Getting Your Bronze Goddess On

Do you like to be a bronze goddess in the summer months?

There was a time {not too long ago} when baking in the sun was my preferred summer pastime.

Give me a good book, some chilled music delivered in my ears and leave me alone.

Bring me a cold flannel {oh I do love a fancy schmancy hotel}  iced water and some fresh fruit.

Let me people watch and relax.

Go for lunch at the poolside restaurant, then walk the few steps back to my lounger for a peaceful siesta under the sun-shade.

Late afternoon would see me don-ing my kaftan to find my stool at the poolbar for a delicious G&T – Sheer holiday heaven, I tell you.

The sun has always been my re-charger, my de-stresser and my tonic – all rolled in to one.

I longed for sun on my skin, sand between my toes and the sound of the ocean in my ears.

A two week holiday from England often meant popping to the Greek Islands, Spain, Italy or even Dubai to get my fix of vitamin D.

All of the above ALWAYS happenned in JULY in the SUMMER and on my BIRTHDAY.

am was a summer baby…well, until I made my way down-under that is.

It is seriously the only tiny glitch of the big move for me. I’m still adjusting {am I building the drama enough?}

These days it seems my whole equilibrium has turned in more ways than one and I’m now a winter baby – I can’t be surely?

I have done a complete 360°

It is taking time to get my head around this change. Afterall, I’ve been a summer baby for a  ahem loooooonnnnnnnng time.

I no longer require that two week hit of heat, the Sunny Coast shows-off to me often, even in the winter.

Sand between my toes could be a daily occurence {if I had the time} and I can hear the ocean from my desk.

I am blessed.

But I’m still want to be a summer baby.

So far my past two birthday here in Australia have shown me rain and a nip in the winter air. I KNOW.

Adjusting to this change has upset my apple cart slightly.

So I have hashed a plan…

Being a July baby means I am also a crab {Mr IM might nod to this, occasionally of course} and no-one wants to be miserable on their birthday.

My plan from now on, is to turn my frown upside down and fake it. Fake that summer holiday birthday feeling.


Getting your Bronze Goddess on

Getting your Bronze Goddess on

I have been buying my tan from England for a while now {as its cheaper}.

Fake Bake also appears to be packaged differently here in Australia. I am guessing the below are exactly the same though. Fake bake collage

Left: Original Fake Tanning Lotion $45.95 Right: Bonzer Instant Tan $24.95

Follow this link to the full range


Getting your Bronze Goddess on

Sugar Baby Sun-Believable Instant Self-Tanning Mouse Myer

So what do I use to get my tan on?

I have been a lover of Fake Bake for a while now.

I prefer a fake-tan that is coloured rather than white like a normal body lotion. In my books it makes for easier application – dare I say fool-proof?

My routine would always be to exfoliate first, followed by a touch of moisturiser on my elbows and knees {dry as a bone, I am, dry as a bone}.

If you have any vaseline, add some over your heels, as this prevents  the tan setting up home and staying forever – and ultimately giving the fake-tan game-away!

Always use a tan-mitt if possible too. If not invest in some disposable gloves.

Miss May has also been a fan of Fake Bake for as long as I can remember – infact she introduced me to its wonders.

When she has runs out of her UK haul, she opts for the Sugar Baby Sun-Believable instant self-taning mouse.

Again, like me she prefers to apply the tan after exfoliating and before bed. It does mean changing the sheets the next day though – so don’t say I didn’t warn you 😉

The result from both is a very natural delicate sun-kissed look. Never orange or too dark.

Have you got a favourite tan that always delivers and never lets you look like you’ve been tango-ed?





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