Saturday in the City

Have you guys worked out yet that I have a job at Witchery?

Yes I do. Delighted I am. As clothes and fashion have been my love for as long as I can remember.

Back in England my retail adventure started at Monsoon. Quickly followed my own bridal boutique – extremes I know, but both equally important to where I am now.

Life long friends were made at both Monsoon and Honey Cole. The type of friends that you don’t see very often especially when you live on the other side of the world but you when you do get together, you just fit back together without a second thought.

Anyway, I digress

I am still in the throws of buying everything I see at Witchery.

You could say. I’m like a kid in a proverbial sweet shop.

It’s so darn hard to resist…please tell me you would do the same in my position?

Help me to justify this insane need to shop continually.

At the moment I am finding things I love on a daily basis {which is not the correct reason for going to work, especially if I give all the money I earn straight back}.

One thing you can be sure off though, is I’m buying things I love.

Clothes that I would buy normally.

Items that I’m happy to share with you for inspiration.

Talking of things I love…this skirt is FAB-U-LOUS.

It is capable of performing magic, at least it is on my bottom and thighs!

Dare I use the word comfy again too? It’s the elasticated waist thing again 😉

Saturday in the City

photo (12)

Top: Pom Pom Pom Pom Inset Tee Shirt $79.95 Witchery  |  Skirt: Knit Tube Skirt $79.95 Witchery

Watch: Michael Kors 50th Birthday present back in July from my Bestie

Shoes:Dune A few seasons ago Necklace: Present from Adorne

Size wise – I’m wearing a size 12 skirt and medium in the pom pom top.

The skirt and top fit perfectly in with my monochrome obsession.

I also have the top in yellow  – a big selling point for me was the sleeve. My other obsession.

Every wardrobe needs a tube skirt. One that will make you feel fabulous with the smallest effort.

After our day at the cricket, Mr IM and I decided to spend Saturday in the City.

After a leisurely breakfast at the Hilton in Brisbane, we shot across town for a quick catch up with our gorgeous girl Ms. May.

We did have plans to meet up with one of her friends too for lunch, but last-minute work commitments got in the way for our girl, which meant we only got to see her for a very short time.

It only takes seconds to tell someone you love them – so we all filled up our communal love for one another before she had to dash off. I miss her so much I tell you, but when I do she her, my pride threatens to overflow every time. She is amazing.

Remind me to tell you how fabulous her outfit was too next time…she might have also been wearing Witchery – oh dear our family are hooked!

Do you have any tube skirts hanging on your rail? If so, share the love and give a shout-out to your favourite label.

*All items in this post were brought by me for me.


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  • Petra

    Discovered you through SY and I’m following! LOVE your outfit from Witchery and always a fan of monochrome. Love Witchery clothes but my boobs are too big for their clothes 🙁 I always incorporated a little tube skirt into my wardrobe over the years – always looks amazing with tunic-styled tops 🙂 Have a great day!

    • Thank you Petra, I wish that all labels would be more flexible on size. We are all built differently after all. One thing is for sure, you can never go wrong with a tube skirt – especially if its monochrome! xx

  • So pleased you like it Kathryn. The top is still current and available in most stores. It’s so easy to wear (washes and irons like a dream) and looks fabulous with pants too…That husband of your sounds fabulous, getting the washing in and noticing your monochrome obsession means he is definitely a keeper 😉 xx

  • Kathryn

    This outfit is gorgeous. I’m off to check out if Witchery still has that top. I love your shoes too. I have a jersey black and white striped skirt that I bought last year from Ollie+Max (after I saw a post from StylingYou where she was wearing a red+white one). It’s double thickness and I love it. I’ve noticed that I’m developing a bit of a monochrome obsession too. Actually, it was noticed by my husband when he was bringing the washing in and then brought it to my attention 😉 He was surprised because I love colour. Yikes.

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Yes I do I Made one when I couldn’t finger one I liked it is navy stripes with an elastic waist and comfy x

    • Lisa – is there no limit to your talents? You made one…do you want to start taking orders you clever girl? 😉 Classic navy and white will be safe in your wardrobe for years to come xx