Beauty Review: Cleanse and Prepare

As you get to know me,  you will soon realise I am a total beauty junkie.

I love the stuff…

I am also A BELIEVER OF HYPE – there, I’ve admitted it. I’m an advertising agency’s dream client.

Promise me the world and I can’t resist but to follow you to the ends of the earth, like a love struck puppy dog.

One thing I have learnt over the past  *ahem*, 30 years few years of buying products, is to keep an open mind when it comes to beauty.

Oh yes, its taken me a while to realise that the most expensive products, are not necessarily the best.

Something you pick up at a discount chemist can be just as powerful, if it suits your skin.

On the positive side; for you gorgeous lot, I’m your dream blogger, the sucker that is happy to try out the latest product that’s just launched, in a haze of hype and give you the ‘heads-up’ if its worth spending your hard-earned pennies on. Sound good?

Today’s beauty review is about products that I use and believe in.

cleanse and Scrub

Every morning and evening I turn to these guys to make me feel squeaky clean. Occasionally though when the wine goddess has come to visit I’ve fallen to sleep on the sofa – I have been known to throw caution to the wind and just use a baby wipe. Slap my hands.

Every time this happens I pledge a new allegiance to the clean skin gods, that it will never happen again…well, not very often anyway 😉 Hiccup!

The most expensive  item in my cleanse arsenal, is the Clarisonic {since moving in to my bathroom last Christmas, she has made herself well and truly at home – let me tell you, she is definitely here to stay!}. Mia is the travel size of the Clarisonic range, but to be honest I love that she is tinier that her sisters and doesn’t take up much space in my cupboard.

1. St Ives Timeless Skin Apricot Scrub Renew and Firm | $8.39 {Sale}

Now don’t ask me how many scrubs I have brought up until now…because the answers would be loads. I just love the feeling that taking off that unnecessary dull layer of skin brings {you know, the dry flaky stuff, that stakes a claim on our face every couple of days – totally uninvited, I might add}. This product makes your skin feel beautiful and instantly more youthful.

I am a big fan, mostly because it isn’t too harsh. Something pretty darn fantastic would have to come along to beat this on both results and price for me.

2. Nivea Daily Essentials Soothing Cleansing Mousse | $9.50

I love to feel like my skin is squeaky clean, don’t you? For the non Clarisonic days or just as my evening facial cleanse, this Nivea Soothing Cleaning Mousse really does the trick. It foams instantly and calms my psoriasis prone skin without any aggravation at all.

3. Clarisonic Mia | Adore Beauty | $139.00

Great skin starts with being clean. This little beauty removes so much more dirt and grime than a cleanser alone. I would highly recommend this {I have paid for this product myself – it is not gifted}. I use this about 3 times a week, while I’m in the shower as its waterproof. For best results use with a cream cleaner. I use this one

I would love to know your thoughts:

Do you have a set cleansing regime?

Are there any products you just can’t live without? If so, I would love to know…just in case I feel the need to feed my beauty habit  check them out 😉





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