Making time for yourself

Are you good at setting time aside just for you? Some Me Time?

Time when you can relax with a good read, stay in bed, pop to the shops for a bit of ‘me time’ retail therapy or just grab a glass of vino with your girlfriends.

I’m not that disciplined at putting myself first at all.

I’m not good a caring for me.

Most of the time I push too hard.

I don’t stop to think of the consequences – I keep on pushing through, even when my body is screaming at me to slow down and take notice.

It shocks me sometimes, how I manage to ignore the signals when it comes to little old me; but I manage to keep my eyes firmly fixed on everyone else around me.

I am such a mother hen {its the cancerian in me} to anyone that crosses my path, but I never look after myself.

What’s that all about?

I continually run around like a loony, even when my body and mind are craving some ‘time-out’ or some R & R.

It has to stop.

A big operation 10 years ago left me with a bladder condition that I need daily medication for. I’m not complaining though because if I’m playing fair with my body, I hardly notice the problem.

Yep, you guessed it – I haven’t been playing fair – I now have 2000mg of antibiotics a day running around blood stream fighting an infection – When will I ever learn? 

Let me tell you, those antibiotics and that infection are having a fight like no other – picture a  Las Vegas show stopper fight between two heavyweights and then some – they are draining the life out of me.

So here’s my plan of action.

I am buying one of these:

Oscar Vital Max Juicer

 Vital Max 900 Cold Pressed Juicer $364.00{on sale} Appliances Direct

It looks a contraption, but it’s a cold pressed juicer.

Juicing through this baby, keeps the enzymes, nutrients and minerals alive in the juice for up to 48 hours – or so I’m told!

As you can tell, I truly know didlly squat  about juicing – but that’s all about to change.

I am going to try the 7 day juice detox by Jason Vale.

Google this guy, because he seriously knows his sh*t about juice.

I am putting my body on a vitamin extravaganza.

Oh yes I am – its a 7 day internal spa for my body.

Ms. May was given this book for Christmas when she was in the UK.

The Funky Fresh Juice Book

As soon as I started to have a read, I knew it was the right thing for me to try.

If I lose a few pounds in the process – brilliant, but more than anything I want to treat my inner self  to some goodness and a bit of pampering.

To be honest, I already eat well.

Fresh fruit and yoghurt for breakfast

Chicken/salmon salad for lunch.

Variety of evening meals that always includes vegetables and general healthiness.

The two things I need to change are: my addiction  to chocolate {we have been best mates for such a long time now} I would also like to reduce my wine /g & t intake just to weekends..Its soooo easy to crave a glass of vino on the 35 minute drive home at night, after a knackering day – Please tell me I’m not the only one?

So why change now?

I believe that now and then it does your body the world of good to mix things up. Change habits.

A bit like changing your face cream/skin care products in order to gain the optimum result.

It’s just 7 days out of my life to complete the detox and I’m hoping the benefits will far out-way the pain…Most of the time Sometimes I can be a tad dramatic!

I know that injecting {figuratively speaking of course – I don’t intend to ingest the juice intravenously ;)} all of that goodness in to my system will give me just the boost I need to tackle 2014 head on.

So as soon as this little baby arrives I’m on it.

I’ll keep you lovelies up-to-date with my progress daily, by posting my juice recipes on facebook and instagram.

Wish me luck – especially with the cold turkey stage vino and g & t bit!

Tell me, have you done a juice detox before? Or any other type of detox? If so, how did it go? Have you got any tips for me? 







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