Mix Apparel Summer Brights

I found myself getting all excited the other day when an email popped into my inbox from Mix Apparel {Coles clothing range for the uninitiated}.

Summer frocks for going to the beach or sitting by the pool or even popping to Coles to fetch the weekly groceries in.

Guess how much $19.00 – that’s how much!

I was on to it.

Before I knew it my fingers took on a life of their own and zap, two of the little beauties were on their merry way to me – *insert big satisfaction smirk* 😉

I made sure I added a pair of shorts in the shopping basket for Mr IM too as well. Smart decisions like this {even if I do say so myself} have  two benefits:

  1. He loves it when I surprise him – Such a good wife springs to my mind. Bingo 
  2. It meant I had slipped over the $50.00 mark and was rewarded with free postage. Bingo again.

Jonny’s motto is ‘Any guy living on The Sunny Coast can NEVER had too many pairs of shorts!” So I knew for sure he wouldn’t complain.

He is also not afraid of wearing colour, so the fact they are Aruba Blue will fit nicely into his summer bright wardrobe.

Here are the three purchases:

Mix Apparel Summer Birghts

Top Right: Midnight Summer Dress $19.00 Middle Right: Aruba Blue Twill Short $ 19.00

Bottom Right: Limelight Stripe Dress $19.00

The Midnight Blue dress is available in 4 colours: Midnight. White. Salmon and Magnolia  – I will wear a slip dress underneath {for modesty} if I am anywhere but the beach/pool.

The Stripe dress is available in two colours Limelight {blue} and Hot Coral.

Delighted doesn’t come close to explaining just how pleased I am with both dresses.

I think the pretty young models win the race on the image side of things, but I thought I would give you a peek of  what us normal folk look like too!

I’m wearing a size large in both dresses. I secretly wish I had been brave enough to order the medium  as both dresses are loose fitting, making them a touch on the generous side.

mix apparel summer brights

Jonny is wearing the Pineapple Tee Shirt (sold out online) from Country Road which was a Father’s Day present from Ms. May

Both pairs of my shoes are from Dune London

The stripe dress is slightly longer than the midnight blue but I love them both…especially because they were $19.00 – did I tell you? 😉

We took a few more images, I put them together in a slide show if you fancy a peek!



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