One pair of Jeans – Two Looks

What is there not to love about a good pair of white jeans eh?

They are so versatile – don’t you agree?

I  had my eyes on these jeans for a while. When I first saw them, my instant reaction was ‘are they too young for me’ – with having the zips at the ankle.

Do you ever let yourself be talked out of a piece of clothing just by looking at an image of a young model wearing something you love? I do. All the time.

I let all of those silly ‘age’ thoughts pop in to my head.

Thankfully, where clothes are concerned though, its not long before I pull myself in to check and realise its how you wear something that matters!

My other worry {after the age thing} is my bottom and hips.

I am a pear, my hips and thighs are the widest part of me. So the internal alarm bells ring when I visualise the fabric on the bottom half of my body, being lighter than that on the top. I combat this {and my internal demons} by wearing a heel.

If you like me, love skinny jeans but worry about your hips and thighs – consider wearing with a heal or wedge – it doesn’t have to be a sky scraper – just high enough to elongate your legs.

My best girlfriend has been thinking long and hard about whether she would take the plunge and buy skinny jeans.

In the last few weeks she taken the plunge and jumped aboard the skinny train…How? By  adding a heel – it works every-time!

She is also breaking herself in very gently and starting with black.

My key piece of advice:
  • Don’t give up on the first pair you try on. Persistence is the name of the game where skinnies are concerned.
  • Find the brand/label that works for you and stick with them.

This is the Country Road image – you know, the one that caused me to have a mini crisis of confidence:

One Pair of jeans - two looks

 Zip Detail Coated Jegging – Country Road $99.95

One of the lovely assistants in my local Country Road store was wearing these jeans in a dark colour last time I went in. She advised me to make sure they were tight, because once you have had them on a while, the do give slightly. She was right.

I’m wearing a size 12. So aim for a snug fit in order for them no to go too baggy after a couple of hours.

When I first started lusting after these pants, it was still winter in here in Australia although you can hardly call it winter here on the Sunny Coast. 

So I didn’t allow myself to purchase these white jeans until spring had officially sprung…well, I brought them a couple of weeks before – A girl has to be ready!

Every season has its colours and I like to adhere to them where possible {I love the change}. But no sooner had the clock turned midnight on 1 September – out came the white!

These jeans are coated in a stretch cotton – which offers plenty of support on the thigh {my thighs being my personal nemesis – need all of the help they can get}.

Gold zips at the ankle and on two front pockets add a subtle point of difference from standard jeans. Which I love.

So here is a gallery of me wearing them:


{To view the gallery, click on the main image and navigate by clicking the arrows on the top left and right hand sides of the image}

I have styled the jeans two ways:

First Look:

I would wear this look as smart-casual, say for early evening drinks with Mr.IM. I gain confidence by wearing a high nude wedge, but you could just as easily throw on a pair of nude flats. Which would look fabulous for lunch with the girls or a shopping trip.

Two of my favourite colour combinations are nude and white – I love how they sit so easily side by side. For lift I added the pale blue {another personal favourite} but pale pink would also look incredible too.

Second Look:
  • Zip Coated Jeans {link above}
  • Chiffon Top: Phase Eight {brought in the UK} I’m wearing size M
  • Presia Zip Shooties: Rockport {still available in black or brown}
  • Watch: Michael Kors {I received this as a brithday present}
  • Aviator Sunnies: as above

Did you ever see anything as cute as these Rockport shooties – I WON THEM! Oh, yes I did.

I entered a competition that Nikki from Styling You held – I tell you, I was delighted…as I had secretly had my eye on these leopard print shooties for a while.

They are so versatile and darn comfy to boot {no pun intended} Love. Love. Love them so much.

I would happily go out for dinner wearing this outfit. Just by adding the softer chiffon, the jeans become instantly more dressy.

Maybe add a few bangles or a cuff for the finishing touch? Or a scarf?

One thing I know for sure is, these jeans will be brought out to play often. I will wear them to death.

Are you a lover of white jeans? What’s your favourite way to wear them?



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