His and Hers Pineapples

I adore the feeling when the Country Road spend and save voucher pops into my inbox.

Immediately I work out what I am getting for nothing – my free gift.

Spend $300 get $100 off – Yes Please.

It’s also a time when Mr. IM and I go shopping together. Our little treat. AND he loves CR clothes…Since arriving in Australia, Mr IM has struggled to find a clothing labels that he naturally gravitates towards. At the moment CR is his ‘go-to’. His confidence that he will find something he likes.

Anyway, I digress…This treat either happens on a Thursday evening or a Sunday morning – I have no idea why, but it always does.

On our last shopping trip, it was a Thursday, we were quite short on time and ravenous {not always a good combination} which might account for the fact that we both came back with pineapples printed on our new tops.

His and Hers Pineapples – whatever next…will it be matching sweatshirts or indeed anorak’s? *Ahem* you have my word that it won’t!

I’m glad to report that I didn’t even realise the pattern on Mr IM’s shirt was pineapples {I thought it was a tiny flower, but as pineapples are bang on trend – who am I to complain?} until I came to write this post. Just shows I was in the ‘it’s all about me zone’ ¬†ūüėČ

Here’s what we came home with:

His and Hers Pineapples

Slim Pineapple Print Shirt $99.95 Country Road Me: Roll-up Pineapple T $69.95 Country Road

Chambray Utility Pant $99.95 Country Road {Low Stock} Georgia Perforated Sandal $44.96  Country Road {on sale}

Mr IM is also wearing these shorts which he also wore in this post too. His boat shoes are also Country Road brought in the sale at the beginning of the year Рhe assures me they are as comfy as hell. My scarf is French Connection  Рa birthday present received in July.

Yes, I know it was hardly sharing on my part. BUT I got away with it due to the fact that Mr IM’s stomach was rumbling so much he would have agreed to anything!

Size wise, I’m wearing a medium in the top and a 12 in the pants {trousers for all of my English friends}.

Comfort wise those chambray beauties feel like you are wearing your pj’s – I love, love them.

I have since brought two more pairs of the soft comfy pants…AND one pair is patterned – its taken a while but I’ve got there.

A quick note on my¬†pj’s¬† I mean chambray pants:

Anyone can wear this style of ¬†pants. No matter what age and size you are. You really don’t have to be a young skinny Minnie to pull them off – honestly.

The key to success is finding the right cut and fabric for you.

The day I tried on my first pair, I walked away thinking there was no way on this earth I would feel comfortable. I realised after a while though, that perseverance was the name of the day, I had to get over my fear and try again.

I would liken finding the right soft pant, to finding the right skinny jeans – its all down to trial and error. Once you have cracked it – you don’t look back.

Because I am a pear sticky out bottom, big thighs and calves I focused on finding pants with enough fabric not to cling to said fat bum and thighs РTight, soft fabric only emphasises the bits of me I most dislike. On the other hand, hiding yourself under mountains of fabric will inevitably add bulk to the area you are trying not to highlight as well.

My tips:

  • Don’t give up at the first hurdle.
  • Make sure you try them with a complementary top and shoes {this makes all the difference}.
  • If in doubt, buy them, and try them on at home.¬†If you are anything like me, being cramped up in a tiny cubicle does nothing for my confidence!

Do you have a passion for pineapples at the moment? Or are you a soft pant girl? Either way, tell us what  you love or upload a picture for us all to see you in your pineapple/soft pant glory.



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