwise stay with me peeps, I’m building up to sharing my news!

My News

Because you are all totally clever and fabulous, you will have probably already gathered my appointment was an interview.

I received the call on Friday to say I got the job, so today feels like the perfect day to share my news with you.

In a couple of weeks I will be moving to Country Road – I am so excited!

Country Road was the first fashion store I walked in when we first visited The Sunshine Coast. The first words out of my mouth to Mr IM when I walked through the door?

‘I could work here’ –  I just can’t believe it has happened.

I’m a firm believer though that if you want something bad enough the planets will align to make it happen. You just have to believe it is possible.

I have pictured myself working in the store so many times. It already feels like home.

Witchery was the first step for me. A step that I initially took on recommendation from one of the girls I will be working with at Country Road. She suggested I look at Witchery for openings as well as Country Road. So I did.

And the rest as they say is History…

My News

Oh and before I dash off…the above are just a few things I already have my eye on – You already knew that I had started my wish-list though didn’t you?

Have you spied anything recently you think I might like from the new Country Road A/W collection?








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  • Yay Bev! You’ll love the girls there! Miss SY loved it. X

    • Thanks so much Nikki – can’t wait! Everyone seems so lovely and it’s so much closer than driving to Noosa everyday xx

  • Congrats, Bev! CR are lucky to have you. Can’t wait to read all your posts with the best picks from each collection. x

    • Awwww thanks beautiful xx CR really feels right for where I am now on my retail journey. Also super excitable to also start outfit building…I have a feeling my salary might be going straight back into the till though! xx

  • Samantha Keogh

    Best wishes for your new job with CR. Keeping styling the world one person at a time… and sharing your inspiration with the rest of us on your blog.

    • Thanks so much Samantha. I can’t wait now…I might just have to steal your ‘styling the world one person at a time’ LOVE it – what this space, it will appear in a blog post soon! xx

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    That’s great news! You’ll be in your element I’m sure at CR. No doubt you’ll have me dipping in my purse as you always have some lovely recommendations. Please let me know how CR sizing is compared to witchery! Best of luck x

    • Thanks Lovely! There are so many things I like at the moment – can’t wait to start buying! I’ll keep you posted on the sizing. xx

  • Awesome, huge congrats! I love both witchery and country road.

  • Petra

    Congrats Bev, it’s wonderful news. I’ve always thought it would be cool to work there too! I’m sure you’ll be sharing some fabulous clothes and funny stories!

    • Thank-you Petra -I am delighted! I agree it feels like a cool place to work, the girls all seem lovely too. I just need to control my spending before I leave Witchery! Xxx

  • Louise

    Congratulations Bev! I would happy to take any unwanted Witchery uniform off your hands! x

    • Thanks lovely girl – I’m fixated with the CR website at the moment! xx Ps. I’ll let you know when I doing my next wardrobe cleanse! xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Congratulations Bev I love Country Road as much as I love Witchery they both have beautiful clothing,can’t wait to see you in all your new fashions…..I am so pleased that your dream came true and your planets aligned,well done gorgeous xx

    • Thanks so much Petal. I’m chuffed to bits about the job. Have you ever read The Secret? It’s the book that got me thinking differently about life in general. Initially I decided to read it before we moved our lives to Australia (I kept worrying about the unknown) and since then I’ve tried to focus on being positive. Its obviously working! Looking forward to showing you all of my CR goodies xx

  • Congratulations Bev. I llok forward to seeing your style through the Country Road label….. well done!

    • Thanks so much lovely! I can’t wait to start building my CR work wardrobe…I’ve just got to make sure I kerb my Witchery spending in the next couple of weeks – now that is a big request! xx

  • Congrats on the new job, Bev. Look forward to following your style adventures at Country Rd!

    • Oh Persephone thanks so much! I’m more than a little bit excited to start my CR style journey – watch this space! It’s also a good job my hubby loves their clothes too – it helps soften the blow of my spending 😉