Guilty as charged – Pushing too hard at life.

I’m not a sickly kind of girl. I can go years without even a sniffle. I rarely have a cold or even a sore throat.

But when I do get something, it will be a humdinger.

I will be knocked off my feet and feel totally sorry for myself.

To be honest I think sometimes (*ahem* – most of the time) I’m just pushing too hard.

I think I’m super-woman.

Admitting I’m tired or that I need to rest is not a quality I was blessed with. Mr IM gets totally frustrated with my stubbornness  sometimes. When I’m rested I totally understand his frustrations but if he suggests I stop and get some rest at 22:30 at night Ms. Gritty Tired Jealous Pants appears and snaps ‘I’m fine darling – you get some sleep’.

Like all of us, I try to fit too much into each day. I get up at 5:30, work full-time, come home and do the housey necessities like eating and the likes, before I start blogging. Blogging is my release. It clears my mind. I also adore the love, support, respect and general awesomeness within the blogging/social media community.


It then feels like I blink my eyelashes 10 times and the clock is close to striking midnight.  I’m envious because sensible Mr IM is sleeping like a baby and I’m calculating how little sleep I will achieve before the alarm goes off again in 5 and a half hours!

This silly routine was bound to catch up with me at some point I guess. I’ve done it since the first week in November when I started work at Witchery and launched Iris May Style – bad timing Bev!

I eat really well, tonnes of fruit, veg and general goodness but it still catches up with you eventually.

Christmas holidays and retail don’t go together, so in total I’ve only managed 4 extra days off (including Christmas and New Year) since I started.

So when one of my teeth started to feel sensitive to hot and cold the week before last, I just knew there was something big bubbling.

Why? Because I know I have neglected myself.

I called my dentist who said I had a fracture and I would need to see a specialist because I had a nasty infection and the offending tooth had at least a double root…it turned out to be a triple – lucky old me!

Anyway, to add insult to injury I now have the mother of colds. Sore throat, ear ache and a chesty cough…it serves me right for bragging (why oh why did I utter the words ‘I never get colds and flu’).

This week was my week off to get sorted before I start at Country Road on 7th April.

Why is it that whenever you take you foot off the gas, every virus that you’ve managed to avoid in the last 6 months decides to have a party at your place?

Well a party in my head to be precise.

You could say my head has gone viral 😉

Seriously. Just seriously.

Here is the only half decent picture of me from yesterday.

Guilty as charged: Pushing too hard.

Our great mates were visiting for the weekend. I didn’t have the energy to cook breakfast, so we popped to Alex Headland for another visit to Elliotts Fine Foods.

Superb grub once again. I then went back to bed.

Right peeps, I’m going back to bed again with my laptop to plan my Country Road wardrobe…well a girls gotta cheer herself up somehow when she feels like cr*p!

Do you find yourself pushing too hard until you make yourself ill? Got any tips for fighting the lurgy that I should know about?





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