Making time for yourself

Are you good at setting time aside just for you? Some Me Time?

Time when you can relax with a good read, stay in bed, pop to the shops for a bit of ‘me time’ retail therapy or just grab a glass of vino with your girlfriends.

I’m not that disciplined at putting myself first at all.

I’m not good a caring for me.

Most of the time I push too hard.

I don’t stop to think of the consequences – I keep on pushing through, even when my body is screaming at me to slow down and take notice.

It shocks me sometimes, how I manage to ignore the signals when it comes to little old me; but I manage to keep my eyes firmly fixed on everyone else around me.

I am such a mother hen {its the cancerian in me} to anyone that crosses my path, but I never look after myself.

What’s that all about?

I continually run around like a loony, even when my body and mind are craving some ‘time-out’ or some R & R.

It has to stop.

A big operation 10 years ago left me with a bladder condition that I need daily medication for. I’m not complaining though because if I’m playing fair with my body, I hardly notice the problem.

Yep, you guessed it – I haven’t been playing fair – I now have 2000mg of antibiotics a day running around blood stream fighting an infection – When will I ever learn? 

Let me tell you, those antibiotics and that infection are having a fight like no other – picture a  Las Vegas show stopper fight between two heavyweights and then some – they are draining the life out of me.

So here’s my plan of action.

I am buying one of these:

Oscar Vital Max Juicer

 Vital Max 900 Cold Pressed Juicer $364.00{on sale} Appliances Direct

It looks a contraption, but it’s a cold pressed juicer.

Juicing through this baby, keeps the enzymes, nutrients and minerals alive in the juice for up to 48 hours – or so I’m told!

As you can tell, I truly know didlly squat  about juicing – but that’s all about to change.

I am going to try the 7 day juice detox by Jason Vale.

Google this guy, because he seriously knows his sh*t about juice.

I am putting my body on a vitamin extravaganza.

Oh yes I am – its a 7 day internal spa for my body.

Ms. May was given this book for Christmas when she was in the UK.

The Funky Fresh Juice Book

As soon as I started to have a read, I knew it was the right thing for me to try.

If I lose a few pounds in the process – brilliant, but more than anything I want to treat my inner self  to some goodness and a bit of pampering.

To be honest, I already eat well.

Fresh fruit and yoghurt for breakfast

Chicken/salmon salad for lunch.

Variety of evening meals that always includes vegetables and general healthiness.

The two things I need to change are: my addiction  to chocolate {we have been best mates for such a long time now} I would also like to reduce my wine /g & t intake just to weekends..Its soooo easy to crave a glass of vino on the 35 minute drive home at night, after a knackering day – Please tell me I’m not the only one?

So why change now?

I believe that now and then it does your body the world of good to mix things up. Change habits.

A bit like changing your face cream/skin care products in order to gain the optimum result.

It’s just 7 days out of my life to complete the detox and I’m hoping the benefits will far out-way the pain…Most of the time Sometimes I can be a tad dramatic!

I know that injecting {figuratively speaking of course – I don’t intend to ingest the juice intravenously ;)} all of that goodness in to my system will give me just the boost I need to tackle 2014 head on.

So as soon as this little baby arrives I’m on it.

I’ll keep you lovelies up-to-date with my progress daily, by posting my juice recipes on facebook and instagram.

Wish me luck – especially with the cold turkey stage vino and g & t bit!

Tell me, have you done a juice detox before? Or any other type of detox? If so, how did it go? Have you got any tips for me? 







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  • I’m a huge juicing enthusiast! I’m not sure I could do a 7 day detox. Look forward to hearing how it goes 🙂

    • I will let you know how I go Melinda, Its 5 juices a day on the detox…so I’m hoping that if I use ‘mind over matter’ I can do it – Wish me luck! xx

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  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Good on you Bev I have been making healthy fruit and veggie smoothies with my mix and go thingo ,my problem is that I am lazy about breakfast and sometimes lunch so I don’t eat anything ,but why I do eat is very healthy as I cannot put on weight due to my knee and I have a dodgy immune problem what causes swelling and inflammation in my body and also reflux and I have heard that more fruit and veggies helps with inflammation I have been doing it for about 6 weeks but of course those things take time and there have been hurdles thrown in as you know but I am hoping they help ,I wish you all the luck in the world lovely with your juicing (the hardest part is getting flavours right) I love chocolate too and I am NOT giving that up it is the only bad thing I eat xx

    • Not sure why I’m so excited about not eating any food for a week Lisa – I must be crazy! My body really needs a lift right now though so I’m hoping that excess fruit and veggies will be the fix it needs.I did start making green smoothies a few weeks ago, but like you said it was hard to get the flavours right. The first one I made was hilarious – Mr IM decided to have one for breakfast – you would have curled over laughing if you saw him trying to drink it, I think I may have added too much kale – he was gagging. Fingers crossed my juices will taste better! Try and make yourself have breakfast if you can flower, it really helps with kick starting your system.
      The only thing that bothers me is my chocolate addiction – the thought of no chocolate makes me break out in a cold sweat xx Thanks for your support Petal xx

  • Karen L

    I went straight out and bought a juicer after watching ‘fat,sick and nearly dead’ in which an amazing Aussie guy, Joe Cross achieved some fab results from juicing. Hubby and I did about a week drinking juice for breakfast and lunch but still eating a healthy evening meal. We both lost a bit of weight and felt really energized afterwards. I bought a heap of veggies and fruit yesterday because I am also feeling like I need a detox after all the Christmas over eating and drinking!! Started today with orange, apple and carrot juice. I will be following your juicing journey with great interest!

    • I think we all feel to need to pull back after the Christmas splurge don’t you Karen? I always find myself throwing caution to the wind after Christmas; because once I’m on a roll of eating and drinking I find it almost impossible to stop! I have been making smoothies for a few years but I’ve never even considered a juice detox until now. Not sure why, but it just feels right. Your orange, apple and carrot juice sounds delicious. I’ll post my daily juice recipes, just in case I make one that you fancy! x

  • Petra

    Hi Bev, I’ve done a juicing diet before but not for 7 days – are you working through it? Your energy level will drop for a bit – the odd carb and protein is still good to have during the time. I think 7 days is a bit extreme but see how you go. I’m still battling with CFS (6 years now) so have my ups and downs! It’s amazing how quickly the body can just “drop” – juicing is fantastic tho’.

    • Petra I’m aiming for the 7 days, I will start on a Sunday {my first day of the week at work} but if I’m struggling I will introduce some protein as a snack. Working retail is quite demanding though, so I will play it by ear. Can’t wait to start now, I will keep you posted on my progress x