What is your beauty ‘Must Have’ ?

Do you have one beauty product that you absolutely adore?

A product that you feel you just can’t live without? You know, your desert island sort of product.

The ‘must-have’ item that continually graces your bathroom shelf?

Or are you the kinda girl that’s happy to fall in love with a new product every-time you get to the bottom of the current jar of beauty goodness?

I’m more than a touch loyal when it comes to my favourite beauty bits and bobs.

These days, anti-ageing promises are of paramount importance to me.

Let’s face it my 50-year-old skin needs all the help it can get.

I’m noticing new wrinkles laughter/character lines appear on a daily basis and although I would love to reverse the ticking clock of time I can’t. What I am in control of though is treating my skin with the respect it deserves. I can look after it and feed it with the good stuff twice a day.

Like lots of people, I didn’t pay enough attention to protecting my skin from the harsh effects of the sun through my twenties and early thirties. Arriving home after my summer 14 day dash to the Mediterranean looking like a bronze goddess was always my top priority.

My girl, Ms. May is the complete opposite. She has been brought up to protect her skin. Fake tan is her best beauty friend and preferred choice of tanning especially before a big night out.

That’s not to say she doesn’t enjoy lazing by the pool, but if she does, on the whole she is sensible.

The past few years I have seen lots of changes in my gorgeous girl {yes, to me she is totally gorgeous, but I’m biased}, her priorities have changed. She now chooses to pay extra for good skin care products because they are becoming more important to her. She is identifying an arsenal of  beauty products that work for her, that deliver on promises and keep her skin in tip-top condition.This alone makes me happy.

Even as a teenager I saw the signs on the horizon. When she was in her make-up experimental stage, she would buy the best make-up brands her pocket-money would allow. I would secretly smile, knowing this fascination would only continue to grow.

So when Ms. May hopped to the other-side of the globe doing her Christmas visiting, I requested a few goodies for my beauty stash.

Goodies that I knew would save me a few $$$  – The 30kg of luggage allowance that came with her ticket just had to be used!

Yes, the Mulberry was the biggie, but I did have other requests on my UK shopping list.

This little bottle of beauty goodness was my second request.

It’s a product both Ms.May {21 yrs old} and I {50 and proud} both adore.

Advanced Night Repair

Estee lauder Advanced Night Repair

We use it twice daily {don’t be fooled by the ‘Night Repair’ bit}.

It’s packed with Hyaluronic Acid goodness {amongst other fabulousness} – which is bloody marvelous for increasing moisture…

Age often has nothing to do with lack of moisture. Ms May at 21 suffers from dryness, I guess she has unfortunately inherited my skin type = Dry as a Bone.

When it comes down to the anti-ageing bit, shall we say that’s reserved just for my “Ahem” mature skin.

Although, I’m sure Ms. May wouldn’t mind me sharing with you, that prior to using Advanced Night Repair she had  frustrations with her skin too. She was prone to ‘break-outs’.

Since using this bottle of goodness, these attacks of the nasties have all but disappeared.

We have both benefited from better skin tone and balance and of course, increased moisture. Yes, my wrinkles are still there, less face it there is not a topical product that can work a miracle but in the meantime my skin is looking ok and feeling pretty darn good too!

Note on Pricing

Having lived in the UK for over 40 years I’m still struggling with the vast price difference for products purchased here in Australia.

75ml bottle of Advanced Night Repair in England £70.00 {working on a 1.5 conversion rate} AU $105.00

In Australia $175.00 which converts to £116.00 –  $70.00 saving? Yes please!

Obviously it’s not every day that Ms. May visits the UK. Normally I shop around, or try ordering my luxury products online in bulk which means only one delivery charge.

Right girls you know I am, a sucker for a good beauty recommendation…

Do you have one skincare product that you adore? Your beauty ‘must-have’ that you’d care to share it with us? Do you shop around for a good price? Care to whisper your beauty secrets?







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