Leopard Print Monochrome

There is nothing like the feeling of knowing you will wear a new purchase to death.

My new zip back tee from Witchery is that purchase {note: the title of this top does not do the fabric justice, 66% viscose / 34% silk – it is so much more than a tee}

You see, I have always had a secret love of animal print, and if that print sits beautifully with my other love monochrome – I’m instantly smiling.

How could I walk away?

Leopard print monochrome

Witchery – Zip Back Tee $99.95

But let’s go back to the beginning…

I was doing a little online browsing {as you do} as I needed an outfit to wear for a meeting. I wanted to look smart {hence the black trouser combo you will see in the slideshow below} but still feel on trend.

To add to the mix, summer has well and truly arrived here in Queensland {along with the humidity – hello frizzy hair…as I type this post  it is 31 degrees outside} – My clothes HAVE to keep my cool and not allow me to turn up at said meeting, looking like I have just walked out of the gym…not a good look for anyone.

I love the boxy style of this tee {no clinging}  – the shape also allows any breeze to flow through the fabric keeping me cool and calm, not having to worry about sweating.

What gives the top the biggest tick from me though, is the short sleeve. Adore. I have had a sleeve obsession for a VERY long time.

Please please can the fashion labels give us girls more variety rather than sleeveless – I like sleeves. All Sleeves.

Petal, Puff, Kimono, Bishop, Raglan, Dolman and Lantern {to name but a few} – there are so many choices

They not only cover the top of the arm, they also add style and interest to your outfit.

Lets face facts. Not everyone wants to always walk around in a sleeveless top everyday – I love variety.

If of course you are a pretty young thing with legs to die for, skorts {as in the image above} will look knock-out gorgeous on you with the leopard print. I on the other hand, like to keep my legs hidden {from the knee up} so consider teaming with your favourite skinnes or knee length shorts.

These trousers will be in my wardrobe until they wear out. The black sateen fabric gives them a luxurious feel and the Lycra makes you feel like you are wearing your pj’s.

Back cropped trousers are a girls best friend and a wardrobe basic all rolled into one – you just need to find a cut that suits you.

Witchery Satin Cropped Trousers

Witchery – Satin Crop Pants $99.95

These trousers are so so versatile.

They make for a  great office staple which could then, with the addition of heels and a silky/sequin top / jacket combo take you straight to dinner or drinks. A fabulous pair of flat ankle strap shoes would also look sensational for any situation you may find yourself in.

Here’s a list of everything I’m wearing:

Do you fancy yourself wearing a touch of Leopard Print Monochrome?



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