The Juicer Edition

If you follow IMS on Instagram you will already know that yesterday was a big day in the IMS household.

It was the day the Juicer arrived.

A LOT of thought and planning has gone in to this juicer, I can tell you.

When I have my mind set on something I am like a whirlwind!

First, let me just say that Appliances Online were totally brilliant.

Lowest price. Great website. But best of all, they deliver exactly when promised…nothing winds me up more than a failed delivery promise.

I received a phone call from the driver on my way to work to confirm my juicer would arrive at the shop (Witchery) between 12pm and 2pm.

It arrived at 1.20pm.

I might have squealed with pleasure.

Let’s just get it out there. Concentration did not come easy yesterday afternoon. My thoughts were on juice alone.

What combination would I try first? Can I do this?

You get the picture 😉 For once, clothes and visual merchandising was not my first thought!

So on my way home I diverted to Woollies to buy a few supplies…well it would be rude not to try it out, don’t you think?

Here is what I made:

Safe and easy start I know, but sooooo darn delicious all the same.

A Taste Of Florida
Recipe Type: Juice
Author: Bev Williams-Krause | Iris May Style
Prep time:
Total time:
Serves: One
I’m using The Funky Fresh Juice Book by Jason Vale AKA The Juice Master
  • 3 Medium Oranges (I used Navel)
  • Half of a Pink Grapefruit
  • I Lime
  • Ice Cubes
  1. Peel the oranges, grapefruit and lime,
  2. Leave as much of the pith on the fruit as possible.
  3. Cut in to small enough pieces to fit down the shoot.


Ms.May was given this book as a Christmas gift: The Funky Fresh Juice Book by Jason Vale so until I find my feet, and start getting experimental, I will be following the exact recipes…Not something I do very often!

Apologies for the pics, I took them on my iPhone.

A Taste Of Florida

A Taste Of Florida

Lots of extra goodness is in the ‘pith’ on citrus fruits. It also makes the juice creamier.

A Taste Of Florida

The whole process is very quick, hardly any mess and nearly dry pulp.

A Taste Of Florida


Oscar Vital Max 900 – LOVE that my juicer came with a name like Oscar.

  • Super easy to use.
  • Cold Press Single Gear Juice as opposed to a Centrifugal Juicer
  • Cold Press extends the longevity of the enzymes, ensuring essential vitamins and vital elements are not lost. The juice is at its premium for 48 hours.
  • Mr IM tells me it was also easy to clean 😉
  • Its capable of doing a whole host of other stuff too – but for now it will be just Oscar the juicer!

As I mentioned in this post here, my aim is to do a juice detox for 7 days.

The sole reason for doing this detox is to give my insides a touch of TLC after a nasty kidney infection a week or so ago.

I’ve decided to start the detox this coming Sunday 2nd February as it the beginning of the working week for me.

I will have 5 different juices a day.

If you get a spare 5 minutes, I would love you to come along on my journey with me, I will be using the hashtag #7dayjuicedetox on Instagram and Facebook

Wish me luck!

Are you  into juicing? Maybe you have some recipes or advice you could share with me? Have you ever attempted a liquid detox? 



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  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I think this is a great idea Bev I haven’t actually ever been on a liquid detox as I have to take medication daily for my knee slow release painkillers and nerve damage tablets and reflux tablets so I think I need some food in my belly,though I will ask my doctor if I can!I do though make smoothies daily or sometimes more often as the extra fruit and veggies are supposed to help inflammation some of my faves are banana,oat cacao and oats,strawberry,raspberry and blueberry and peach mint and apple and I have a watermelon slushie usually everyday watermelon,water and ice.I also add protein powder and LSA mix and flaxseed.I did watch fat sick and nearly dead on tv and it was very interesting how much weight the guy (I forget his name) and how healthy he became.
    I’m sure you and Oscar will get on very well and of course I will follow your journey petal xx

    • Preparations are in full swing for tomorrow Lisa,
      I have trialled a few juices since the gorgeous Oscar came in to my life 😉 so far so good – I LOVE them all.
      If you get a spare five minutes in your day take a look at this website:
      I think this is the guy you are talking about.
      Spooky as I hadn’t watched that program but its the juice master detox that I’m following, so fingers crossed I can do it too!
      I’ll keep you posted Kiddo, one of the reasons I’m doing the detox is because certain juices can help with psoriasis and arthritis {which I have in my knee) so I’m hoping it does the trick xxx

  • Petra @ la casa piccolo

    Looking forward to seeing how you go on the juice diet 🙂

    • Thanks so much Petra. I’m feeling pretty excited about starting now. Once I set my mind on something I can be very focused {some may call it obsessive} 😉 xx