Looking back over 2013

We can all consider every year that ends, to have been a big year.

Our household though, has celebrated many big events this year  –  you could say 2013 has been quite the  hive of activity!

Mr IM and I welcomed in the new year quietly {we had just moved house two weeks before – I know, AGAIN} we walked to the local Wurtulla on Queenslands Sunshine Coast to watch the sun rise for the very first time in 2013.

Watching the sunrise was a first for me, until this point I had never made the effort to witness such beauty before –  I loved every second of watching the new day dawn.

It was totally magical.

We nestled ourselves down on the damp overnight sand…the only sound to be heard was the tide hitting the shore and the birds shouting ‘Happy New Year’ to us as they went merrily about their business.

I will remember that day forever.

2013 - the year that was

Twenty One

May 2013 was a huge celebratory month for us.

Ms. May was to turn 21.

My baby girl who was born prematurely at just 28 weeks and weighing under a kilo was coming of age.

She wanted a party that was ‘at home’ but stylish.

Her brief went something like this:

  • To be surrounded by the people I love.
  • Drink Champagne
  • Soft Pink and Cream Flower Pom-Poms hanging everywhere.
  • Lots of Candles in Jars.
  • Champagne
  • Photo-Booth.

Put all the above together and you get pure happiness.

Lots of happy joyful tears.

The big surprise was the arrival of Ms. May’s Daddy from England. She never suspected a thing either. Another magical moment.

Let me tell you, there were many thick heads the next morning, we had a house full of bodies and hangovers – Mine was VERY bad…It may have involved Vodka shots – Yes, I hear you, I should have known better 😉

2013 - the year that was

2013 - the year that was 1

I had many proud Mumma moments that night. Moments that I will treasure forever.

Watching my girl interact as a women, was for me emotional and inspirational.

But witnessing just how loved she truly is, after only being in Australia for just over two years {when she turned 21} was incredible.

The friends she has made during this short time are life-long friends, totally beautiful people who have walked in to all of our lives and will stay forever.


July saw the launch of my first website.

Love Me Again is an online boutique to buy and sell designer wedding dresses.

I had worked on fine tuning the design and build of this website for many months. At launch was delighted with the outcome.

*Shameless plug alert*

Brides who have worn their dream designer wedding dresses, can regain some of the cost by advertising their gorgeous frocks for sale on Love Me Again.

Any Soon-to-be-brides searching for a specific dress {that may be out of their price range} can buy the ‘pre-loved’ designer dress direct from the seller.

Love Me Again also allowed me to fine tune my blogging voice – its is where I realised I had lots I wanted to share…you could say it’s where the seed that became Iris May Style, started to bud.


As I am totally obsessed with how I look {well most days I am} being armed with that information, you would have thought I might dread the big 5 0

Instead of spoiling the day by frowning and avoiding the inevitable, I made the decision to embrace the moment.

After all I am fifty.

I don’t feel fifty…I can rival a sulky teenager on the immature stakes when the moment takes me. Oh yes I can.

The day itself was raining. I think the 10th July always rains in Queensland {well it did in 2012 as well – I let you know about 2014} – Up until we emigrated, I was used to spending my birthday on holiday somewhere warm and exotic.

It’s strange how it always worked out that way when we lived in the UK. We were always away for my birthday.

Up until I was 48 I had always been a summer baby. I quite liked it. Now, I’m a winter baby…although you can hardly call a Queensland winter cold.

Anyway, I digress…

By lunchtime I was sipping my first glass of bubbles with my man.

We had planned to go out to dinner on our own as Ms. May was on a work placement in Brisbane.

When the door knocked at 17:30 I never expected it to be Ms. May.

She had her arms filled with my favourite flowers…I cried.

The present that followed  just blew me away. It was a Uber Kate Circle engraved with ” you are my sunshine ” which was exactly what I sang to her when she was in her incubator.

And the words she wrote to me in my birthday cards well, no words can describe.

My little girl, my pride and joy, touched my heart that day like never before. Yes, I cried even more happy tears.

The three of us then went off for a beautiful dinner at Fish on Parkyn and drank copious amounts of Champagne.

I could not have asked for more.

2013 the year that was

Excuse the wild hair – did I mention it was raining? My hair has the tendency to expand like when the rain hits it!

Our dear friends then joined us on the weekend to continue my 50th celebrations.

I wanted to do something I had never done before.

So we jumped on board a Catamaran at The Yacht Club in Mooloolaba for a trip around the coast.

Drinking copious amounts of champagne before we set sail was not the best decision I could have made…I may have felt a little queasy.

2013 the year that was

The trips are run by Set Sail Cruises in Mooloolaba – I highly recommend booking yourself in, if you find yourself on The Sunny Coast with a spare couple of hours that is!

Mr IM turns 50

August saw the third big birthday celebration of the year. This time it was Mr IM’s turn in the spotlight.

We decided to spend the day together in Noosa (Sunshine Coast). After a lazy start to the day we found ourselves at the Sheraton on Hasting Street {well worth a visit if you find yourself there}. Followed by relaxing the day away on the riverside.

The sun shone {I might have been a tiny by jealous} and we had the best day. 2013 the year that was

Mr IM’s extended birthday celebrations saw us also head off with great mates {and two puppy dogs} to Stradbroke Island. Mr IM, Ms. May and I  had visited the island before on one of our holidays to Australia.

Going back this time we took the car over, which gave to us much more flexibility and independence .

It was a great day {the sun was shining AGAIN} a day filled with fun and laughter.

2013 the year that was 2013 the year that was

November saw the launch of Iris May Style

No explanation needed there.


If you have been following along with the #everdaystyle on Instagram that Nikki from Styling You created {clever girl she is} you will know I’ve started working at Witchery.

I get to wear clothes I love, for a living…not bad eh?

A fake Family Christmas

You can read all about this here

Another house move

Yes another. We had barely finished unpacking the boxes from last year.

We’re still on The Sunshine Coast though, but 10 minutes in the right direction closer for me to get to work.

I normally love moving house {I know I’m a sucker for punishment}. But given the fact that Christmas was approaching fast, I was working full-time, blogging for two websites and trying to pack – it became a nightmare! Something had to give.

It was the blogging.

I’m pleased to we all love the new place, we’re getting settled and loving the convenience of Buddina.

2013 - the year that was

Right, that’s it folks, that was a quick run-down of my year.

Happy 2014 everyone!

I wish you all health wealth and continual happiness x

Do I want to move again this year? NO. THANK. YOU. 

What’s your 2013 been like? Have there been milestones?








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