What’s in my make-up bag?

Now I’m a bit of a make-up freak – you could even call me a beauty junkie without fear of backlash.

My fascination started a long time ago…

In my past life, I did a spot of modelling; nothing that exciting, just a couple of fashion shows and a few photo shoots in my late teens.

The part I loved the most about the job was the getting ready, rather than the doing. The doing bit didn’t come that natural to me if  I’m honest. I felt dread and not excitement when I walked on a catwalk.

Up until this point, I would have described my make-up know how as haphazard. I had no clear direction.

But as soon as I had a professional work their magic on my face, I felt enlightened.

I started to truly understand what the stuff was all about and if used correctly, enjoy the miracle it could work or at least make me look 100% better if I might have succumbed to too may late nights out in town with the girls!

I remember thinking that my eyes had been well and truly opened.

From that moment on you wouldn’t need a GPS to find me in a department store, being talked in to buying the latest ‘must have’.

I was hooked.

Today: nothing has really changed, although, I now tend to scour the net to find whats hot and what’s not – Thank goodness for online shopping.

Coping with my unhealthy obsession means that my make-up bag is a constantly changing. My loyalty will change like the weather{just call me fickle} when the next new product promising me the earth is launched.

So before I start lusting over the new thing, here’s what’s tickling my fancy on the make-up front:

foundation make-up primer

1. Maybelline NY Instant Age Rewind The Lifter Foundation $25.95 Priceline 2.Chanel Lift Lumiére Firming and Smoothing Fluid Make-Up $ 62.50 Strawberry net

3. Nude by Nature Undrcover Airbrush Mineral Primer $39.95 4.Revlon  Photoready BB Cream $ 14.95 Priceline {on offer}

powder and bronzer

1. ASAP Pure Mineral Foundation $33.75 Adore Beauty 2. Nude by Nature Mineral Finishing Veil $39.95

3. Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzer $ 57.90 Oz Cosmetics 4. Napolean Perdis Camera Ready$58.65 Adore Beauty

colour Tattoo

 Maybelline NY Color Tattoo $11.95 Priceline


AGe rewind brightener

1. Maybelline NY Age Rewind Brightener $18.95 Priceline 2. Dior Skinflash $46.95 Cosmetics Now

Mascara and eyebrow

1. Benefit They’re Real $38.00 Adore Beauty 2. Rimmel London Scandal Eyes $16.95 Priceline

3. Revlon Colorstay Eyebrow Liner $21.95 Priceline

Australis blusher & lip pencil

1. Australis Lip Liner$8.95  Priceline 2. Australis Creme Colour $9.95 Priceline


 1. L’Oreal Glam Shine Reflexion $5.00 Priceline 2. MAC  Lipstick $36.00 3/4. Maybelline NY Colour Sensation $14.40 Priceline

5.  Maybelline NY Superstay 14hr Lipcolor $16.10 Priceline


There are quite a few products there that I have on hand. Obviously depending on what the day has install for me, I will choose the base accordingly.

Since living in Australia I have realised {hopefully not too late} that I must wear at least SPF 30 on my face every single day.

The Revlon BB cream with its SPF 30 suits me perfectly, I wear the MEDIUM colour. The coverage is good for a BB, it’s hydrating for my dry skin and I could even use it underneath my Chanel foundation as a primer. I adore dual-purpose products.

If I need a full on face foundation would be my first choice over the top of a primer for extra staying power. I love that foundations now offer to firm and smooth my skin – something I will never ever refuse!

Both the Maybelline Age Rewind and the Chanel suit my skin. The Age Rewind is a mousse {give it a few minutes to settle before you apply more} and the Chanel more of a lotion. You can build the desired coverage easily.

I don’t always add a bronzer. In the winter months I wouldn’t even come in to my mind.

Summer is different though and if my body is sunkissed then just a small about of bronzer will work wonders. A dusting of mineral powder is always an essential element of my everyday face. As I have mentioned before, having dry as a bone skin can be frustrating but I still find that I need to finish my base to ensure it stays put. I use the Napolean Perdis Camera Ready Foundation over the top of either my BB or foundation.


Are you the type of girl to stay with the same products or do you like to mix it up a bit?

Have you got a lippy or a blusher you can’t live without?


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