Casual Saturday


Welcome to the first blog post from Iris May Style.

To break myself in gently, I thought I would use this first post as a ‘getting to know me’ post.

Just consider this my ‘show and tell’ moment – A post where I welcome you in to my world – a world where I’d love you to stop by and say G’day whenever it takes your fancy!

Right then lovelies this is me – front and centre. I’m Bev – well actually, I’m Beverley…


Honestly, my name still frustrates the life out of me {you’d have thought I would be use to it by now} I’ve never been happy with it. I complained constantly as a child {I especially hated the name when it came to being woken up for school on a Monday morning}.

Hearing my Dad bellow  ‘BEV -ER-LY’  from the bottom of the stairs, did nothing to improve my gritty and sulky Monday {or Tuesday, Wednesday, come to think of it…} morning mood.

So what is wrong with the name Beverley I hear you ask? Nadda, not a darn thing – For me, I’ve just never felt like Beverley was my name.

To exasperate my name phobia, my gorgeous Mother {IRIS MAY}  immediately after giving birth to me, decided my middle name should honour the lovely midwife that helped deliver me into this world. Her name was Rosina. Yes, ROSINA – add that to Beverley and it gave me something else to complain about…My poor family.

Why did our parents think it was ok to name their children after random people they were unlikely to ever see again?

In case you’re interested – I would have loved to have been Olivia. Just saying.

Saturday’s are pretty casual on the styling  front for me living on the Sunny Coast, unless of course we are doing something special.

Until I moved to Australia, Saturdays like most weekdays involved killer heels and getting ‘dressed up’ for work in my bridal boutique attire {my poor feet use to ache like crazy}.

Now my heels only come out for occasions – I do miss them {even though I don’t miss the pain!}.

The pic above is of me on my 50th birthday in July. In my casual Saturday attire. We were sailing on a catamaran along the Sunny Coast with Set Sail Cruises  to celebrate turning the big 5 0 {I would highly recommend taking a trip if you find yourself around these parts}.

I still continually pinch myself at just how lucky we are to live in Queensland, I can assure you, if I was still living in England I would not be wearing this outfit on the last day of winter. It might come out to play by late Spring {if I was lucky}.

You can’t really call a Queensland winter cold, especially in the day time. Gets a bit nippy first thing in the morning and after dark though – shiver me timbers.

At those times I love nothing more than bringing out my Country Road boots and thick opaques and kidding myself its winter…by lunchtime, I will be ripping of my tights and donning my flip-flops at the first opportunity 😉

I digress…

Let me quickly tell you about the super comfy jeans I am wearing  in the image because – I LOVE them. They are Demi Curve skinnies  $99.95 from Levi available at Just Jeans.

If you struggle to get the right fit on your booty, give these babies a try.

There are three different types of ‘curves’ available, mine are the demi and so comfy and soft – not at all heavy and restrictive. I paired them with a Country Road Jumper and Rockport shooties which I will mention again in this post here.

I am also wearing my new uber circle necklace from Uberkate {a present from Ms May} she had it engraved with you are my sunshine which is what I sang to her when she was born.

Let me tell you, when I opened it there were tears – lots of happy tears!

Bev Signature for Iris May







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