His and Hers Pineapples

I adore the feeling when the Country Road spend and save voucher pops into my inbox.

Immediately I work out what I am getting for nothing – my free gift.

Spend $300 get $100 off – Yes Please.

It’s also a time when Mr. IM and I go shopping together. Our little treat. AND he loves CR clothes…Since arriving in Australia, Mr IM has struggled to find a clothing labels that he naturally gravitates towards. At the moment CR is his ‘go-to’. His confidence that he will find something he likes.

Anyway, I digress…This treat either happens on a Thursday evening or a Sunday morning – I have no idea why, but it always does.

On our last shopping trip, it was a Thursday, we were quite short on time and ravenous {not always a good combination} which might account for the fact that we both came back with pineapples printed on our new tops.

His and Hers Pineapples – whatever next…will it be matching sweatshirts or indeed anorak’s? *Ahem* you have my word that it won’t!

I’m glad to report that I didn’t even realise the pattern on Mr IM’s shirt was pineapples {I thought it was a tiny flower, but as pineapples are bang on trend – who am I to complain?} until I came to write this post. Just shows I was in the ‘it’s all about me zone’  😉

Here’s what we came home with:

His and Hers Pineapples

Slim Pineapple Print Shirt $99.95 Country Road Me: Roll-up Pineapple T $69.95 Country Road

Chambray Utility Pant $99.95 Country Road {Low Stock} Georgia Perforated Sandal $44.96  Country Road {on sale}

Mr IM is also wearing these shorts which he also wore in this post too. His boat shoes are also Country Road brought in the sale at the beginning of the year – he assures me they are as comfy as hell. My scarf is French Connection  – a birthday present received in July.

Yes, I know it was hardly sharing on my part. BUT I got away with it due to the fact that Mr IM’s stomach was rumbling so much he would have agreed to anything!

Size wise, I’m wearing a medium in the top and a 12 in the pants {trousers for all of my English friends}.

Comfort wise those chambray beauties feel like you are wearing your pj’s – I love, love them.

I have since brought two more pairs of the soft comfy pants…AND one pair is patterned – its taken a while but I’ve got there.

A quick note on my pj’s  I mean chambray pants:

Anyone can wear this style of  pants. No matter what age and size you are. You really don’t have to be a young skinny Minnie to pull them off – honestly.

The key to success is finding the right cut and fabric for you.

The day I tried on my first pair, I walked away thinking there was no way on this earth I would feel comfortable. I realised after a while though, that perseverance was the name of the day, I had to get over my fear and try again.

I would liken finding the right soft pant, to finding the right skinny jeans – its all down to trial and error. Once you have cracked it – you don’t look back.

Because I am a pear sticky out bottom, big thighs and calves I focused on finding pants with enough fabric not to cling to said fat bum and thighs – Tight, soft fabric only emphasises the bits of me I most dislike. On the other hand, hiding yourself under mountains of fabric will inevitably add bulk to the area you are trying not to highlight as well.

My tips:

  • Don’t give up at the first hurdle.
  • Make sure you try them with a complementary top and shoes {this makes all the difference}.
  • If in doubt, buy them, and try them on at home. If you are anything like me, being cramped up in a tiny cubicle does nothing for my confidence!

Do you have a passion for pineapples at the moment? Or are you a soft pant girl? Either way, tell us what  you love or upload a picture for us all to see you in your pineapple/soft pant glory.



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